Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A bit of Everything. Oh yes, and that

I love it when you wake up on Saturday morning and realize that, not only is it bright in your bedroom but you have gotten another hour of sleep. And you get absurdly happy. Nothing like that extra hour to make life amazing.
I think its going to be a good week. I'm a little freaked out right now actually, because I did something very brave. I decided, against all odds to participate in NaNoWriMo. Or at least, try. This was a big thing for me because lately I have been feeling wretched as a writer. In fact I almost gave up writing altogether. I hated my work and everything I was creating. I hated my characters, my ideas and my collection of scribbles that never made it to "THE END." I was just not in the mood to pick up paper and pen. But then November firs rolled around, and somehow I was picking up one of my poor deserted books that have been so patient with me, and flipping through its pages.  I realized that I actually had some good stuff to work with. It wasn't the stuff of legend or anything but it was pretty good. It just needed some touching up and...... editing. I took a leap, and now I'm doing NaNo. Because I'm a fool and have no life.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm insane. Or maybe I just like traumatizing myself. Because Everything I've been reading or watching has been very upsetting.  My Fandoms are killing me. There's a lot of tears. And pain. and broken hearts. And overall sadness. And it feels like no sooner do I finish said show that I find one equally terrible and am like "Oh yeah, that show where the whole fandom seems to be going mad, that's the show for me!" And then I watch it. And my overall reaction is, "What is wrong with this show??? Why am I watching this show? I HATE THIS SHOW!! THIS SHOW IS HORRIBLE! WHERE IS THE NEXT EPISODE???
And all my friends are like
I wish I didn't get obsessed. I wish I wouldn't get so attached to fictional characters. Its like the writers are all in a secret conspiracy with Steven Moffat to destroy the lives of fans everywhere.
Shut up Moffat.
Anyway... I want to say I'm sorry. I know my blog has probably been boring lately and I'm sorry for the excessive fangirling that's been popping up lately. When I start getting some of my book done I may give you all a nice little snippet or two, so look forward to that! I'm also gonna try and take that acting class.... again.. Which should be an adventure. I really hope it flies this time. I love acting :)
And before I go, I'm thinking of chaining my blog theme, because I don't really like how it looks right not and I want a winter-y one in honor of our first snow. Only half a year till it melts!*grin*  I wanted to know what all of you think. Should I change a bit? Do you like my blog the way it is? Suggestions??
Goodbye now y'all! I'm off to be traumatized by two of the greatest brothers in history! wish me luck!
God Bless!


  1. What you said about your writing? PREACH IT SISTER! that is *totally* me!! I've never written more than 10,000 words in a book, and that was for NaNo a few years back. :) Good luck! You can do it! :D

    Fandoms.........enough said. Why *do* we do that to ourselves? O.o

    P.S. I like your geeky posts. :)

    1. I'm a fool. Nano is gonna kill me.

      Aw, you like my geeky posts? yay :) That's amazing! I feel like my blog is so... boring.

  2. um....I had something brilliant to say and now I can't find it. *Looks around*

    Oh yeah. *Does a Sammy hair flip* Whatever.

    Couldn't help it.

    I LOVE your random, geeky, faingirl posts!!! And it is your blog. You post about whatever you want, you brave little soldier. (I've been using that line way too much and I don't know why.) *Hugs and pats your head.*

    NaNo is evil! Writing is evil...no wait, word counts are evil. *Stabs them* Rough drafts bring everyone to tears, my dear friend. (I need to give you a good geeky nickname....I shall think on it.) Don't give up. Keep pushing on. *Refrains from using the soldier line. Tries really hard. Itches to type it. Giggles insanely.* *Breathes* *Boop* There, I feel better. *Hopes she used a reference from one you've seen.*

    Okay, my random giggliness is all your fault. And your sisters. You have NO idea what you did when you invited me out. NONE!!! And since you all seem to really want me you all now have to put up with my insane happiness.

    *Blink* You have to help me with a geek nickname for you. I was thinking a Merlin one, but I think you geek out just a smuch over Doctor Who and OPAT and now I can't pick one. Which do you geek out about the most?

    I'll go now.

    I could just keep calling you a brave little soldier.

    *Dashes off to find that scene so she can re-watch it.*

  3. I'm so glad you decided to do a bit of Nano. It is worth it, believe me.


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