Saturday, December 7, 2013

A bit of Daily life.

I sense that you missed me.

Well I'm here!! and guys!!!!! I have amazing news to share with you all!!! I found a story!!!

It was a miracle! I was going through my emails from some months ago and I discovered one of my stories from my old computer just lurking there. It wasn't my NaNo story (unfortunately) but it was one of my favorites, one that I started working on last Christmas and then lost.

I started going through and reading it and I realized I have a lot to work with. I have to get rid of a few of the characters and maybe a griffin, and I have a lot of pulling and editing to do, but I think its gonna be okay. But I'm going into this book well armed and prepared, for in the editing process, anything could happen.
I hope I can write this story for real, I actually found myself smiling while reading it. I've never smiled while reading my own story. I need you all to wish me luck and pray that I don't lost my inspiration with this. Cause there is a lot of good in it and I don't want to let these characters down. Its one of the first times I actually feel like my characters mean something.

I've been a giddy, happy mood all day. Mostly because yesterday was St. Nicolas Day which is one of my favorite days in December, right there with the other 29. There is a tradition we have in our house, where the night before December 6th, everyone puts out their shoes for St. Nicolas, and the next morning you wake and he's left a couple little treats in the, Nothing extravagant, just some chocolate and maybe a small trinket of some kind. But its fun, and it starts the day of with a Christmas-y feel.

After that, the Christmas music came on, the decorations came out and the Christmas-Stuff began. We put up the tree and played with the lights for a bit, finally managing to make them shine and blink for us, and then we made pizza and had a fun show to go with it. And because this is a Feast Day, I got to have a bit of chocolate.
I love Advent. It is possibly the best four weeks ever invented. Yes, you give up a few things and make a few more sacrifices than usual, but it doesn't feel sad or depressing. You just feel this wild anticipation and hope, this warm joy that the Saviour is on His way and you are here to welcome Him. The penance is worth it when December 25th roles around. Its always worth it. Advent make me feel all inspired and happy with hope for the new year.

I need to try and keep that buzz the other nine months. It isn't always easy.

I've taken to reading Brian Jacques again, because I'm in That sort of mood, and I just finished The Angels Command Part One.

It is one of the best books I've read in a long time, I totally and completely loved it. It was sad yes, but it had its funny and brilliant moments and I really love Ben and Ned, his ever faithful dog. Brian Jacques writes the best characters. *sniffle* they are brilliant books, I would definitely recommend them. But start with The Castaways of the Flying Dutchmen. That comes first :)

Oh and another bit of new. I woke up to snow today. Lots and lots of snow. 

So much snow we almost cancelled the Day-Out we were suppose to have. Then we did cancel it. Then it was back on. Then we cancelled again. And then the clouds went away and we took off after all, in my sister FABULOUS Land Rover. That thing is a beast man. A beast.We had no problems what so ever. We spent the day window shopping, finding a few Christmas gifts and stocking-stuffers, listening to loud Christmas music while driving and having way too much fun escaping home. We even dressed up. Hats and all.We looked amazing. We got a lot of compliments too, one guy even thought we were from Paris.

Emilie de Ravin
I had a lovely day. And now its getting late and all that excitement has my rather tired.  So I have to go.

See ya later losers, I'm going to Neverland!!

No, wait, Neverland is evil.

I'm going to the TARDIS!!!!!

God Bless!


  1. I'll pray for you that you don't lose your inspiration. Write away! Oh and here's a tip: You can email yourself your story in case your laptop gets lost or breaks down. A safety backup. ;) and if you are going to edit your story, make a copy of the original just in case.

    I loved your post! So happy and in a Christmasy mood. ❤️

    1. thank you !! I already emailed myself the story, so its all good.

  2. My family celebrates St. Nicholas day too! We've been doing it for as long as I can remember, but I've never heard of anyone else here (in America at least) that celebrates it.

    1. Well now you have :) Is your St. Nicolas day like ours?

  3. Neverland is evil??!!!! What poor childhood did you have? *Sniffle*

    SNOW!!! CHOCOLATE!!! LIGHTS!!! My dad is putting up lights this year, or so I was told. He hasn't done it yet and if he is I want them up like...NOW! I love lights and we've never done them before so I was giddy when I found out. MUST HAVE LIGHTS!!!!

    I had to go back and glance at the post because that Neverland remark threw me. Like Shawn..."Whaaaat?" Or maybe not Shawn....Minion what. There we go.

    YOU FOUND A STORY!!! This makes me so happy for you. I want to read it! I want to know about it. In Loki's voice, "TELL ME!"
    Sorry, the lights and you made me giddy. I made you fan girl!!!! Now I have a dorky grin on my face and I'm at school so......

    French. Steed approves. He says he will let you on board the airship now, but you're not allowed to be friends with Peter. *Snicker evilly since you saw something.* That was mean.

    I'm listening to Sam and Dean songs at the moment. It is ruining my giddinss. I should turn them off....but I'm already kind of in the middle so it fits. I've been sulking on and off for the last week. Peter did it to me. And Steed. And Kirk. And Darcy. And the fellows in The Broken Blade. And...okay, you get the idea. You sure about writing a book? Imagine all the attatchment you have for other people's characters, and then imagine you loving your own just as much, but more because you made them, and then bad things happen to them and it is evil of them and you never recover. (Okay, sorry. That's probably the most depressing writing advice I've ever given. It is fun though, wonderful, fantastic and worth every second of it.)

    Now I shall go and take my weird mood with me.


  4. Lol :) I had a lovely childhood but according to Once Upon a Time neverland is not a nice place to be a Peter Pan is evil. I don't like Neverland.

    As for writing, I know all about that. During NaNo I had to kill a brother and it made me so sad that I'm giving him his own story in my new book. Nightly is going to be the main character, which is good because I love Nightly. The thing about this story I found is it has two brothers in it. Which is, ya' know, the recipe for trauma. I'm excited though because I didn't know Sam and Dean back then, but Dimitri and Nightly are pretty freakin amazing. I really love Dimitri.

    What did your characters do to you Jack? Or should I say, what did you do to your characters? Peter, for instance?? >:(

    I love Sam & Dean songs. I found another one just recently called "Somebody to die for." its brilliant, go listen to it.!!

    thx for the advice, now I need chocolate but I can't have any cause its advent.

    the life of a fangirl is hard.


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