Friday, July 18, 2014

"If the Sky comes falling down, for you, there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do."


For Books

Choosing a favorite friendship is going to be hard since those are the stories I hunt down and fall in love with. I'll do this. I'll pick a most-recently-discovered friendship, otherwise I will never be able to narrow it down, I'll be like "oh but this one... oh and there was that one ... Oh and them!!!" and you'll never hear the end of it. Sooooo... my favorite friendship right now, is the one that exists Jaron, Roden and Tobias in the Ascendant's Trilogy. They are so cool, and I love the complexity of their relationship. 

For Movies

Again, I have to narrow down. Basically any friendship in LOTR is my favorite. I like John and Sherlock from the Sherlock movie with RDJ, I like Reepicheep and Eustace... goooosh!! Okay - most recent! (and the one I am currently obsessing and freaking out over)

Steve and Bucky
This friendship caused me months of pain and I am still not really over it. It is definitely one of my favorite friendship - ever. And I can't go into it too much because otherwise who knows how long I'll rave, but suffice to say I haven't experienced so much raw emotion from a friendship since Merry and Pippin. It is heartbreaking and horrible but at the same time beautiful and amazing. I loved the big brother/little brother feel and how protective Bucky was of Steve, and how  much they were willing to do for each other, and how even after Bucky was taken away and brainwashed and made into a weapon, Steve never gave up on him and saved him and......

I just love them.

For A TV Show

Benny and Dean from Supernatural and Michael and Sucre from Prison Break  are tied.

Benny and Dean start out and not really trusting each other. Benny is a Vampire, Dean is a Hunter - not the best pair. But they learn to rely on each other and Benny becomes like family to Dean, and vise-versa. Before I met Sucre I was sure Benny was the BEST best friend in the whole world. He and Dean meet him in Purgatory, after Dean'dies' and ends up there, and he is the reason Dean gets out alive. See, in this show Purgatory is the place REALLY BAD monsters go - werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters - (Which is totally wrong, I know.) and Dean almost dies in there, alone and abandoned by Cas. And then Benny comes and he spends a year fighting along-side Dean, keeping him alive and safe and showing him the way out of the monster den. And in return Dean gets Benny out with him. And their friendship on earth is... so brilliant. Benny is like the big brother Dean never had and I LOVE how protective he was of him. It was adorable.

The moment I decided he was beyond the best is when Sam got sucked into Purgatory at the end of S8 and he literally lets Dean KILL him to send him back and get Dean's brother out. He dies at the hand of his best friend to save a stranger, and.... and its doubly painful because Sam never trusted or believed in Benny until right there at the END! (he had good reasons, but still...)

I just love Benny and I want him back.


Sucre and Michael. 

This is the type of thing I need to go back and do a review on, because there is so much I want to say about it. In fact, that is probably what I'll do. I want to do a Prison Break post soon anyway. But .... Sucre and Michael were very, very special. Sucre is one of those amazing friends who is willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the people he loves and is completely selfless and brave and amazing. He starts out as a sweet idiot and ends up being like the third brother to Lincoln and Michael. And that is all I am going to say about it right now, because otherwise I'll start fangirling like an idiot. Plus I am doing a review thingy and plan to talk a good bit about them. 

Prince Caspian and coffee is calling, so as much as I love you all it is time for me to go. See ya' all tomorrow - this challenge is almost over! Peace out y'all!!!

*slides off car*



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