Friday, February 7, 2014

Crazy? I prefer Mentally Hillarious

One of the best things I've ever experienced is opening a book for the first time, reading all day with no stops, and finishing it before bed. Those are the type of books I tend to cherish the most and the ones I feel the best connections with. But it sucks because they're over so quickly and then you're on a high for weeks afterward. I've hit that point. Not only have I finished The Thief series, the Percy Jackson series and am just about done with Diana Wynn Jones, but I'm also on a temporary hiatus with every fandom I have.
This means I'm going a bit crazy. I mean, more than usual. I find myself sporadically consumed with feels and wild jumps of fangirl energy. I haven't felt like this since .... Since Merlin ended. I suddenly understand Anderson.

The upside to this is that my mixed emotion and traumatized feelings have given me a lot of inspiration for my story. Yep, you heard me. The story that is full of plot holes and frustrating twists and characters who don't do as there told and dragons who aren't where they're suppose to be EVER. Guys, this story is a mess. Every time I step back to take a better look I think to myself, you know what? I'm not exactly sure where  I was heading with this. I have the general idea but I'm  not exactly sure how to get it there. But here is what I do know.

The Dark Elves and the Fey had their last battle, the Dark Elves were caged up deep beneath the core of the earth, but now, after hundreds of years, they are breaking free. The only people who can stop it are an outcast boy, a failed Guardian, a rebel apprentice, a pirate's son and two brothers who have been branded traitors to the crown.

Look-e there! I have a Plot!!!!!!! I've been having to go back and do a lot of revising, and I've trashed a couple chapters which bore no point to the story, but otherwise I haven't been able to progress at all. My characters are starting to get angry with me. They're starting to talk to me. They wake me up in the wee hours of the night and drag me from bed to make me tell their story. When it ends up as editing and revising, they sit next to me, breathing down my neck and making me nervous. There is one character in particular that I have become incredibly fond of, who has a bad habit of running of without permission. He's too brave for his own good and he has a problem with loyalty. Seriously, he is incredibly loyal, I've never written anyone quite so loyal. He's maddeningly loyal, that's what he is.  And he makes promises, dangerous promises that can't always be kept.

I hate him *headdesk*

Besides my writing I've been just kind of lazing about. I've started doubling up in school so I can have some vacation time in March because a very special friend is coming out and I don't want to have work while she is here. I hate doubling up. I spend hours in my room and when I finally emerge my hands are cold almost beyond fixing. Backrooms man, they are the worst. They're like you're own private Antarctic. My room is so cold that you can usually see your air in it. Its no fun. Good thing I have my trust brown hoodie. That thing is freakin AWESOME. I don't know what I'd do without it

Oh, I've restarted Jillian Michaels. I missed how strong it made me feel and how I was able to run without panting, and I missed feeling energetic. It actually isn't so bad this time.I still feel shaky and weak when I finish, but I've found a good way to push myself through. I just think of a fictional character I especially hate and vent my anger into the exercise. It works, truly it does.

I'm gonna end with that, cause' I've got nothing more to say.

God Bless!


  1. We are all Anderson, Bella. Some are more Anderson than others, but all geeks are Anderson.

    Dragons never do as they are told. And one can't argue with them because they are Dragons. Just throw them steak and ask if they would like to join in the adventure. Or something like that. I just avoid mine and they come when they feel like it and I wave at them.

    I LOVE YOUR PLOT!!!! I WANT TO READ IT!!!!! Really badly! It sounds brilliant!!!!! Amazing! Fantastic!!!!!

    And that character who psters you the most and is loyal, I love him already. And if they are looming over your shoulder you're off to a good start with writing. Looming characters are the best.

    You have a friend coming in March? That is funny. I am visiting friends in March too. And I am doubling up on school for the same reason. *Doctor Grin*



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