Monday, February 3, 2014

"I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear."


Sometimes I feel like Shawn when I talk about my acting. Then I wonder how crazy my friends must think I am. And then I wonder how crazy I am.


I'm a bit depressed because tonight there were auditions for The Man of La Mancha and .... I didn't go. I missed it.

There were a few reasons. One, I was sick for most of January and was unable to sing till about last week. I had little, to no preparation leading up to auditions. And then I just.... didn't. I kind of freaked myself out, because I got this terrifying image of myself auditioning without preparation.

And I was like, Nope! that's not happening! I swear next time I'll prepare and be brave and audition, but auditioning in the Spur-of-the-moment seemed like a really bad idea.

And now I've run out of excuses and I feel even sadder. I SHOULD HAVE AUDITIONED!!!!!

Oh well, its too late now.

On the upside we have snow in our backyard again. I will admit I missed the snow. We've only had two storms all year. Its been cold and windy and cloudy, but we haven't had much snow at all. And aside from the fact that our town need the snow for business, I like looking out and seeing white tipped trees and snowy houses, not just mud and dead trees. I hate that.

I knew the warm-spell would never last. Its funny how the people in Tahoe react if we go more than a few months without snow. We're in sever DROUGHT! It will never snow AGAIN!!! They never seem to remember this happens regularly; we'll have a few hard winters in a row and few easy winters in a row. And there are always warm spells. As in 65 degrees in February. I'm pretty sure we're okay. and sure enough we've gotten our snowflakes back. The Ski Slopes are very pleased.
Something else pretty nifty happened. I know this family that owns a paddle shop in town, and just a couple days ago their father asked me how I'd feel having a summer job working the Paddle shop. I was taken a bit by surprise, so I didn't answer straight away. He interrupted my stunned silence and told me to think about it, I had months. So I did. And I plan to take him up on his offer. Its a good paying job, it would help me save up for acting and it would make me feel good about myself.
You know what? Thinking about this makes me feel jittery. Now I need tea to settle my nerves. Speaking of tea, have any of you have seen The Time of The Doctor? If not, careful as you read, I may have a few spoilers here..... -
 I have very mixed feeling about it. I want to watch it again and see if its better the second time around when you know what to expect and are prepared for it.  Honestly, I was expecting a lot worse. I sort of thought the Doctor was going to get trapped on Trenzalore and forced to finally battle the Silence. I was expecting this huge, epic, traumatizing and brutal episode with sobbing and screaming and moments of insane denial. What I got wasn't that. The Doctor and Clara were both brilliant and I loved it whenever they were together, they were amazing. But the episode it self left me feeling rather let down and disappointed. The Disclaimer here is that while we were watching it did keep glitching and freezing and there were a lot of people watching it, so there was a bit of shuffling going on, making it distracting to watch. But that aside, I went through that episode not sure what was going on or why. It felt like nothing happened for Fifty minutes, The Doctor changed and you were done.
I'm not saying it was all bad or anything. There were a bunch of small, sweet moments and the episode carried a lot of potential, but it wasn't built on enough. The 'villains' of the story were almost non-existent. There was altogether too little of the Doctor, and Silence NEVER FELL! That was upsetting because we've been having the climax of the Silence since his first episode. But the Silence were barely there. It was anit-climatic. The episode felt weak and without much of a point or plot, at least to me. Matt deserved a better than that. He was a fantastic Doctor and he deserved a proper, fantastic send off. His last scene on the TARDIS was very sad, though, I will give the episode that. His last moments were brilliant and emotional and I cried. Of course I cried. The Doctor was changing, he was leaving and I had to watch it happen, and it was upsetting. I found myself hysterical and giddy upon finishing the episode, which means it hurt me more than I thought it was while watching it. So that was all good. But.... Matt deserved better!
And that's all. I'm tired now. Its late, and getting late means I'll start to ramble and that is no good. So its better for all of us if I just go now. Cheerio Mates!!

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  1. I need to move next door. I'd have helped you get ready for the adition and gone with you and everything. You should go when they do it again. I think you'd be brilliant.

    Those pictures are so cute!!

    Oh! A summer job will be fun!! HURRAY for getting one!

    And, I will read your Doctor Who email and answer it. I am too sleepy to read it here though. I will just end up blubbering if I try and say something intelligent about it.


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