Friday, May 2, 2014

"I lost My Shoe."

A Quick Word: It's Sam Winchesters Birthday Today!!!

(I made this myself)
Stay Tuned!! I'm writing a nice long post for all of you and it should be done tomorrow.
~Ben the Robot~


  1. SAMMMAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY. Our little boy is growing up....

    1. I know. He's 31 now. That makes me a little sad

  2. N'awwwww... Sammy. And I wanted to comment on your recent post BUT I HAVEN'T SEEN THE WINTER SOLDIER YET. I. know. right?! GAH. So bad. :'( Mind you, I didn't even go see Divergent either. For some reason the cinemas and I are just NOT connecting anymore. Haha! (Totally going to see Mockingjay...but whatever. Random.) XD Anyway....I'm soooo emailing you today because SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. A very Supernatural Christmas?!!! Oh fudge.

  3. I can't wait for your email :) You MUST watch Winter Soldier. Then you can read my post and be eaten with feels. and I can laugh and cry with you


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