Sunday, July 6, 2014

Character Challenge Day Two

Today's character is the Character you never expected to love.
For Books:
(Spoiler) I'm going to go with Mott from The Ascendants Trilogy. I started out really not liking him but by the end he was one of my favorite characters and I LOVED how he was with Jaron. They're relationship was so genuine and so sweet and he was so brave. You really just need to read the books to understand. I swear its worth it. 
For Movies
Charlie from Reel Steel. I wanted to like him because he was Hugh Jackman, but once I started the movie I was shocked at how awful he was. He was such a jerk! I hated him and thought he deserved a good beating. He was NOT a nice guy. I really didn't expect to form the emotional attachment I had with him by the end of it. I didn't expect to like him, let alone love him.
For a TV Show

This one is easy. Alex Mahone from Prison Break. I started out kind of indifferent with him. He was a good antagonist but I didn't like him because he kept getting in Michael's way, but he wasn't awful or anything, he was just doing his job. But then he did something terrible and I HATED him. Violently. Like, I wanted him DEAD. I didn't see how he could ever do ANYTHING to make me like him again, ever. But then... then I didn't want him dead anymore. And then I liked him and I didn't want anything to happen to him. Then I LOVED him and now he is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. He is so broken... :(
That's all for now! see you tomorrow! *slides off car*


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Pile of good things