Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"We've been in the shadows too long. Time to stand still, take in the sun"

It is very warm today.

Very, very warm today.

Like, above 90's.

I bet some of you are laughing cause you think that is cool, but we don't usually get this hot, ever.

It is So. Warm

Of course my big sister would pick THIS day of the week to do a thorough yard-cleaning complete with raking and getting under the deck and feeling hot and sticky cause there is too much dust and too much sunshine and not enough air. But we can go to the beach tonight!!!!


I love my sister.

Anyway, I finished Prison Break last night. I LOVED that show. At first I wasn't sure about the ending because it was very bittersweet and made me cry ridiculously and it hurt. But by the time I went to bed, I knew I loved it, all of it. I loved the characters and how well they did character development. (seriously, it was brilliant.) I loved the brother story. I loved all the different friendship stories and the cute Father/son relationship that you don't usually find. I even loved the romance story! (IT WAS SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!! ) I especially loved how God and Faith figured into the plot line and how it showed no one is past redemption and there is always hope. I pretty much just loved EVERYTHING about the show. Everything. I would definitely recommend it. There is some stuff in it though, so just be careful if you do watch it. There is a good review for it HERE which you can check out :)

I have a new favorite song now. It reminds of insanely of Prison Break and it hurts and I have to listen to it over and over because I am suffering from Post-PB-Feels. I miss it already and its only been TWO DAYS!

Yep, I need help.

With our backs to the wall, The Darkness will Fall
We never Quite thought We could Lose it All!
The One who has the best Character Ark.
Wow. Okay. This is going to be pretty hard, choosing just one.
For Books
After deep though, I am going with Paul Gray, from The Last Crescendo. This man starts out a broken, desperate and cynical man, completely against God or any kind of religion. His ark is one of my favorites and I think it will always be. It is beautiful and inspiring and I love it.
For Movies
Wow. Hm. I don't know! I really loved Tony Stark's development in Iron Man. It is one of the reasons he is tied with Steve Rogers for Favorite avenger. He was so self-absorbed and, to be blunt, a real jerk, but once he realizes how wrong he is, once he SEES he needs to change he does and he becomes a hero and I love him for that. I also liked what happened with Eustace Scrubb. He starts out as such a selfish little brat and I thought it was wonderful how Narnia changed him and how much better he became.
Eustace and Reepicheep
For A TV Show 
There are a lot of characters who had great arks in the world of TV. Mickey Smith. Arthur Pendragon. Rory Williams. Sherlock Holmes. But one stands out above them all, and I think I have to mention him. (and this is a spoiler from Prison Break. You are warned.) 

 Paul Kellerman, from Prison Break. 
Remember how I talked about character development in this show? Well Paul had the biggest ark and the most change of anyone. He was a really bad man, and I mean BAD. He murdered and ruined lives. He bribed and manipulated and black-mailed. He framed a man for murder (and I don't think that was his only time either) and he was just all around a snake and a jerk and a truly awful person. His conversion story was AMAZING. I mean, he hits rock bottom and what he does after that, he does everything he can to fix what he's done, to right his wrongs, to be a better man. He redeems himself and he will keep doing that for the rest of his life. And I love him.


*slides off car*


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