Friday, December 13, 2013

Sneak Peek at My Writing

Because I couldn't think of anything else to title this post.

I am very happy. I think the Christmas season has really gotten into me, I haven't felt this happy and peaceful for a very long time. I love having Christmas music playing in the house, I love earning money for Christmas songs. I love curling up at night with coffee and watching the Christmas tree shine all night.

I'm going to share a bit of my newly found story with you all. I'm not going to show any snippets or anything but I'll give you the very, very rough draft of my characters.

The main characters are two brothers, Dimitri and Nightly. Dimitri is a quiet, calm character with a very black and white out-look on life. He is a loyal friend but a dangerous enemy, he is calm until angered and he is easy going until pushed too far.

Nightly is the younger brother. He is a bit of a dare-devil and is always getting himself into trouble. He's mischievous and loves to play tricks. He acts rather naïve and goofy, but if the situation calls he can be something quite fierce. He has very little faith in himself and therefore he has trouble taking control.

Peregrine (Or Perry) Is a rebel and an outcast. He is a Fey, a child of magic. He is a bit cocky and compulsive, he takes problems as they come and can be difficult to work with.

Tyrone is the son of a pirate and the descendant of thieves. He isn't easy to trust, nor is he easy to get along with. Tyrone's character is extremely complex and difficult to portray, because he isn't evil, he simply takes what is given to him. He's one of my favorites.

Annamaria is a Guardian who had was given one task, one task, and failed. Ever since then she's been cursed to travel the earth until her amends are made. Not a lot is known about her or her back story, for she is very close off and hard to talk to. You do find out that she has a reason for locking the world out and it may not be quite what you seem.

Somehow these five travelers and brought together and made to work as a sort of mis-fit team to stop an oncoming war, save a lost prince and close the Gates of a Kingdom that should have been left well enough alone.

I'm thinking this could become a trilogy because I may have too much for one book, but either way I hope I can finish what I began. Keep praying friends, I'll need it *Grin*

I should go now though, cause I have school to finish and Math doesn't do itself.  Sometimes school can be a real pain. I'm so glad I have traumatic TV shows so I can drown my problems in Fangirl Feels. Which I do way too often. Because the world of Fiction hasn't broken me enough. *sigh* the life of a fangirl is so hard.


God Bless!


  1. That sounds amazing! Very interesting characters. Keep going and don't give up. :)

  2. I noticed on your sidebar that you have "leap of faith" on your bookshelf. Who is it from? Sounds interesting and maybe I can buy it someday. :)


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