Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"You held your head like a hero, on a history book page."

I'm late again. I sort of messed up near the end didn't I? And I started out so well.... *sigh*


LAST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! You're favorite hero!!!

I am guessing this means Main Character. I can't believe they are making me narrow it down to one.

For Books

Eugenides from The Queens Thief Trilogy. I think he might actually be my favorite character.... ever.And there is entirely too little of him in the series. The first book is written in first person so he is the main character, but then the second and third book are in third person, so you get less of him, and then the third book is told from someone else's point of viewpoint entirely, making Eugenides the side-character. And he isn't in it nearly enough. The thing is, the less you have of him the more you love him when he is there. He is SO AWESOME and he has a good character ark from book one to three. He is always a good man - but he becomes great. And he is clever and brave and amazing and he can be bratty but not in a bad way. He is infuriating and brilliant and strong and stubborn and very determined. 

I love him. 

For Movies

There are far too many heroic people in movies for me to just choose one and not feel wrong about it, so I closed my eyes and pointed and I got Jimmy Braddock from The Cinderella Man.


Well he is certainly one of my favorites :) Jimmy Braddock is amazing and ... well he really existed which is a plus. He has a very special place in my heart. He is a good dad and a good man and he is a hero in all the normal, ordinary ways that don't require saving the world or slaying dragons but just doing what is right despite all the odds, even when it seems that everything has gone dark and its all you can do to keep fighting. He is just a normal, down to earth guys who wants to provide for his family and fight for the good in a world gone bad, and that is what makes him spectacular. He's an ordinary man who accomplishes the extraordinary and I love him. 

For a TV Show

Sam Winchester from Supernatural. 


Sam is one of the greatest characters on television - ever. I don't think I've ever known a character so selfless, forgiving and sacrificing. He is one of the sweetest people ever and he is able to stay hopeful and optimistic even after all the horrors he's seen and all the crap he's been through. He won't give up on you. He is incredibly understanding and loyal and ... he will do anything for those he loves. Even when he was betrayed by his supposed 'friend' and forced to suffer months of trauma, mental torture and nightmares, He STILL DIDN'T GIVE UP ON HIM. He forgave him and asked him to come back so he could help. 

He is beyond epic okay?

If he thinks something is right he'll do it no matter the consequences. He is willing to lay down his life for others without a moments thought - In fact he does more. He didn't just die to save the world, he committed himself to a thousand years of torture, full knowing there was no escaping it. He just sacrificed himself to save everyone and he never thought twice. 

I love Sam Winchester and that's that. 

Peace out y'all!!! Auf Wiedersehen!

*slides off car*


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