Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Be very careful choosing the next words that come out of your mouth."

Challenge Day Four: A Character you love and everyone else hates.
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Alright here it goes.
For Books
This is way harder than it should be.
A character I loved that everyone hates is.....
Oh I know!!! Frodo Baggins!
I don't know if most Frodo-hate comes from the books or the movies. I know people who have read the books and still don't like him, so I think its a little bit of both. Either way, Frodo is severally put down and criticized by a great majority of the LOTR fandom. A lot of people have described him as selfish, disloyal, begrudging, self-absorbed and 'whiny.' People think he put way too much on Sam's shoulders and took his friend for granted the whole journey to Morder. They act like all he did was complain and act like the whole world owed his something for taking on the ring. This is not true. I think Frodo was very patient and long-suffering under the circumstances, and can we take a minute to remember that Frodo is carrying the one ring to Mount Doom? He has a lot he has to deal with and he has several chances to just give up but he never does. He keeps going, even when he feels like he's dying, even when he feels like the ring is slowly crushing him and he can't see. And I think its sad everyone hates him for that, for being brave and taking a stand because he was the only one who could.
          One thing I do know is that a big source of Frodo-hate is the fact that he trusted Smeagol over Sam and turned his back on his friend. This did not happen in the book and while I don't like that Peter Jackson put it in the movie, I think people need to remember IT WAS NOT FRODO.  Frodo would never have told Sam to leave if he was in his right mind. That "Go Home Sam," was the Dark Lord speaking, not Frodo. And notice that Frodo regrets his actions almost instantly.  He doesn't even understand why he did it. That's the influence of the ring, not Frodo.

For Movies
Thor. I'm not sure if people actually HATE him or if they are so stuck on Loki they just don't care, but he seems to be very beaten down. People seem to forget that he is the hero and Loki is the bad guy and I don't think its fair. Thor is COOL. He's brave. He's strong. He has a great character ark and he always tries to do what's right, even when its hard. And he doesn't give up on his brother, even when Loki doesn't deserve his loyalty. I think he deserves more appreciation then he gets.
For a TV Show
This one is the hardest because I watch so many TV shows. I feel like I have to narrow it down to 'most recent' so that's what I'm going to do. I almost did Sam Winchester, but if then I remembered if there is anyone who is more hated then Sam, its John. So I'm doing John.
99% of all Supernatural fans hate John Winchester. And I mean HATE. They do nothing but bash him and they turn everything he does into something bad and make him seem evil. I'm going to vent a little here: John wasn't evil. He made mistakes. He didn't always do the right thing. He was too hard on both his boys, especially Dean and there were times when he did things that made me really mad. But he wasn't evil. 
           John lost his wife, Mary, to a demon when Dean was four and spent the rest of his life terrified he'd lose his sons the same way. So he dedicated his life to hunting down evil and finding the thing that killed Mary. The catch is, once you become a hunter there is no going back. Once you're a hunter you either fight or die, because there is no way to escape the monsters once you know they're out there. You can't get out of the life. Some have tried and they'll all dead. There is no leaving. John was hard on his kids because knew his life was dangerous and he wanted to make sure they could protect themselves if they needed to. He wasn't a tyrant. He wasn't abusive. He wasn't manipulative or mentally unstable. He was a broken man who did his best in a terrible situation. And don't you dare tell me he didn't love his boys, because he DID. He sacrificed his life to save Dean and he would have done the same for Sam in an instance. I firmly believe that. He wasn't a villain, he was a hero. He wasn't a great dad, but he was a good man and both Sam and Dean loved and respected him and would defend him to their last breath if they needed to.

I'm getting seriously into this challenge aren't I? *Sheepish grin* its way more interesting than I thought it'd be. I'm glad I'm doing, it gives me excellent reason to vent and yell and act all ridiculous about fictional people. If you need to let off steam you should just do this. I swear it helps.
Now I have to go. I have dinner to eat. Pajama's to put on. Prison Break to watch.
Prison Break...... *dies*
*slides off car*


  1. I luff Frodo

    Thor is underrated



      You should do dis challenge tressie. It'd be so fun.

  2. Whhaaat!! Whilst I love LotR books I've not seen the films and I'm not really part of the fandom, so I did not know that this Frodo-hate existed!! How could anyone hate Frodo??? :O His and Sam's friendship is such an amazing part of the book :')

    1. I dont understand Frodo hate, it makes me mad :P


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