Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Every fairytale needs a good old fashion villain."

'Cause it was really fun listening to this song while blogging.
It puts you in a very villain-mood.
Read and listen folks. Read and listen
Day Fourteen of the Challenge is "Favorite Villain." (Yes, I missed another day. Wee-woo.)

For Books
Hmmmm. I'm blanking on villains right now because recently I read my friend's book to help her edit it and there was this awful German who did terrible things to people and he is all I can think about. He makes me SO. ANGRY. I ... I hate his face. I hate his name. I hate HIM!!! He does awful things to the boys in that book, and I luf those boys.
HE IS EVIL!!!!!!! 
I don't know though.... I don't think I have a favorite all time villain of the book-world. I liked Cluny from the Redwall series. He really freaked me out, and he was way creepier in the books then those silly cartoons. (Seriously, we need better Redwall adaptions.) I liked both Kurda and Sesstra from Triss. I like Marlfox - he was really good. All of Brian Jacques villains are brilliant, to be honest. I need to read the rest of his books.
For Movies
This is NOT including cartoons.
I'm going to be incredibly lazy and go with Loki from the Avengers. He is an awful person but he is funny and charismatic and complicated and overall a very good villain with lots of personality. And there is that part of him that is still good that I keep hoping will win through, in the end. Plus he is played by Tom Hiddleston so.... :D

For a TV Show
I watch so many TV shows you guys.....
Ok!!! A villain that I actually like not because they are good but because they are good VILLAINS. 
I'm doing The Master from Doctor Who. He was like an Evil-Doctor and he was a really good villain. You can't help but like him and the whole time you feel like you should be hating or horrified, but you just can't be because... well because he is like an Evil Doctor. A crazy Evil Doctor, who ended up being kind of sympathetic and sad. He is a really, really good bad guy and I hope we get him with Twelve since he wasn't around for Eleven. And you know what would be really great? If there was an episode where the Master and Doctor have to team up. How cool would that be???
I need that now. I really need that.
Time for me to go, we have company for dinner and then cake afterwards.

You know, reading most of my post endings you probably get the idea we do nothing but eat.

What can I say? we love food and we love dessert.

Don't hate!

Peace out y'all!!!
*slides off car*


  1. I. Am. The....MASTER!

    At least him isn't as bad as cream faced loon

    1. I suppise not but Nazi Turd is still awful. I hate him *glares*


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