Sunday, April 27, 2014

In which I share lyrics.

This is going to be kind of quick, but... Here's the thing. I've been doing too much editing. And I cried last night because my book isn't half done anymore. And I don't really want to write at the moment because I did something terrible and now when I try to write I cry. Which sucks. So last night, while editing, I pulled up a song I was working on a few days ago. I was inspired to finish it and now I have all the lyrics written out. Its still kind of rough, and I feel really self-conscious doing this, but oh well. I'm going to share the song with you! O.o And Because I'm a freak, I'm going to post fandom pictures along side the lyrics, because my fandoms were what started the song in the first place.

I Present Nothing Left To Take - (For lack of a better title at the moment)

The World Falls Into Darkness, The Stars show no more Light
The Pain and Loss start sinking in, And grief Blinds your sight
All Hell Breaks Loose
I can hear you in the silence, I can Feel you in the Dark
My destiny, It Haunts Me, My weakness It Does Mock.
But the Demons in the Shadows, Should know before they Attack
I have nothing left to lose, And nowhere to turn back.

So Break Me, I wont Shatter!
Cut me, I won't Bleed!
Tear Me, I won't rip apart!
I Know I'm not a hero, I know What I have Done
But here I am, You can't defeat Me,
I have already Won!
Swan Song
You can't take Away, When There's Nothing Left To Take
You can't break a Spirit, When there's Nothing Left to Break
So do Your Worst, Take Your Shot
I'll Stand it all, I wont be stopped!!
Divide Me
Conquer me,
Take Every Piece of My Heart.

I'm Desperate, I'm ashamed, I have No One Else To Blame
I Know I'm no Hero, But Maybe,
Maybe I can Be Saved. 
I'm Just a Wounded Soldier, A Warrior with No Sword
But if You know My Name, then Perhaps You have heard!!! -
You can Break Me, I wont Shatter!
Cut me, I won't Bleed!
Tear me, I won't Rip apart.
I won't Rip

That's the rough gist of it. I know it has a lot to be brushed up on, especially the ending, but I felt its good enough to share with all of you .... and maybe ask for feedback? I did this mostly to challenge myself. I have a lot of trouble opening up and letting my writing be read by anyone other than VERY CLOSE family, and even they don't often get peaks at it. So this is my way of making myself share my work. (This is also my way of trying to psych myself up to sharing snippets. LOL.)

What do you think? Too bland? Too cliché? Or... Amazing? I'd love some thoughts.

This is so scary.

This makes me so nervous.

I don't like this.

I need to go before I delete this post.


~Ben The Robot~


  1. *cue wall.E "whoa"* that's really good Bella. Made me tear up a little... The ending is a little rough, but with a little polishing I think it could be eeepic

    1. Thanks :) It is a little rough, but I think it has some potential.

  2. I like it. A lot. :)
    And is that Supernatural? I'm contemplating whether or not I should watch it, but I can't decide. What's your opinion on it?
    And again, I reallyreallyreally like your song. It's super-awesome. The pictures go along so heartbreakingly well.

    1. Thank you soooo much! :) About Supernatural.... I hate it. The only reason my sisters and I are still watching it is for Sam and Dean. The show itself is really sad and depressing, and it portrays God and Heaven REALLY badly. If the religious angle wont bother you, you could TRY it, but even without that, the emotional trauma isn't really worth it. (There is a really accurate eview at this link I would recommend reading it :D

    2. Thanks so much, Bella! I'll have to read it. (:

    3. No problem, I was happy to help :)

  3. Wow. O.O That's good! Like...really good! **throws confetti*

  4. That was beautiful!! *high fives* It definitely accurately describes the fandom life (I just started watching OUAT and it's already tearing at my heart... oh fandoms).XD


    1. THANK YOU! yeah... OUAT.... I only watch it for Rumple and Belle, to be honest. They did something terrible in S3 that almost made me stop, but my little sister asked me to keep watching it with her. so I am. but it makes me mad. and depressed.

      thanks for stopping bye :)

  5. How come you get to be so talented too? Is it just a gen in your family and you all are insanely talented?

    I love it!!! It was sad, it refreshed my BUCKY!!!! feels and Rodger ones, and I loved it. You're brilliant.

    1. aw, thank you! Yes, I thin talent runs in the family... *grin*


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