Monday, July 14, 2014

Challenge Day Nine

TODAY!!!! A character no one notices!

For Books
I don't know why I have such a hard time with the Book part of this challenge, but I always draw blanks. Maybe its because my books are too brilliant to have unnoticeable characters.
Okay, I'm doing Merry. Merry is a very underappreciated character, I think. Everyone focuses so much on Frodo and Sam that Merry and Pippin get pushed to the sidelines - especially Merry. I never realized until the last time I read it, but poor Merry is always the one to get left behind. He is always the one who has to carry on alone, he is always the one left on the outskirts. All he wants to do is help his friends and he is always too far away to do it. And it breaks my heart.

For Movies
Little Jose from For Greater Glory.  Unlike most of my favorite characters this one actually existed at one point and I love him. He was so sweet and brave and his faith in God was just... amazing. To be honest I can't list everything I love abut him I'd be on here all night. I can only hope for the type of strength and courage he had.
That sounded weird.
For a TV Show
Merlin from Merlin. Merlin is really sweet and patient and he has a really good heart and he puts up with a lot from his best friend, especially near the beginning. But no one ever notices. No one sees the good he does, all they see is Arthur's idiotic serving boy. No one suspects his worth or realizes just how special he really is. No one thinks of him as being worth their time. Yet somehow Merlin is able to keep his charm and his ability to see the humor in almost every situation. I loved that about him, and it hurt when you began to see his destiny weigh him down and drain away that warmth. 
Completed Day nine! I'm almost to the double-digits! YAY!!!!!

*Slides off car*

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