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Doctor Who Weekend.

Eleventh Doctor
Hello all you nuts in Cyberspace. Remember how I said I was gonna do Doctor Who weekend? Well... I still don't have a computer. So I don't know how much I'll be able to do. I'll try to do a bit tonight though cause I'm getting super excited and feel like I need to rave about Doctor Who. Bear with me all you non-whovians! *grin* This will be my shortest post because I waited too long to do it and I'm burnt of from NaNo.

I'm gonna take this opportunity to rave about the amazing Pond family. And everything Pond. Because I have come to realize that I miss them way too much. and I need to post about them

The Pond Family 

It all began with Amy and Rory. Mad, impossible Amy and Rory, who stole the Doctor's hearts the minute he saw them together. He knew them right from the get go. He was their 'imaginary' friend. the Raggedy Doctor, the story from their childhood that they never quite forgot. And because of that he has a very special connection to them.

I think I adore Amy and Rory so much because their story, their time in the TARDIS, their relationship with the Doctor, it was all very new. Unlike Rose or Martha, Amy wasn't in love with the Doctor. But she wasn't really Donna either. She was something completely different. She met The Doctor when she was seven and waited 12 years for him to come back for her. She never gave up. I think that's what endured us to her. She was the little girl who waited all night in the garden and the idea of little Amelia, all alone outside, waiting and worrying, that made us all fall in love with her.

I'm going to admit, it took me a while to really fall for Amy. I liked her enough, I thought she was cute and spunky and incredibly Scottish, which was a nice change. She was everything you wanted in a companion. I think my big problem with her was that she ran away with the Doctor on her wedding night.

Her wedding night.

For me, that was just something no one does. Especially not when RORY WILLIAMS is waiting for you at home. I had a real thing for Rory. The minute he walked on scene I thought "ah, he's cute. I love him. He's such a nerd." and - BAM! I was a Rory fan instantly. Then I found out he was Amy's boyfriend. And I was like


And then Amy ran away.

Okay I get it. She was scared. She loved Rory but she didn't know why. She didn't understand. I totally get it. I also know she never loved the Doctor, not like that. She more.... hero-worshipped him. And I think he was especially fond of her because he had let her down when she was small and he feels responsible for her now. But that didn't change the fact that she had left Rory.

That really, really bugged me.

Which is why it was so wonderful when the Doctor actually went back and asked Rory to come travelling. Well when I say asked....

Sort of "OH HELLO! Come away, you and Amy are suppose to be together."

And after that, The Doctor and his Ponds became something of an item. They did everything together. Everything. They saw the world end and restart together. They fought vampires and visited pirate ships and travelled to many parallel worlds of impossibilities together. They came back from the dead - more than once. By the end they were something far more than friends. Amy and Rory had made the Doctor their family. And he in turn, made them his. His Ponds.

River Song 

River Song is sort of the link between everything. She is the mystery woman who pops in and out of the Doctor's life in different points of his time stream. Because she is a time-traveler too, they never meet in the right order. For example, the first time he meets her he's still on his Tenth regeneration and she's known him as Eleven for years. Yep. Welcome to Doctor Who you guys. The Doctor doesn't know much about River but she seems to know everything about him. And she isn't afraid to tell him something exactly as it is.

River and the Doctor have a cute, odd kind of romance. You don't even realize it's a romance, until you suddenly see that it couldn't be anything else. The Doctor clearly adores her and she is obviously in love with him. They're both a bit mad and ridiculous and well.... sociopaths. And that's why they're in love.

Oh  and this is my friend River, nice hair, clever, has her own gun, and unlike me she really doesn't mind shooting people. I shouldn't like that, kinda do, a bit.
Thank you sweetie
Now I know you're team players  and every, but she'll definitely kill the first three of you
Oh, the first Seven easily.

Their romance is a sort of sideline. Its there but its the undertone of the story. Amy and Rory, now, their love story blazes for all to see. I swear it is the best love story to ever hit television. Ever. EVER. It lasted Two Thousand years. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

At this point I feel like I should talk a little bit about Rory.
 Rory Williams

He is seriously the best husband in the universe, I swear! He's heroic and brave. He's a bit nerdy and quirky, but he also takes space and time travel quite well. I don't think I've seen anyone so easy going about anything He's totally calm about everything. 

That's Rory in a nutshell. His devotion to Amy was what stole my heart away. I liked him from the beginning but after he agreed to protect Amy for a thousand years because he was afraid something might happen to her, even in the safest box on the planet, that's when I decided


And he just keeps getting better! He's kind and understanding, he's unceasingly loyal and true. He doesn't let things frighten him. He's unflappable when it comes to aliens or anything out of the ordinary. He is probably my favorite companion ever. Well... he and Amy. Cause you don't get one without the other.

When you find out River's connection to Amy and Rory everything comes together beautifully. Their relationship, their care and fierce protectiveness for each other, it all makes sense. You realize that, from the beginning, These four could never be anything else than a family, a true, amazingly perfect family. It was like.... destiny.

 I think that's why so many Whovians took The Angels Take Manhattan so terribly. Amy and Rory were more than just companions, they were family. They belonged on the TARDIS. It was their second home, it really was. And they were the Doctor's home. whenever he felt lonely or sad or in need of a little cheering up he'd rush off to visit his mates on earth. He'd take them on a bunch of wild adventures, return them safe and sound to earth, and pop off with a "See you soon!!" they are the closest thing to family he's had since Gallifrey burned.

Which is why their ending was so horrible. Amy and Rory didn't get the goodbye that they deserved. Yes, Angels take Manhattan did make me cry, and it was very emotional and devastating and all that. But it wasn't what the Ponds NEEDED. we had two of the best companions ever to step into the Doctor's life and... that was it? that was their ending? They didn't even get a proper 'goodbye' it was just, "Oh, Amy and Rory are gone forever now. And for some reason River has to go off on her own even though the Doctor would love to have her stick around. Its time to kill the Pond family. Say hello to Clara."

To which we all went


By now you all know that I do like Clara. I was surprised at how much I liked her. But it feels like something is missing. And that something is the Ponds. They were an enormous part of the Doctor's life and now its like they never happened. Its like his family fell through a crack in time and he's the only one who can remember them at all.

Well, and all of us.

But Moffat has conveniently pushed them from his mind. They are not of import. Its all about Clara now. And just for good measure, in case we have hope left, he cut out River too.


Hasn't the Doctor lost enough without losing his wife too??




Who is you're favorite companion(s)? What are you looking forward to come Saturday? What are some of your plans? Do you like Doctor Who and if you don't, WHY NOT??!

God Bless!


  1. LOVE this post! A very Happy Doctor Who Day to you:)
    I love all of the Doctor's companions, but my favorites would be Rose and Donna...and Amy and Rory...and all of them. lol!
    Rory...I'm in love with him. Completely! He and Amy are so adorable together.
    I wasn't able to watch the special today, but I did watch Doctor Who (going back through the series and I'm on series 3 now) and wore my DW necklace. :)

    1. I'm sorry you missed the special, that is so sad! it was good, though not quite so good as I thought it would be.

      I know, Rory is one of the greatest companions EVER. And I mean in all 50 years. he's a ROMAN!! :-)


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