Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Thousands of Answers to One Simple Question, Open the Sky for Me Now..."


I'm not sure where this gif came from. But it greatly reflects my present mood. Writing should never hurt this much. But it does. And you know what? I HATE traitors.

 I've been editing too long. *crosses eyes*
I been tagged by Jack!. Tagged!!! Tagged. TagGEd. TAgged. TAGGEd. TAgGeD. Yep. Tagged. I'm taking a break from my very important story to accept this tag, so pay attention.

 I'm not sure what tag it IS, but I think its the Liebster one again, 'cause you have to do 11 facts and  answer 11 questions and MAKE 11 questions... the usual. Which is, ya' know.....


I am going to try and do my Eleven Facts without being annoying and witty. Lets see how that goes...
1. I am trying to do Camp NaNo and going crazy.
2. I have cried over my own writing.
3. I act compulsively. And I form a very deep connection with my character.
4. I love finishing a really good book but I hate finishing the last book of a great series.
5. I am still suffering from BUCKY!!! feels. 
6. I hate Vegan Chocolate. I want it burnt. And then I want it crushed and burnt again.
7. I love Steve Rodgers and I think he is a very under-rated Avenger.
8. I like soft, fluffy pillows.
9. I think chocolate cake with vanilla icing is DELICIOUS
10. I'm trying to make a music video for Steve and Bucky.
11. I'm stuck trying to write this one chapter in my book and its making me mad. 

Now the questions from Jack!! (LalaLala!)

1. How do you feel about main character deaths?
I don't like them. Unless they are done REALLY well and even then I don't like them. They are upsetting and horrible. I HATE it when Authors kill of the main character. I also hate it when they kill off best friends and brothers. But I especially hate Main Character deaths. Don't do it.

 2. What does TADA! mean to you?

 3. If I walked up to you and yelled, or whispered, HAIL HYDRA! What would you do?
.......I would be really sad, first of all. (Jack, how COULD you?) then I'd probably smack you. Or hit you. Or kill you. I might kill you. I feel in a killing mood right now.

 4. If I gave you a pet duck would you take him for a walk in the park?
I don't know. If its a very nice duck I might.

 5. What was the last book you read that had you either crying, laughing, ready to fall out of your seat, forget how to breathe, or all of the above?
The Shadow Throne!!! I am TOTALLY doing a review on that book! It has given me so many feels! I couldn't have coped if I hadn't had a very nice friend to fangirl and yell with on chat. She has been very nice to me with that. She yells back and that is very helpful. 

 6. You would come to a sleep over? We could make a tent out of blankets and sleep on couch cushions thrown on the floor.
I would definitely come to a sleep over!! We could have Icecream and watch The Winter Soldier and cry and scream and then we could yell about Jaron and scream some more because.... TOBIAS!!!! MOTT!!!!!! IMOGEN!!!!! RODEN!!!!

 7. What was the last song you listened to on repeat over and over?
You've got me Down on my Knees
But now I'm trying to Get Up.
You have Torn me Apart, Piece by Ppiece
And now I'm begging You to Stop!
In the mirror I see, You're staring back at me;
I am My Own Worst Enemy!!!!

 8. What was the last movie you saw that... gave you the same emotions I asked about with the book?
The Winter Soldier

It has been more than Four weeks and I am still not over the second Captain America. Do I have a problem? Yes. I have a very serious problem.

 9. Do you think reindeer are better than people?
No. (sorry Kristoff) My best friends are all people *smile*

 10. How do you feel about the giant rats of Somalia?
ROUS's? I don't believe they exist.

 11. When you were a kid did you used to play Cowboys and Indians? (Germans. I mean Cowboys and Germans.) (PLEASE tell me someone got that reference.)
.... Is this a WWII thing? I think it is. During the war didn't boys used to play Cowboys and Germans instead of Cowboys and Indians?? .... But I don't know if that is the reference you wanted me to get. If it isn't, then I'm sorry. I failed you. Does this make us even?

My Questions

1.) If you had a choice would you visit Rivendell or the Shire?
2.) Have you read The Ascendance Trilogy?
3.) Do you tend to like the Villain BETTER than the hero? (This means in everything, mind you)
4.) Are you a Tolkien Purist?
5) Are you a Marvel fan or just an Avengers fan?
6.) What book are you reading RIGHT NOW, and is it good?
7.) What is the first thing that comes to mind when think of trains?
8.) Have you ever had Vegan Chocolate? (If not, don't. DO NOT EVER)
9.) Have you ever cried in the Theatre?
10.) Would you go shopping with me dressed as your favorite Avenger?
11.) Do you think Frozen is overrated?

I know I'm suppose to tag eleven people, but I've already done this whole "Award thing" two or three times now and I feel REALLY BAD re-tagging people. So I'll do five (One of whom is a geek and JUST got a blog  because some of us joined together and yelled at her to get one)


You are not DUTY BOUND to accept this tag. I will not mope or pout if you quietly forget about it.

With that I'm away!!! *Slides off car*

~Ben The Robot~


  1. Thank you for not liking main character deaths. I've heard there is a popular book series out now and the main girl dies in the last one. I haven't read it and I am in shock over it. Just...how, how can ANYONE do that?!

    Thank you for getting TADAAA! That makes me very happy.

    Don't worry, I will never yell or whisper HAIL HYDRA! I'd feel like too much of a traitor to SHIED and Steve. Please don't kill me.

    JARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO SO happy you read that!!! I was drowning in so much happiness all alone!!! NOw I can share it.

    Don't forget milk for our sleep over. We must have milk

    I like how you used the epic Bucky knife flip. I don't even know why. I just like that you did.

    I told you the German thing already. But yes, this makes us even.


    1. I always think of Loki when I hear TADA! It didn't even occur to me to think of anything else.

      Thank you, I would be sooo sad if you were with HYDRA.


      No milk. Milk will make me cry.

      I like the knife flip gif, its so cool :)


    2. I want to learn how to do the knife flip, but knowing me I'd end up slicing a finger off or stabbing myself

  2. Oh my goodness, I so hate traitors too!!! They act all nice but then they attack you from behind! Grrr! And I don't like it when main characters die too. Soo awful, so sad!! "How could you do this to me??!! Feel my wrath!!!" LOL!

    Thank you so much Bella for nominating me!!! :) I am so gonna do this when i can. Thank you thank you!! ❤️

    1. you are very welcome dear! Traitors are hard to write and I am mad at myself!!! *sulks*

    2. Aw you can do it. Before you write, pray an Our Father to the Holy Spirit for help and He will help you woth your story. I do this all the time, and I've experienced some surprises like "where did that idea come from? Cool!" Try it, but I know you can do it! Don't let anything and deadlines pressure you. If you don't make the deadline, you can continue next time. The important thing is to complete your story. :)

      By the way, do you have fellow campers to help you or are you writing on your own? I'm tempted to do Nano too since I haven't written in a while and it sounds like fun.

    3. Finished the tag! That was fun thanks so much!! :)

    4. I got one of my bloggy friends to do it with me because I was too afraid to attempt it on my own. *grin*

      You could start up and write if you want. I just wanted to make myself put down words becasue completing this story means a lot to me.

      I'm glad you had fun with the tag. I always feel bad for tagging people because I know its annoying sometimes, so knowing you enjoyed it is really nice :)

    5. Oh that is smart, good idea! :D Good luck on your story. You can do it! (Cheering for you)

      Aw no worries, i love it when you tag me, it's fun doing them. :)


    That's all I"m going to say cause it's late and I'm tired. :-(


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