Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NaNo and Doctor Who

Can you tell its NaNo week? I can. I'm freaking out because November is drawing to a close and my 'NaNo' book is at a terrible place. I actually have been working on it, which is a big break-through for me, and maybe I'll make it, maybe I wont. All I know is come November 30th I'll know I at least tried.  Though if I don't finish then I'll probably curl up with my music, eat chocolate and try not to cry because I couldn't finish my epic story in time.

My characters should be nice to me.

My characters are never nice to me.

Especially Iago.

Iago is evil.

But anyway I decided to be brave and share a snippet from my story with all of you. Its only fair that I give you a bit of an idea of what I'm working on, so.... BASIC PLOT!!!!

Iago and Beth are born at the exact same time on the exact same day in the exact same moment on the exact same place - in two opposite worlds. This enables them to cross between worlds, and even see  a second world beneath the layer of our own. Like seeing a reflection in a shop window. The two children end up meeting and start crossing together. But one of the times they cross something goes wrong and it shatters the balance between the worlds. what erupts will raise a breath-taking battle. And a choice.

Now for the snippet. This is the only bit I feel brave enough to share right now, the rest is still to close to me. I wrote it half-asleep so be kind. Its pretty .... hard.

For Becky it was a new experience. She felt the wind striking her hand and touching her eyes in slow motion, she felt the touch of the cold snows on her hands and the taste of salt on her lips. Though her passing between worlds was fast, she had never spent so long in a moment – it was as if her second in time had been slowed to days, even weeks, but was over as fast as a well-earned holiday. In a cascade of color the world cradled her body, turning in through its vortex of emotion with all the constellations laid out before her. She was suspended, nothing but a tiny creature in a world of monsters. She could feel the weight of the universe crushing her being and driving her spirit out, the immense volume of the stars dancing in her eyes and blinding her. Her head swam as her identity was slowly pulled from her reach and she fell, a helpless rag doll, into the pitiless world below. Darkness washed over her in a wave, first here eyes, than her ears and last her eyes. Nothing remained. Nothing.               
The girl awoke. Her eyes blinked heavily and her body stirred, more through instinct than through her will. She felt heavy as one would when returning from a long swim. Her hair hung about her shoulders in limp folds, her hands were numb and stiff and her legs were strangely leaden. She rose slowly and glanced about her. She appeared to be in some sort of enormous0 cave with many tunnels. A strong, silver light came from above, casting the world into a type of crystal-like realm. Silvery, ice-like trees were all about her, though weather they were blew and appeared silver or silver and appeared blue, She did not know. The ground under her feet felt unstable but she could not get a look at it, for there was a heavy fog lining the earth. The beauty of the forest was all about her, odd sounds echoed off the cave walls and mumbled back to the trees below, soft but resounding and full of life. Lights shone among the leaves and pieced the forest lands, only to be suddenly snuffed out by the vicious fog below. There were many small, winged creatures that would swoop low over Her head, some silent, some calling out an ever-strange tune which joined the other echoing sounds that occupied the forest. In the shadows where no light struck, odd figures darted in and out, some almost human-like, but She could never see them properly. They were too fast, perhaps timid. It was a beautiful wood, but there was something not quite right about it. Everything, though lit up, was shielded and cold; this was a place that wished to be left alone. And rightly so. Nothing from the Real World belonged here. This land ghoulish and unreal, bending in and out of focus, nothing  appearing to have a permanent form of its own. It made no sense in the realities of our own world but here it made sense in itself and was in perfect harmony with the order of its nature. She felt different here. Different? Is that what this could be called? To be so fragile but stronger than ever and so fake but more real than she’d ever been? She was cut off, almost as if She were somewhere else and was watching but a shadow of herself, stumbling alone in a forgotten world. Here it didn’t seem to matter who you were, where you’d been or what you were heading to. All that mattered was that you were here, now, and free of any bond. Why, you could do as you pleased here. The girl fancied you could do just about anything you wished. She reached out her hand and touched one of the trees. She bent it to her will, and it did as bid, melting away into a shower of rain drops and rushing off her fingers, frilling itself out as butterflies and becoming lost among the trees above. A small, intent smile played on the girls lips. Her eyes shone with a clear, bright light, and her hands trembled in anticipated excitement. From behind she saw a tall, long form, peer at her from behind the trees. The minute she laid eyes on it, it scampered off through the trees. She tilted her head and the forest branches bent back for her, opening a path. She pocked the gold watch started off after the figure. It didn’t matter why she wished him. What mattered was, she did.
Sound okay? its a rough-draft, but what do you think? horrible?
I think its horrible.
I feel super bad because I've been terrible about blogging since the 30-day song Challenge was finished. A lot of the reason is because I don't have my computer right now. Another reason is because.... I don't have much to blog about. Its been pretty quiet at my house, though we've had a semi-vacation these past couple of weeks. Not away from home or  anything. See, my dad went out of town. So we've been a bit more....Epic Weird these past couple weeks. We've been having girl time. I'll be sad when its over. I love girl time. Its so much fun.
Before I toddle off and give the lap-top I'm typing on back to its rightful owner, I have something exciting to announce. November 23rd is Doctor Who day, and the 50th Anniversary will be airing that night. And because its the FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY I've decided to do a Doctor Who Weekend. Starting Thursday I'm going to have a Doctor Who Semi-blog-party. Anyone can join. Anyone can be a part of it. There aren't many rules. Just blog about anything you want, whether it be favorite companions, best episodes, greatest Doctor, fun facts, costumes, or tags. You can do whatever you feel like, just so long as its Doctor Who related. I'm going to go all Whovian. And its gonna be awesome. Cause it'll be me. And when I fangirl, I'm get SERIOUS.
Now I'm leaving. I hate to go, but I was supposed to be off some time ago and its nice of the person to let me blog on their technology at all. So be glad to have heard from me. Not everyone is so lucky!
God Bless!

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