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Introduction to Characters

For the past week I've been on a temporary hiatus in my writing world. Not because I had finished the book (haha) but because I wrote something so emotionally devastating that I couldn't write at the moment. I actually couldn't talk about my story without choking up. It was ridiculous. On top of that, my fangirl feels have a bad tendency to sneak into my writing and after the terrible Season Finale's I've been through, I thought it best to take a breather. So I did. And I still kind of am. While waiting for my nerves to settle, I will introduce you all to my main characters of the story. Please enjoy.


I had a lot of trouble finding someone who could place Michael. This character still isn't right but he was as close as I could get. Michael actually has dark, curly hair which always look in need of a brushing, and his face is also a bit softer, less hard around the edges. But you get the general idea, yes? So, Michael is my absolute FAVORITE character and one whom I have taken a lot of time embellishing. He is a Warlock from Ambria. He always looks for the very best in people and tends to be a bit naive when it comes to the existence of evil in the world. He knows there is evil of course, he just doesn't understand why anyone would choose hate when there is so much to love. He's very optimistic and lighthearted and he is always trying to fix the world. He is incredibly loyal very quickly and he isn't one to give up on you. He's forgiving, but you should don't push him to hard. There is a great strength hidden beneath his quiet manner.

Annamaria is a Guardian, which means she is able to communicate and gain favor with mythical creatures such as dragons, griffins, flying horses and Mistriders. She's spunky and quirky and she never runs from a fight. Since the loss of her brother, she has a hard time opening up to people and can come off as cold but she's really just scared to let down her walls. Contrary to popular belief, she is often afraid and insecure - she just does a very good job of hiding it.

 Peregrin is a Fey from the woods of Ambria. He's a bit of a black sheep when it comes to his kind, especially because he spent so much time with his Master Agime. He considers himself a rebel and doesn't seem too ashamed about it either. He's mischievous and playful but he's a strong leader, though he doesn't much like the idea OF leading. That's too bad for him because, being the only one who really knows what's going on, he has to be a leader whether he likes it or not.


It took me a long time to find some Tyson-like but I finally decided he looks a bit like this, excet younger. To be honest, Tysone is my least favorite character. He is very selfish and self-serving. He avoids danger whenever he can. he doesn't like taking risks or taking a stand and, overall he's a bit of a jerk. There is a lot of anger and bitterness buried in him, and because of that he pushes people away and doesn't make friends easily. Actually, he doesn't make friends period. He's really hard to get along with. He isn't completely bad - though he does seem pretty lost at first - but he ....He's annoying and frustrating. I don't like him.

I saved Dimitri and Nightly for last because, sadly enough, I couldn't find anyone like them. So I am going to cheat. *Mwahahaha!*

Dimitri and Nightly

This picture is in reference to the chapter labeled "Bandits" when you first encounter the brothers. Believe it or not, this is the picture that got me writing United, so I owe it a lot. Plus its super cool. *ehem* Back to Dimitri and Nightly. Dimitri is the elder one, he is about seventeen or eighteen and the oldest of the group besides Peregrin. He's protective and strong-willed and has a very set outlook on life. His younger brother Nightly is a trickster, he enjoys playing games, breaking the rules, and accepting dares. He isn't cruel or sly, just quick, clever and mischievous. He and his brother are very close and there is nothing they wouldn't do to help each other.
These six characters must come together to stop the oncoming war, the Second Rise of the Kilfar and a conspiracy so deeply set in their kingdom is may be impossible to break. There will be trial. there will be betrayal. and there will be a time when no one knows what is true. But can these strangers, this band of misfits and runaways, come together and save all of the United?
That's all you guys!!! See you later-ish: Hopefully

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  1. Awww, I like how Michael looks. :) {that's a pic from Merlin, right? Same with Annamaria?} Good choices. *nods head In approval* Yeah...sometimes it's best to just pause writing for a bit...I've had to do that before. The characters sound pretty cool. I can't wait to read it though!!! :D

    Oh yeah, and WHAT'S WITH THE FREAKY CLOWN FROM SPN?????? *shudders* Now I've got the eebie jeebies.

    Til later,

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! And to answer your question, I'm halfway through season 5 of Merlin (I'm at the episode where Mordrid finds Cara). My mom absolutely loves the show and so she's been rewatching it from season 1. So I'm just going to wait and finish the series when she gets to season 5.

  3. I nominated you for The Sunflower Blogger Award!


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