Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have a brilliant friend (And other things)

Last night we were having an especially wild night, because my dad was out and we didn't need to worry about being quiet so as to not to wake him up. Which meant there was a lot of running around and shouting and general mayhem. And dogs barking and trying to bite your ankles. And nieces screaming out "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER!!!!!!....." and playful teasing and shoving. And somehow, in all this, I found myself being chased down by a crazed older sister who was desperate to catch me and push me down for slapping her arm (Too hard) But I feared it would end up as more of a tickle-fight and less of a push, so I tore around the house, keeping my distance and finally resorted to bolting outside (no shoes) rush across the (wet) grass and tearing back around into the house to lock myself in the bathroom. I could hear Chloe outside the door, all too happy to aid her Treskie in capturing me, and telling me to open the door (with much giggling)

This is what it is like to have sisters.

You know another sisterly-thing that happened that night? I got a box!!!

Well, it was more a box addressed to several of my sisters. From a very dear friend (whom, by the way, is now my adopted sister, so she'd better get used to it)  And she had sent us some very lovely gifts which I immediately slipped on and admired and swooned over. And I was suddenly wishing for a cold spell that I could show them off in.
They are quite lovely gloves. And they are very helpful because my room is always really cold in the morning and I can really use some fingerless gloves so my hands wont freeze when I'm doing school work or writing stories. But when I wear them they make feel very Ranger-like. Like I need to run about in the forest, tracking Sméagol, climbing cliffs and hiding from trolls. They make me want to go on an adventure in medieval clothing with capes and swords. With my friend Jim at my side.

For now I have to content myself with being a Writer in them, because I can't be an adventurer at the moment, as much as I'd like to be.

While waiting for the second book in The False Prince Trilogy I am finishing the Gallagher Girls series.  Okay. I did not expect to get quite that emotional during these books. I mean, they were good but I didn't think I was that emotionally invested in them.

I was wrong.

I cried.

And I shook.

And I couldn't believe the horrible things Cammie Morgan was going through and I wanted to leap in to the pages and hug her. And Liz. I feel really bad for Liz. And I like Zach. Zach is funny and idiotic and he drives you crazy. But he is awesome and he is better than Josh.


I also need to read the last book, but she's buried in it right now so I have to wait.

Why isn't my Sage book in yet? **headdesk**

and guess what!! I have tons of school work to get done before June. Lots and lots. Which means I haven't been writing. *Cringe* I know. I'm a terrible person. I tried writing today, but it didn't work out. I have way too many Steve and Bucky feels to function. I don't know why I thought it was such a grand idea to watch Bucky die again after the trauma of Winter Soldier, but now it was WAY WORSE after you know what is coming.

I was literally in pain every time Bucky appeared on screen. I wanted to jump in and save him and protect him and make sure he never gets hurt again. But I can't.

Why am I am so obsessed with fictional characters?? Its not fair! Especially since the characters I love are always getting maimed or murdered or worse. INCLUDING MY OWN!!! I think my fandoms are rubbing off on me. I wrote something so terrible I haven't  been able to write for a week. Every time I try to I cry. And that's no a joke. I even cried at the writing group. I think I'm too emotionally invested in my story. AND MY FANDOM FEELS AREN'T HELPING!! I will write, and then backspace, and then write, and then backspace.... and then I give up and type feverishly that Bucky has lost his memories and the Doctor has changed and Sam and Dean aren't brothers and Thor thinks Loki is dead and Sherlock is on HIATUS, and Sage is ...... and Cammie is..... and NEAL IS DEAD AND I CAN NOT COPE!

I am 99% done with Once Upon a Time. I don't think I've ever been this upset with a TV show... ever. Not even when its done by Moffat. They killed my favorite character and the only reason I'm still watching it is because my little sister LOVES it and can't bear to be without it.

and I also miss Rumple and Belle. I think their story is enough that I will finish OUAT for them.... but it almost isn't worth it, even FOR them. Because I know now that HE is dead, the other thing will happen that I hate so much and two people are going to get together and I didn't want them together and it makes me mad.

I need a life.


On the Upside, I got a lot of really lovely comments after publishing my lyrics. And that made me very happy. So thank you, all you nice people. It was good to get some motivational swing. You are all lovely and made me feel like I can write, even if it is just a little.

About the writing. I want to do Camp NaNoWriMo and try to get my blasted book done in a month.  But before I do that I need to finish school. Which means I need to stop gettind distraced while studying and actually do stuff. Not that I DON'T do stuff. Just... I should be doing MORE stuff. and I don't. Because I'm getting the Spring Mood and am getting very School-burnt-out. I have to keep reminding myself "This is 11th grade.... I'm almost done...." But its hard. So If I don't post for a few days, know it is with good reason.

That's all. Peace out loosers!

~Ben the Robot~


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one practically bawling about POOR LIZ! I mean, what a weight on her shoulders in that last book! I was so sorry for her. (She was always my favourite.) :) Also, sisters. Aren't they great. Except Cait is training our niece and nephew in the art of tickling. Me. Yeah. No. ;)

    1. poor Liz :( I'm tired of fictional trauma. it shouldn't hurt this much

  2. I'm adopted!!! *Jumps up and down.* I love being adopted.

    BUCKY!!!!! How come you had to bring back my BUCKY!!! feels so early in the morning? It isn't even seven yet?
    But, this new Doctor will be cool. And 11 was more of the Ponds Doctor anyways, and since they are gone, it is kind of fitting that we get a new Doctor. Because 11 isn't the same without them, he's still cool, but he was with the Ponds for so long.
    (Sorry. Doctor Who is my one happy show. I know, bad things happen, but when I am especially depressed and having bad days I like to watch it. 8-D)

    You've waited long enough. Go and find THAT person and rescue Sage. he needs rescuing. How can anyone keep him kidnapped that long? It is horrible and cruel punishment. No one reads that slowly....

    Jim the Space Adventurer

    1. I plan to go to the library and get that book, no matter what. its time.

      you are adopted, cause family don't end with blood :) I know Capaldi will be good, but I'm still going to miss Matt. I just hope Clara doesnt die or something. I want a happy ending for her.



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