Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Story and my Life

Wow. Can you believe its only six days until Christmas? Seriously? How did that happen? Where did November go?? I wish Advent wouldn't go by so quickly, its the waiting and preparing that are the best and we all know it.

I have a few things to say. I just finished The House of Hades, the most recent Percy Jackson book.


I may have to do a review on it. I mean, it was good and I really enjoyed reading it but..... Yeah, I'll do a review, then I can vent a bit. RICK RIORDAN!!  You are ruining my life Rick! Do you hear that? RUINING MY LIFE??

I can hear my other fandoms laughing. *Sniff* well its not funny. I take the realm of fiction very seriously and I would be nice if, every once in a while, I didn't feel like throwing shoes. That would be nice.

I wish my fictional characters would stop smirking at me too. I know they think I'm hilarious, but I'm actually really upset. I actually did throw shoes after watching an episode from a certain Fairytale show that decided to take a nasty little twist which I TOLD IT not to take.

And then House of Hades.


I'm moving on now -

We've been decorating the house for Christmas, so now we've got holly across our doorways and Christmas lights around our Nativity Scene. We're going to start baking for Christmas tomorrow, which will be epically fun because it always is. We're gonna listen to loud Christmas music, where aprons, bang cupboard doors, yell for sugar, the whole nine. But we can't taste anything. Cause ya' know.... Advent.

I wrote some more of my story today, and now I'm not entirely sure if Tyron is going to stay -The-Son-of-A-Pirate, or simply an unfortunate tag-along of the doomed pirate ship. I'm not liking Tyron much, I think I may have to kill him. well not really, just to vent off steam. I'll bring him back with the special *Backspace* button. But he is getting under my skin. I can't trust him. No one can. He's sort of a turd.

A loveable turd.

Nope, not you Rumple. Go away.
I'm rather happy too, because my NaNo group is going to continue having Writing Meetings, even without NaNo. So now I have something to push me. I'll be the first to admit, I'm rather lazy when it comes to writing, especially when its a Pick-Up-Where-You-left-Off book. I find myself getting Editor-Happy.
This story is gonna need some work, especially in the villain area. My villains are always muttering, I don't think they know how to speak at full volume. I need to go in and fix that. And Dimitri....

Dimitri just needs happiness in his life. Poor Dimitri. Here I am, complaining about all the fictional characters that are destroying my emotional life, and I've created one just like them.

Thinks little of himself

Yay. Perfect yes? *throws shoes* I think My fandoms are talking.

As a little treat my brother took me to see the new Disney movie Frozen.
I really enjoyed it! It wasn't as good as Tangled, but I'd like to own it someday. The soundtrack was quite lovely, and I liked the songs too, though for those of you who don't like Broadway you mightn't be so keen on them. The singing had more of that Chest-voice in it unlike Tangled. As far as plot and characters go, it was well done and well handled. I don't think they went quite far enough with the Ice Princess bit, but that could just be me. It felt like their could have been a bit more, ya' know? I will say the animation was beautiful. It was fun to look and the snow took your breath away. If snow looked like that in the real world I might not mind it so much.
But I'd still have to shovel. Nope, snow is snow is snow. This snow just happened to be really lovely. I second Olaf. Lets bring back Summer!!!!!!
There was this one song I want to learn and maybe sing for Singing Class - If I am able to. Its really catch-y and fun to sing, especially the refrain. Its sung by Idina Menzel, so if you don't like her voice just listen to the lyrics. Its still brilliant.

The cold never bother me anyway.
When I watched this bit in the theatre I was enthralled. It gave you a rush to say the least. I actually said aloud; Well... That escalated quickly.
So if you want a fun movie, go watch Frozen. Its worth it. And the trolls aren't even that bad.
As for the rest of my life, I'm doing pretty okay. I mean between Fictional Trauma and all that. I've finished my Christmas shopping and now I've got my gifties under the tree which makes me totally excited. Our crib for Baby Jesus is being filled with straw and the Third Candle on the Advent has been lit. Christmas is coming. The thing with the straw is actually a cool tradition. We cut out strips of colored paper, and every time you make a sacrifice or say a prayer you get to put a piece of straw into Christ's crib. Its like our gift to him. I love it.
I also love being on Christmas vacation. No more school for two, maybe three whole weeks!
I have nothing left to say and another chapter of my story to write. My characters won't leave me alone until I do. You know how characters are. So I'll see you all soon-ish and I hope you have a very happy week. I'll try to post again at Christmas. If I don't.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless!

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