Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Character that drives you crazy

This gif because we finally own the new season of Psych and that is still Gus's pick-up line.
I love Psych :)
 Day Eight of the challenge!!!! A character who drives you crazy. This Shouldn't be too hard - lots of characters drive me crazy. So I should be fine.

For Books:
Dobby, from the Harry Potter Series. I know a lot of people like him but I thought he was super annoying. He was like the awful hobgoblin in Spiderwick who RHYMED everything. (That got really old really fast.) I never connected with Dobby, I never felt a part of his story and he almost felt unnecessary. And he always talked about himself in the third person which irked me. That type of thing irks me.

For Movies:

MJ from Spiderman. She was sooooo annoying. And she had major loyalty issues. She was the worst girlfriend ever. Peter deserved better than her.

For TV Shows
Veronica Donovan from Prison Break. I might have liked her if she had been a little less... monotone. Less dull. Idiotic. Annoying. Pouty. Veronica just drove me crazy. Everything she did was annoying. That girl could not act, and that was a BIG part of the problem. She did this annoying nod thing every time she spoke or made a point and pretty soon all you focused on was that little chin-nod and it drove me NUTS. I think if someone else had portrayed Veronica she might have been likeable but as it was she was just really awful. And she didn't have much brains. She was an idiot.
I didn't like her.
What do ya' think? I've been practicing my take-over-the-world-laugh, because I has no job and no money and taking over the world is obviously the next logical conclusion. I have to practice my evil laugh to sound like a convincing Evil-Lord so no one will doubt me. I need to be a convincing!! Its all about appearances! Its also helpful when I write sad parts in my books and put my readers through pain. I NEED THAT LAUGH TO SOUND HEARTLESS YOU GUYS!!!!!
See this is what happens when I am suffering from Book-Withdrawal. I go crazy and lose the ability to blog properly. And yes, I'm making excuses. Don't judge me.
I've found a few more books to read and I plan on doing a few reviews. After I edit a book from a friend, that is. A book that is emotionally painful but has a brilliant friendship story that makes it worth the hurt and tears.
I loved that book.
I have nothing else to say.
*Slides off car*

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