Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I haven't given up and that is all that matters

Update of the day?

I am still writing!

I know right?? Go me!!

Well actually that is a pretty big thing. Me writing I mean. I almost gave up last week. Its been hard to write lately because I am trying to finish school so I haven't been doing as much writing as I could be and I depressed myself because I realized I have only written like, 2000 words in the past three days. I'm also coming up on a hard part in my story and I'm afraid because I have to start plotting part two and part two is going to be sad, and overall I'm just not doing so well right now. BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP!!!!! I am a warrior!!!!! I can't give up now! Not when I have a buddy who pokes me to make sure I don't lose steam.

She is a very good buddy.

My Motto. 

Anyway, as far as my story is going I think I'm doing pretty well. I mean, considering. The plot escalated so quickly I almost couldn't keep up with it and now it is so dark and awful and I realized I needed to do things I didn't want to do. I have to hurt characters and create pain and I just... I just didn't want to write. Because I know the more I wrote the closer I'd be to all that bad stuff and I didn't want to have to write it. Cause I know it will hurt.

Today I worked on the end of my story. I have three other bits I need to write in, all of which I am having trouble with. I need to write an escape, a betrayal and another bit that I can't actually talk about but lets just say it is hard to do. Suffice to say I was too upset to write those and decided to finish up my ending instead. This was a big step because I've been postponing that last scene for a while and I knew it was 'Now or never.'  So I wrote it. I have my last scene done now, and it was really, really hard to write and I was so distraught I had to make something to cheer myself up. Here you are. A snippet, a sneak peak. Something like that. I don't even know what to call it.

you're welcome.
You are free to guess who that is, who that particular quote belongs to.
I want to try and audition for a "My Fair Lady" play but I am very nervous and I'll need to eat lots of ice cream and think it over before deciding. I'm also going to start looking into getting an agent. To help with my acting. Until then I need to see if there is a way I can start making some money. This job thing I have, I dunno if its gonna work out. It doesn't look very good right now.
I am want a new blog look. I've wanted one since, like, January. I feel like my blog is really crowded. And green. And I'm just done with it. Maybe I'll play around with blogger when I have time. See if I can tweak a few things. Make it look nice again. Clean it up a little.
Okay I'm ready for Summer now. I want my sun, I want my seventy-degree weather and I want to sit on the deck and have the wind be chilly and drive me inside cause I don't want to wear a sweater. In JUNE. The magic of living on the mountains guys.
We watched The Winter Soldier again on Sunday. We went down to the at the dollar theatre after Mass and made an event of it, getting coffee and banana bread and preparing for the emotional trauma we were about to suffer. Again. Tell you what, it was worse the second time. I really need a third one. and the next Avenger movie. 2016 is so far away!
God Bless and have a lovely night! Peace out y'all!


  1. Yay! You are writing! That's so awesome. :)
    You should definitely audition for the My Fair Lady play. I love that movie. I have a friend and her family once watched that movie every night for a whole week. Her parents used to go around the house singing the songs. :) It was awesome. I've never seen the play, but it sounds more fun than a movie. You should do it. :)

    1. I love "My fair Lady" too, and I am seriously considering it :) It is a great play and it would be really fun to be in.

      thanks for stopping by!

  2. *In Dory's voice* Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing.. :) Your book sounds epic, and now I REAAALLLY want to read it.

    You SHOULD audition! My Fair Lady is a fabulous play. Have you read the book Pygmalian, which is the play that inspired the play (lol.)? It's really good!

    *Sniffles* BUCKYYYY.

    LOL I love that gif at the end. xD

    Cheers! :-)



      Look, we do have a gif for everything!!

      Aw thank you :) I hope its as good as it sounds. I worry its going to be this FLOP and no one will like and I'll crawl into a hole and never come out.

      I am seriously considering My Fair Lady. I love the musical but I've never read the book.


  3. WRITING IS HARD. I don't really like Chuck, buuut...I'm going to quote him there. x)
    Good luck with your auditions and finding an agent too! Woah, that sounds intense and exciting and nerve-wracking. x) *sniffles at that quote* Oh, sad though. SO SAD. I don't like hurting my characters either. :'(

    1. I do NOT like Chuck. At all. he is awful. *glowers*

      No one likes hurting characters. Hurting characters is painful.

  4. I'll just repeat myself, because a repeat never hurts when it is something like this.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Enjoy the writing pain, and hopefully by the time you begin part two I will be around more so you can cry to me whenever you need. I know from experience how much that helps. (Thanks again for that.)

    Jim the Space Adventurer

    1. Aw, thanks Jim :) I miss you being around a lot. Our time difference really sucks :-/

      I am so proud of you for finishing your story!!!!! *high-fives* See? You ARE awesomesauce!!!!!!!!


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