Monday, July 7, 2014

Challenge Update + Snippets

Day Three of the Character Challenge:
A Character Everyone Loves That You Don't.
For Books
Frank from the Percy Jackson series. Most of the fandom seems to really, really love Frank, and while I don't HATE him, he and Hazel are my least favorite characters. (Not counting Nico. I HATE Nico.) Frank was pretty good near the beginning but in the last few books something about him got under my skin and he drove me a little crazy. He isn't a bad character or anything, I think he is just a little dull. And annoying. He's just not my favorite. 
For Movies
Peter Parker. No, not the original Peter Parker, I like him. I mean the one from The Amazing Spider. I'm sorry, I really didn't like the new guy. He came off as arrogant and self-obsessed. He seemed selfish and caught up in his own wants and he broke a promise he made to a DYING MAN. Who does that????
For A TV Show
Castiel from Supernatural. The vast majority of the fandom LOOOOOVES this character and I really don't. I hate him, to be honest. He is a coward, he hates admitting that he's wrong or fixing his mistakes and he is a TERRIBLE friend. Like, seriously. He betrays both the brothers multiple times and then always acts offended that they don't trust him. What does he expect?? He lies, he snitches and he spies on them for their enemy. He always abandons the Winchester's when they need him most and at one point he causes Sam to have a complete mental break down - ON PURPOSE - and almost causes his death. It's amazing that Sam and Dean still think of him as a friend and haven't just given up on him by now. He doesn't deserve them. He is awful. I hate him.
It's snippet Time!!! I'm not going to put out a ton of my work today but I will share a couple of my favorite lines from my story. There will (hopefully) be more of these coming, especially once I start part two. I'm not sure how long that will be though. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these :)

          Tyson propped himself up on one elbow. What, can you not sleep either?Michael shook his head. And here I thought I was the only one, said Tyson.
I didnt even know you were awake, said Michael.
I wouldnt be if you hadnt moved around so much. Tyson said. You make enough noise to wake the dead.

   "Dimitri, wake up." Dimitri didnt move and his breathe grew slower and deeper. Dimitri, whispered Nightly sharply, "Youre faking! Stop it!
            Dimitris eyes fluttered opened and he turned, grinning up at Nightly. I had you fooled though,he said.
"No you didnt.
Sure I did."

Clatter, clatter, clatter, came the noise again. This time it was followed by a low, soft scream and a hiss. Annemaries blood ran cold. She knew that call and her heart dropped.

 Oh I wouldnt call you honorable, cut in Peregrine. Tyson had bent to retrieve his satchel and at this remark he cocked his head and winked in Peregrines direction.
I dont know what you are saying. Im as honorable as they come. For a pirate that is,

There are a lot of people who arent very big on the prince, said Dimitri and he smiled at Peregrine. Its good to know youre not on his side. Otherwise I might have to get you out of the way.
Peregrine might have laughed but he wasnt sure if Dimitri was joking and he didnt want to take the chance.


Why this image? Cause this is my blog and I do what I want, that's why.

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  1. Wow...don't...don't hide your opinions about the angel. By all means, Bella, tell the world what you really think : ) In all honesty, there are a couple of characters on The Vampire Diaries that I tend to have a love/hate relationship with too (coughdamoncoughsalvatore).

  2. What I really think would take too long to say, so I just covered the basics, lol :) people seem to really like Damon but since I've never seen VD I wpuldnt know. is he hard to get?

  3. He is cute though, so I would give him, at least, maybe 3.5 points on the account?

    Damon is what one may term an enigmatic character, similar to Castiel. He is definitely a person who struggles with his humanity, he has a very superior attitude toward those he terms weaker than himself, but also has a compassionate heart that he doesn't want anyone to know about. In season 3, I HATED him, because he became so possessive of the girl he loved and wouldn't let her make her own decisions, and on top of that he was horrible to her younger brother as if he blamed him for being her sibling and having such a close to his sister. In season 4, he found redemptive grace in my eyes, but he still is a complex character. I think people like him (and Castiel) because they are flawed and not perfect. They're lonely, but are afraid of letting the world in. Make sense??

  4. Me hate want Nico die.

    Me no like dat Peter neiver. He's a liar and promise breaker



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