Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is Henry

Everyone, this is Henry. Say hello Henry.
Oh. Right. Hi!
Henry is my new writing buddy. He heard about my book from my friend Jim and came all the way from Wyoming to help me with it. Jim told me that he is a very good buddy and I'm delighted that he is mine to keep. He's just the type of hedgehog I needed, especially now that I need to start outlining part two of my book. Part two which is becoming BOOK two
He's been very sleepy lately so we haven't been able to do much. He never seems to be awake. He says its Jet-leg but I don't think he even know what that means, he just uses it because it sound grown-up. I let him rest anyway though, because I figured it was a tiring trip and he deserved a little relaxation. I wouldn't mind him sleeping so much but he keeps apprehending my pillow and he is a terrible hog of space. When I got a neck-cramp last night because he wouldn't share I decided it was high time he stopped being such a sleepy head and dragged him out to play in the meadow.  
It was a lot of fun. I made him pick daisies with me even though he didn't want to and said it was a girly thing to do - (It is a girly thing to do!!!) I told him I was a girl and he stayed at my home now, so he had to be nice to me and pick daisies. He whined the whole time but I think he had fun near the end. He just doesn't like admitting it.

Notice how Henry is trying to be all Ninja-hedgehog and hide from me

After we finished picking daisies I showed him my very special rock. I like calling it my Inspiration Rock. It helps me to clear my head and get my writing juices flowing again when I feel stumped or sucked dry. I figured if Henry was going to be my writing buddy he deserved to know about it. He told me he likes the rock and that is a good step. (It is a very warm rock. It tastes funny.)
You don't know how hard it was convincing him to put the daisy behind his ear. I told him I was wearing one so he had to also and he stuck out his tongue at me and told me he wouldn't do it. I told him  I would tattle on him to Jim and he said that was mean. So then I told him he could have chocolate if he humored me and he agreed. (and I had better get that chocolate.)
Isn't he so cute?
We climbed trees and somehow Henry's flower stayed in for most of the time. It only fell out once and that was my fault. I dropped him. He was a very good sport about it. He didn't even run away from the tree. He kept right on climbing and he got farther than me (The trees here smell nice and they're very big. I like them, but I don't like daisies. Daisies are silly.)
Henry has fallen to sleep as I type. I think I tired him out. I almost waiting to finish the post with him, but I don't have time. So I'll just tell him he how wonderful it was when he wakes up. I'm sure he won't mind.

CHALLENGE UPDATE!!!!!! A Character you used to love and don't anymore.

For a Book
I spent like, twenty minutes staring at the screen trying to scrap up a character I loved and then didn't. Usually with characters I hate and then love, not love and then hate. They have to do something pretty terrible that I HATE them. I'm going with a character I started out LIKING and ended up hating. Bernard Rodney from The Pageant of Life. In the first few chapters he seemed so decent, so polite, so normal. And then he went downhill and I hate him now. He was really awful to his brother Cyril. And I LOVE Cyril.

For a Movie
Brock Rumlow from The Winter Solider. I thought he was going to be all cool and witty and fun to be around and maybe he and Steve would take down Hydra together. He seemed like such a good character. But then.... I was very wrong. He turned out to be someone really, really awful. He hurt Bucky. I hate him.
For a TV Show
I'm doing Morgana Pendragon from Merlin. At first I didn't like Morgana, she drove me crazy. but she grew on me and during season two I actually started to warm up to her and I liked her friendship with Gwen I thought they were cute. I think I actually liked her by the end of that season, but then she joined the dark side and went all psycho and I decided I didn't like her anymore. I was glad when she was gone.
*slides off car*

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