Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thursday already?

I'm sorry its taken me so long to get this post about, but I  have been SICK!!


Yes, ladies and Gentleman, I was attacked by a ferocious cold. I believe God must have a sense of humor; I asked him not to be sick on Christmas. So Christmas day I was as well as can be! But the moment I awoke on the day after Christmas, I was sick. 

Haha. Ha.

I've slept most of yesterday away but only after attending an early morning mass and managing not to faint. 

And yes I'm being dramatic. I'm sick, its allowed. I am feeling quite a bit better today, mind you, though still a bit light-headed and stiff. But enough about my ailment. Lets talk about Christmas.

I had a lovely Christmas, just like I always do. We started the morning off by lighting the Christ Candle, singing Joy to the world and putting baby Jesus in the manger. Then my dad brought out luscious Sausage sandwiches which we only EVER get on Christmas and we stared opening the gifts. That's when I started crying; really, I was incredibly emotional. I cried when my amazing brother got me a ...... Well, a sort of laptop thing. I cried when I got a brown-hoodie because I have been wanting one for - well a very long time. I cried when I got my Doctor Who fob watch and then I cried again when my amazing friend got me a bow tie Necklace in honour of the Eleventh Doctor. 
Look how much fun it was!!

The "Imagine Dragons" CD was a wonderful gift because they are my current favorite band and I'm quite obsessed with their songs - well most of them anyway. For some reason they hit me on a very emotional level - they're brilliant! And this CD had almost ALL my favorite songs on it, which was a big bonus.

Then we got ourselves all perty and had a went down for Christmas Morning Mass, which we sang. I was quite proud of us really, we learned an entire Mass in two weeks. Nothing like pressure to help you memorize a few songs. It actually wasn't so bad because my family learns things like that by ear, mostly, we always have been musically gifted that way. But if we couldn't learn by ear? We'd have been rather sunk. As it was the Mass was beautiful and we even got coffee and cookies afterwards which is always fun. We cam home to our wonderful Traditional Christmas Dinner, gnocchi and ham, and we had a loud Italian meal which always happens on any kind of Feast or Holiday, and many conversation were thrown about the dinner table ranging from knitting and why its ridiculous to why TV shows should not be allowed and if they were outlawed we'd  probably watch them anyway because we love to torture ourselves. 

I love those dinners. 

The whole day was just lovely and, though it may have been a very simple Christmas, It was special and happy and I think everyone had an amazing time. I'm a little sad it went by so quickly, cause its always hard to leave Christmas day behind, but at least the Christmas season itself is still going, and I'm sure to have a lovely Epiphany too! 

For those of you who don't do Epiphany, its a Feast Day 12 Days after Christmas, the Day the Wiseman found the Baby Jesus and gave Him their gifts. On Christmas everyone in my family saves one gift aside for this special day, its a sort of tradition we've had ever since my Mom had to go home unexpectedely for Christmas one year, and we saved presents to open with her when she got home. So, the traditions been going for about Twenty years.

Obviously I wasn't born when this tradition began, but I love it anyway :-)

So, how was your Christmas? Do you have any special traditions? How do you feel about the New Year?  Please, do tell all! *grin*


God bless!


  1. I loved your post, Bella-bud! It was so cute. I think we can look back on Christmas and say, "A good time was had by all!" Ehehehehe.
    Now I feel like I need to work on a post myself.....


    1. I wrote it half asleep so I thought it was a bit rubbish, but thanks for the compliment :) It was a wonderful Christmas wasn't it?

  2. Aw, I am sorry you are sick. I caught something I can be sick with you.

    Oh....a FOB watch! I don't know why I didn't realize that till I actually saw it. Have you opened it?! Are you a Time Lord?! Can I ride in your TARDIS?

    Aw! Your hoodie is fantastic! So much more believable than mine. (Actually, my friend at work has one almost just like it. I keep wanting to steal it and run around pretending I am Sam.) You're family is so cool to help you out in your nerdiness 8-D

    1. Oh Jack you are always sick (I feel so bad for you~

      sadly, I'm not a timelord. This discovery struck me rather hard. I still like the watch though. And my hoodie.i got way more excited over that hoodie than I had any right to. I'm such a geek.


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