Thursday, July 17, 2014

The opposite of an OTP: A NOtp

Day 12 of this challenge is your least favorite pairing.

For Books

I don't like .... Okay, my least favorite normal-and-not-creepy pairing is probably Hazel and Frank from Percy Jackson. It isn't that they're bad, its just neither of those characters are my favorite and I don't find their story as good as the others. (This doesn't mean I hate them.) 

For Movies

I make it a point not to watch something with an annoying or overdone romance. I remember hating the couple in Letters to Julia but I hated them so much I don't even remembers their names. They were just OBNOXIOUS. I also don't like MJ with Peter Parker. He deserved so much better than her, she was a brat and she toyed with his emotions.

For a TV Show

Okay, fans ship EVERYTHING, and there are a lot of couples out there I don't like, simply because THEY AREN'T IN LOVE. Like Clara and The Doctor. Or Molly and Sherlock, or Merlin and Gwen (waaat?) or Amy and the Doctor, or Elliot and Parker... not to mention the weird, creepy, perv-y ships. Those... just no. They are awful, too awful to mention. But in spirit of the challenge I'm doing a ship that actually makes sense if you were to ship it. One where it can't be denied that they were meant to be shipped but I still didn't like it.

Sam and Amelia from Supernatural.

okay, I wanted to like Amelia, I did. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do it. She was one of those annoying girls who are suppose to be 'independent' or 'strong' or whatever but just come off as overbearing and a jerk. And her introduction turns you off completely. See, Sam accidentally hits a dog and immediately rushes it in to the vet to try and save it. Amelia is the vet, and she is.... she is just such a little TURD! Like.... seriously. She is rude and nasty and she makes Sam feel awful, like he hit the dog just to be malicious or something.

Wow. Did I mention she was a turd? Sam didn't deserve that, she had no right to attack him in that way. Its doubly awful because Sam has only just lost his brother like, maybe two weeks ago, so he's suffering and broken and he really didn't need snooty Amelia cuting into him over a dog THAT HE ALREADY FEELS BAD ABOUT HITTING!

She is like this for... 90% of your time with her. I mean, sometimes she's okay, and once or twice I thought she did something kind of sweet but overall she was just a brat and I hated her. Sam deserved so much better than her. And to be honest, I don't think he was even in love with her, at least not in the way he was with Jess. I think he did care for her, but I think it was more.... he needed something to live for and she was all he had so he clung to her. She was there for him when he NEEDED someone, so he loves her. 

But seriously, she was awful. So. Awful. I am so glad they didn't work out. 

That's it for Day 12! Peace out y'all :D

*slides off car*


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