Friday, November 29, 2013

A Bit of this and That.

And that's the song that's been stuck in my head all day. I'm a bit stir-crazy because I've been doing Math all day and have decided it doesn't matter how long it takes Roger to get there or how long it is until Pamela catches up, so long as they get to there destination. Where are they going that's so important I should waste my time on them anyway?

Anyway, before I get posting I have to tell you all some very sad news.

My computer is never coming back. ever. Its gone, gone, gone, gone, ruined beyond fixing. Apparently what the virus did was so terrible It burned everything. nothing was saved not even the stories or music.

Meaning I last 1/3 of the NaNo story I was writing on.

I hate to break this to you, but I don't think I'm gonna reach my word count this year. There's nothing like losing Eight thousand words to freak you out a little bit. I got super depressed. It didn't settle in for a while, I was like, "Whatever, its just a story. I'll write it again, I remember well enough." But then it hit me good and hard, once the cold shock which sent me into calm mode went away.

MY BOOKS WERE GONE! Books as in plural. I hate more than one story on there. Pretty brilliant ones too. And they're gone. It was like losing a friend.
Then I realized this meant I had to work on a borrowed computer for........
Well, a very long time at least. Its not like a lap top is going to magically appear right??
All this means, I'm not going to be able to post so often. Maybe twice, three times a week.
I was so depressed I had to curl up with a blanket and lose myself in a book.
The book I got lost in is called The Castaways of the Flying Dutchmen. Its by Brian Jaques. I've read it before, but it was so long ago I don't remember much about it. Reading it again is like visiting a long missed friend, like stepping into the town you grew up in. Its familiar and has a nice, homey feeling, but it also has a nice, expectant feeling. I'm loving it so far, and I think you should all try it.

I was going to blog about my FABULOUS Thanksgiving, but none of the amazing pictures we took our showing up on Blogger. BLOGGER WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME??? So you'll just have to take my word that it was brilliant! We ate, drank and were merry. We played a rousing game of Crack the Case, solved a murder or two, waved our hands over who was right and then joined the land of the living for dinner. The family dinners my family has on Thanksgiving are the third best of the year. We're pretty epic at the dinner table. You should hear our conversations. Of course, the dishes are quite horrific, but if you just whistle while you work its done in a jiffy.
Then my amazing big sister brought out the Surprise Desert about which she had been talking about all night. And we squealed ridiculously. When the dishes were put away, we feasted on chocolate reeses peanut butter cups that were like.... HUGE. And luscious.
Weep my friends, weep.
With desert we watched Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. It is one of my favorite Christmas-like movie because it sort of starts off the Christmas season.
I love this movie, it always gives me a nice, achy feeling inside. Its our tradition, to watch it every year on Thanksgiving, and its what really marks the beginning of the Christmas season. At least for us. Its when we start preparing for Advent, planning for presents, writing up chores to earn money for said gifts, and start playing the Christmas music. That's the best part of Thanksgiving. Playing "Oh Holy Night" for the first time in months and getting that Christmas spirit in your blood. My dad always plays Nat King Coles version first. That's how its always been, I don't remember a Thanksgiving when we didn't turn it on. After that we turn on Josh Groban. Because Thanksgiving isn't compete until we listen to Josh.
I like Josh's version a bit better, but maybe that's just because I'm such a fan of his. Its the Fall on your knees, bit that chokes me up.
We finished the night off with coffee and highly enthusiastic talking and stumbled off to bed, well into the night, humming Oh Holy Night and duly prepared for the month of December.
Well, goodnight then. Sleep well. I'll try posting again, soo-nish.
God Bless!


  1. I'm so sorry about your computer and losing everything! I would probably be a traumatic mess, but you seem to be holding up better than me.

    By the way, I would just like to tell you that I have (finally) gotten my entire family (most of them at least) into Merlin! My younger sisters absolutely love it and even my parents are enjoying it!! Great!

    How have you been?

    1. Ah well, I'll live :)

      Oh my gosh that is AMAZING!! I'm glad they like it, its a wonderful show. Where are YOU in it?

  2. That is fun!! Can i come over? :P
    I can't believe how fast the days are going.

    1. You should come by some time, it would be fun! We could have a great hobbit feast or something.

      I know right! Christmas is less than a month a way!

    2. Oooh that sounds fun!! :)

      Yeah, you're right, very fast. :O


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