Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It comes slow, and It Goes so Fast

Its my 100th post you guys!!!

Thank you, all of you, for sticking with me, for putting up with my fangirling, my ridiculous rants and my crazy ramblings. I really appreciate it. 

This is going to be a quick post, but I needed to share this with you, espcially those who were nice enough to send links after my last post ------- I saw Season Three of Sherlock!!!! Yep, all three episodes in a week! I'd call that a bit of a Sherlock overload. I was - I am - on a Sherlock High.

It. Was. Freakin'. AMAZING!!!! Moffat really delivered on this one, I have to admit. There wasn't a moment I was overwhelmed with fangirly emotion. It was beyond good. It was.... it was... Spectaculacular!

I was in love with Sherlock and John from their first scene together. I didn't realize how much I missed them until suddenly, there they were!! My favorite consulting Detective and War Doctor back together to battle the world! And, as always, They were remarkable and complicated and brilliant. Friendship stories man, I can't get enough of them. I found myself instantly liking Mary. She is sweet and funny and she is a brilliant match for John and I love that she and Sherlock got along - She was altogether just perfect. The season was perfect. There's nothing like being deprived of Sherlock for a few months to send you over the edge. Its hard though, because even as your watching, you realize its coming to end and its hardly started. The Sherlock Fandom is on a Hiatus 95% of the time. Which means coming off hiatus is a bit much for us....


Poor Sherlockians. Why do I always pick the mental fandoms? I think Sherlock is the worst of all though. My other fandoms might be more traumatizing or have more sad episodes, but Sherlock is evil because it flits in for three weeks, messes with your mind and emotions, sends you insane, and then leaves you with a cliff-hanger for a couple years while you freak out waiting for the next season promo. If the waiting doesn't drive you mad then the return will. The real question though, is was the season worth the wait? ..........

I'd say yes. None of the episodes were at all disappointing and Sherlock's returning from the dead was AMAZING! This season had a different feel, but it was different in a good way and I really loved it. John is my hero. Mary is clever and funny. Sherlock is ridiculous but you can't help but love him and sometimes he can be really sweet. He almost made me cry in one of the episodes. He's more... human this time too. I think having to leave John for all that time and having to go into hiding made him realize how much he took for granted. He missed Baker Street. He missed having a home. He missed his friends and he missed being alive. but most of all he missed John Watson, his best and greatest friend. And I firmly believe those years of isolation have brought out the softer side ofSherlock. I quite liked that.

Oh my gosh, I miss Sherlock already, and its only been a few days!! There is a rumor though, that Season 4 is suppose to return Christmas 2014. That's right. This YEAR. 
I'm not to get my hopes up because this is Moffat, and Moffat lies, but if we really get two seasons in the same year I will be one very ecstatic fangirl. 

I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs. It reminds me a lot of Sherlock and John and just the season Finale on a whole. I almost cried when I listened to it with them in mind.....

It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't
It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed
Some prayers find an answer, 
Some prayers never know
We're holding on,
And Letting Go



That's all till next time!
God Bless!

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