Monday, June 9, 2014

"You are such a girls petticoat!"


I really want this hoodie. I could hang it up next to my Sam one and admire them at night when I can't sleep. maybe I'll even start a hoodie collections inspired by fandoms. That could be cool. A hoodie for every day of the week. Bucky's hoodie could be any day though, cause I don't know if I could ever not where it when I had the chance. I'd have to do Sam's one day and Bucky's the next. Seriously though. Can't you see me in Disneyland soldiering through the streets wearing this, flipping my knife all epic like? Oh wait. It will be too warm. How about in the winter then? on my home street? I could toss my hair and spin my metal arm and maybe I'd where black war paint and saunter around reenacting the "Bucky?" scene. And jumping on cars and doing a running flip, which I will undoubtedly master. I've already been practicing my knife flip. I've gotten so I can toss it and catch it and it doesn't fall. And now I really want to reenact the scene with that flip.  Except I need a Steve. That's okay. I think I can find a buddy willing to be my Steve.
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See, this is what happens when I do NaNo for too long.  I go a little CRAZY!!!!!! *loud cackle*
Seriously now.  *cough* NaNo has been good for me. I've more than doubled my book since the beginning of the month and that makes me happy. Really happy. I am only like, 7,000 words from 50,000. I'm making it guys!!!! Unfortunately I'm not sharing any more snippets right now. I don't want to give too much away and I can't find a snippet right now that isn't spoilerific. I know there is one somewhere but I am too tired to go searching through my book and find it. I don't even feel like writing tonight. Can fictional trauma kill you? And if you can, how would you explain that one?
"Oh she died writing a book she was way to emotionally involved in."
I am so tired guys.
I have to go.
I have to sleep.
In case you haven't noticed I have been having a few late nights. Maybe more than. I've been really restless and my little sisters have been having nightmares which kind of keep me awake. And  then my characters wont leave me alone and the next day I am so tired I can't write. And they get mad at me for not doing my job and hit me and I'm just like....
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 This post is falling apart I don't even know where I was going with it anymore. I wanted to do a NaNo update. That's all. I think I mentioned NaNo somewhere so that is good. But I have to go now.
I'm leaving.
I'm going.
Pray for me I work tomorrow!!! 
*Slides off car*
Is she gone? Good. She was making my head hurt. Anyway....Tyson here. Do you want to read something that actually concerns NaNo?? Well then you should go HERE. We stole the blog. Don't tell Jim and Ben.


  1. I want the Steve Hoodie, I think we should still go through with our plan and re-enact the scenes in the streets when we are flat mates. "Now children, those are the two insane girls who live alone. You mustn't ever talk to them, okay?"

    Tell Tyson to leave you alone! No one messes with my Ben!

    Wait...Tyson....what is that? Did you....did you hack our blog?!??!?!?!?!

    1. I knew I could count on you :) I expect that is what people will thininof us. oh well. :P

      Tyson is a brat. he makes me mad

  2. P.S.


    Jim the Space Adventurer.


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