Saturday, April 19, 2014

In Preparation for Easter

Its Holy Saturday!! Easter is almost here! Lent has actually gone by pretty quickly this year. I hardly feels like six weeks. Okay, yes it does, but it feel like a speedy six weeks. I think Jack's visit might have something to do with that. At any rate, we now have only three and a half hours left! I might stay up till midnight and welcome in the morning, but I'll have to see. I was up really late last night.
Today has been a big bustle as we prepare for the Resurrection of Our Lord, and we've been rushing about the house all day cleaning, baking and egg-dying like mad. Well, when I say we.... more like me. Me. and Me.
Okay, that isn't fair. My brother made some luscious s'mores muffins for our dessert tomorrow and he's going to make Tiramisu also, which will be so yummy!!! and when my sisters were actually home they helped with the baking a bit. But there were a good couple hours when I was in the kitchen pressing out hundreds of sugar cookies all on my own. With loud music playing.

It actually wasn't that bad. We had a nifty little Designer for our cookies - this cool little gadget - and you could put a roll of dough into it and press out the Sugar Cookies in all these amazing shapes and it was surprisingly fun. I was like "PRESS!!! FLOWER!! *Press* CLOVER!! *Press* SPADE!!... STANDIN-IN-THE-HALL-OF-FAME!!!!!!" *Spins around* Since everyone in my family was gone - some to the store, some to baseball sign up, some to book-reading - I was entirely alone and I took this opportunity to began dance along with the music as my cookies baked. It felt good to be wild and free. Loud music has this effect and me.
It was a lot of fun.
That was at the beginning of the day when I was chipper and full of energy for our preparation day.  
See My wonderful cookies??
Don't they look just FABULOUS?

They were masterful.
I was very proud.
Standin in the Hall of Fame!!! (yeah!)

After the moping was done and all the wee-on's returned from the store, we lay out newspapers, set out the cups and began dying eggs.
Lots of eggs.

Am I the only one who has never really liked dying eggs? I think fourth grade ended my love for egg dying. It just .... it isn't my thing. But it is fun watching all the little kids plop eggs into the cups and 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' over what happens to them. It was especially fun to watch little Toink making eggs. She was so cute and funny! Her very first egg broke before it had a chance. She had drawn all these pretty little flowers on it and it looked nice, but then Treskie told her it was time to dye it and she crushed it with both hands! Like, totally crushed it. Beyond repair. We were all shocked. The poor thing had thought we were dying the inside of the egg. After that incident she made it very clear that all the eggs had to be dyed "Without the insides on the inside." Which was fine with us.
Even my big brother helped decorate eggs!
and my mommy!! She made some of the 
best ones I think.
We even got my dad to do his own - Look at what he did :)
He drew all 11 of us kids with him and mom at the top. How awesome is that? I don't want to eat this egg.
This is me, attempting to make a purple minion.
I guess he turned out alright. My brother's minion was better though. Look at Joey's Minion!! Look how cute it is! And he hasn't even been colored in yellow yet!


By this time I was bored and my imagination was getting burned out and I was starving. I had skipped lunch for snacking purposes later on, so my stomach took upon itself the right to protest from 1:00 on. By the time 4:30 rolled around I was cranky and ready to eat. My human form needed sustenance!  
Once I'd had food I was substantially more cheerful and ready to buckle down to the task of decorating Easter cookies.
I had pressed out so many freakin' cookies! I think there were over a hundred. and we had to do them all super fancy and beautiful because they're Easter cookies and they only way to make them is with beads and multi-colored frosting!!
As odd as it may seem, decorating 100 Easter cookies in several shades of frosting and strings of beads is not a speedy job. We spent close to an hour and a half at the dinner table.
My cookies started getting less and less fancy as the evening went on.
But it was pretty fun anyway. Unfortunately it is way too late for me to share those pictures with you tonight. I'll try posting them tomorrow though :)
Then, because I hadn't done enough baking that day, I floated out to the kitchen to make muffins for our snack. The snack I had skipped lunch for. They were the same muffins I made at the beginning  of Lent, so I knew they'd be good if I did them right. And, of course, I did. And they were epic. The perfect way to end our festive, baking day.

That's all. I'm tired and my brain hurts and its time for me turn in. Otherwise the end of this post is going to get really weird. And I'll kindly spare all of you that. God Bless! And Happy-Almost-Easter!
~Ben The Robot~


  1. Yes...I do play my own theme music. And, from the looks of it, you do the same thing and dance to yours. So there.

    I don't like seeing pictures of your house and all the fun things you are doing, it makes me miss you. I get all pouty and whine. "I want to go back. They can't have fun without me, it isn't fair."
    Yeah, so stop having fun without me. 8-P

    1. There is nothing wrong with theme music.

      I miss you too Jack :'( We need to visit again soon


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