Saturday, July 12, 2014

I missed a Day

This is supposed to be Day Eight of the Character Challenge, but I couldn't blog yesterday so still on Day Seven. I am also blogging from my tablet which is a real pain so this is going to be short. I know, I know. But it can't be helped. Sorry :(

Okay, Day Seven:  A Character You want to be Like.

For Books

I'd like to be like Imogen from the Ascendants Trilogy. Or like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. they're both very brave and sure of themselves and I'd like to be like them someday.

For Movies

Hmmmm. Let me think.... I want to be someone like Lucy Pevensie. Or .... I have no idea you guys. My brain is dead tonight. I know there is a character I really love that I want to be like but I can't think of her right now.

For TV Shows

This one is easy!! I want to be like Sarah from Prison Break. She is so freaking AWESOME! She is brave. She is strong and defiant. She isn't scared away easily. She is sweet and funny but she isn't annoying. She's independent and knows her mind but she isn't bratty or in your face about it. She's just strong and brilliant and wonderful and I LOVE her. I want to be like her.



*slides off car*


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