Sunday, April 13, 2014

Apparently I'm Ben

Its been decided. My whole family thinks I am just like Ben from Treasure Planet. Ben the Robot. Ben the crazy, life-deprived robot. Ben the crazy, life-deprived robot who has lost his mind and has way too much energy. Ben the robot who can't stop talking. Ben the robot who Wuv's hugz.

Yeah, I guess I'm Ben.

I guess there are worst things than being to compared to a mentally impaired machine who can't remember if he ever danced with an android named Lupe.

I guess there are worse things then that.

At least I'm not a Hedgehog.

Or a weasel.

Or a squirrel.

I started this post with a point but it kind of got away from me.

Oh Right. Happy Palm Sunday y'all! We only have six more days until Easter!!!

For the first time in my life I actually got Palms ON Palm Sunday, not two or three weeks after. I can not express how happy that made me, how much comfort it gave in this, the last week of Lent. It was all around wonderful to be able to have Mass and read about Our Lord entering Jerusalem with the crowd cheering Him on. It gives the whole day a fresh feeling and it gives you that extra PUSH to keep you going until Easter. You know what I mean?

Soooo.... update time! What have I been doing? So many things! First off, I actually freakin' turned in resume! That's right. I applied for a job. Just a summer job mind you - The one at the Paddle-board shop that I mentioned a few weeks back. So if you could all just pray a bit.... It would be very welcomed. I'd really love to have money again. And I know how that sounds but.... I have none. And I miss the lovely green stuff. there's only so much you can do without it.

I went to see the new Captain America movie on opening night. And wow. Just. WOW! It was so good! I think I like it even more than the second Thor, and that movie was amazing! The Winter Soldier, though, it was beyond amazing. It was... Amazing-blazing! There was a lot more of stake in this one too. And it was really emotional. Because well.... Steve. and... Ya' know. Bucky. *sniff* It might even have been better than the Avengers. I loved it to pieces. A-Triple-Plus

I also finally found a book I like. A book that actually had unique characters and a good storyline and a strong plot. Its called The False Prince. Its the first book in a trilogy, which makes me insanely happy because I loved it so much and I would cry if there wasn't more to read. It reminded me a little of The Thief - It had that kind of feel, that kind of pace. All the characters (Including the main one) were really strong and dynamic with lots of chemistry and actual growth. AND THERE IS A FRIENDSHIP STORY IN IT!! *Jumps up and down* Well, its more of a... hinted friendship right now, but the person who recommended the book says that the friendship is very present in the next books and gets even better! I can not wait!!! I'll have to do a review.

I've been working on my story a bit, but its still so rough it will be a few months before the first draft is finally done. I've got a ton of kinks to work out and a character to make better. Seriously. He needs help. He wasn't suppose to turn out the way he did, and that means I need to do some tweaking. He doesn't make it easy though. He's pulling a Cas. While editing I've also written up a plot for a sister-story. Cause guys, I am really miffed that we sisters have gotten so little recognition. I've thought of maybe three sister stories. Ana and Elsa from Frozen (of course) the friends/sisters in Sorcery and Cecilia - or - The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, and The Penderwicks. In other words, the literature world is lacking horrifically in any kind of sister-like bond in their reading material. I intend to fix that. Or at least try. We sisters deserve recognition dang it! Sisters are cool too!!! I should know, I have nine of them. Maybe when I've actually pulled myself together a bit I'll share some of my thoughts with you. Right now its just an idea. Respect the idea!

As a last Update.... I've really gotten into Fandom crossovers. Especially Superwho. I never thought I'd be a Fandom crossover person. But I guess I am. I even cross-pair a couple people. I never ever thought I'd do that. ever. And mostly I hate cross-shipping. But Belle and Sam??? OMG!! They are way too cute!

I also like Dean and Clara. They would really fit for me. Of course both these things are AU. And very well thought out. which is why I like them. I want them. And wish we could have them. Mostly, though, I just need Superwho. I love Superwho. Superwho is the Crossover I can TOTALLY see. Why can't we get these actors to cross for a special episode?? An episode for the fans?? Why can't they give us that gift? Haven't we earned it??


That's all. I'm done now. Now that I've dumped my geekiness upon you, I can go.
I'm leaving.
I'm going

 ~Ben the Robot


  1. You are Ben. I've finally found my nickname for you. Get some kind of texting thing so I can put your name as Ben.

    I WANT TO SEE CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! But I don't want to see it alone. I need someone to hold my hand because I loved Bucky and I sullked for weeks after when he died...and when I realized what they were doing to do I sulked even more. I WANT BUCKY TO BE BUCKY!!! I have strong Bucky feelings.

    LIstten to this song. It is depressing and will help you feel moody. I don't know why I demanded you listen to it, except I've been listening to it for half an hour and I like it and it is sad. And you're my Ben now, so you have to listen to it.

    I like my reasoning.

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!

    Why do you have to live SOOO far away?

    Life isn't fair.

    I'm in a pouty mood if you haven't noticed. I stepped on my Pond glasses and have to replace them and I miss you all and Bucky was made to be bad and he shouldn't have been and you don't have the next two books with Sage and I wants you to have them so I can talk about the ending. And I have to write a bad part in my book and it only makes me more sulky....

    There, that was my rant.

    Since we are friends now....for sure friends...I feel safe asking. If you ever loan your book out to people to read, can I be one of them? I'm DYING to read it, and I don't want to wait for a publisher to see how brilliant you are and publish it. Because they are slow and sometimes take forever.

    That is all. I should go and edit.

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry! :( Here have another Doctor Who hug *Sends hug* I miss you too. It sucks having you in another state. I've been moping too. I keep looking up and saying "I miss Jack! Where is Jack?"and feeling depressed because you aren't there to boop my nose. I wish I had a TARDIS and could just fly to your house whenever I want. Steed should help you out. Why is he such a twerp?

      About Bucky.. Okay, I'm going to give you hope because you deserve it. He isn't a BAD guy. Not really. Its not his fault... he isn't in control. Sebastian Stan said it perfectly. "He isn't a bad guy. He's a good guy doing bad things." Its not his fault. His whole storyine is just sad.... and horrible. and there was one part that almost made me cry but it was so terrible I couldn't, my eyes just blurred and my throat got tight and I sort of wimpered. "Bucky... no..." *ehem* back to giving you hope. It ENDS well. Just remember to saty until the end of the credits. the VERY end.

      I would love you to read my story, but It isn't ready to be read yet. Mind waiting a bit? Like... June? If you can wait, than yeah, I'll definitely put it out to just may be a bit. I'm a slow writer. And I'm trying to finish sschool. and I did something depresssing so.... I've taken a small break.

      I'm going to email you.

  2. You are Beeen. BEEENNN!!! BEEEENNN.

    I ship Belle and Sam. Also Clara and Dean.


    I'm tired.


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