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Why I love Once Upon a Time

AND NOW!!!!!!!! The moment you've all been waiting for! The most anticipated moment of the week.... The Return!.... drum roll please......The return of * Isabella DeLallo!!!!! *

Did you all miss me? I know I missed you. So here I am with a blog post! *Warning-There may be spoilers from Once Upon a Tie S2!*
My lovely sister is letting me watch the second season of Once Upon a Time on her computer.Now its my turn to be a minion. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!Omgosh! It is absolutely wonderful!!! Its even better than Season One. And now I think I may be a little obsessed with Rumple and Belle

As I said, a bit obsessed. I love the clever twist their story has on Beauty and the Beast and I just love the ark of both characters. And now that Belle is back I can see a very subtle change in Gold. He's still the Dark One and he can still be evil but I think, I think his goodness is finally starting to win through. Because Rumple and Belle are basically Beauty and the Beast I have faith that they are going to have a happy ending. Rumple's curse will be lifted and he will become the man he used to be. And he'll find his bravery again. Because he has Belle. And she will save him!
 Even on their own, Rumple and Belle are my favorite characters. Belle is just soooo cute! I want her wardrobe, she has the bestest clothes :) Also, there is nothing better than watching her go to the library! So cute! 
Then there's Hook. I think I' one of the very few people who didn't like Hook instantly. He wasn't what I was expecting. And well.... he wasn't very nice. But after seeing another episode with him in it, I've decided I do like him but I don't. Its a love/hate relationship. He does have a great charm and I think he'll grow on e as I see more of him. He probably has a really sad back story that will make love him. Or at least like him. All the villains do
Speaking of which, I surprised myself by really liking the Evil Queen AKA Regina this season.  I feel really bad for her. She wasn't always cruel. Her story is just sad.

All in all, Season 2 is off to a fantastic start. It is a bit darker this season but that's okay, sometimes a little darkness is good. I am totally loving the magical world colliding with Storybrooke and vise-versa, it brings unlimited possibilities to the show. I also like the way they are interweaving all the fairytale characters together in the past as well as the present, and the addition of the not-so-fairytale characters such as Hook, Lancelot, Doctor Frankenstein and the Mad Hatter. The connecting of all the different worlds is also really amazing and I am having a ton of fun trying to guess which character of which world will walk in next. So far we have gotten Jack's Beanstalk, the Enchanted Forest, Neverland, and Wonderland. I'm think we're might Oz too, which could be fascinating. I bet  Rumple would be Oz. Somehow or other.

Thankfully James and Snow are back to normal. No more David Nolan. Good. David was an idiot. Now that James is James I am again in love with him. He is so wonderful :-D  I really like the Henry and Charming relationship, I think it is totally adorable. Henry is such a nice little boy. I love him. Snow has grown on me too and so has Emma, surprisingly enough. I didn't used to care for her too much but she's really had a character ark since the beginning of S1 and she's much better now. I like her.

The only thing I don't like is the Mulan character. She is sooooo obnoxious. And dumb. And a terrible actress. They should just kill her and give us more time with Rumple. On the upside, it was nice to meet Sleeping Beauty/Aurora. She's a pretty good character and though she does annoy me at times she is much better than Mulan and I do liker her. But if we're going to do Sleeping Beauty they'd better bring in more Philip. I was really mad about that little twist. Stupid writers.

So if you enjoy magic, awesome sword fights, beanstalks in the sky, charming pirates, enchanting worlds and all out adventure than you'll probably like Once Upon a Time. It is usually really clean too, there are just a few bits in Season one that need to be skipped, and there might be a little something in Season 2. but otherwise, EPIC!! So go, Enjoy!
and now I must leave you. I have things I've got to do. Characters to attend to. Fictional stories to cry over. Fake worlds to play in. See ya' all later!
God Bless!~


  1. One of these days, I am going to watch this show, but I'm trying to get through Merlin first. I'm at a standstill after finishing season 3 and don't know when I'm going to get to season 4!

    I totally understand! Not all shows are for everyone. You clearly like fun and fantasy and I like...whatever I can get my hands on or at least what can occupy me for over an hour.

    I'm doing really well. Enjoying my last few weeks of summer vacation now that I have finished summer math classes and finally passed my remedial year in college!

    How about you? I've missed talking to you too!


    1. I think Season 4 is on Youtube in parts!! Theres this guy who uploads them, his channel is Godzillaclips1. :D

      OOoooooooh Yes! You should TOTALLY Watch Once Upon a Time. I would be soooo happy!! It is the most amazing, epic, enchanting show of the year. I'm totally addicted :) :) :)

      I've been good :D

  2. I skimmed. Okay, I totally skipped. But if I'm going to watch it I must avoid spoilers. (I LOVE the outfits though!! I want those dresses.)

    WELCOME BACK!!!!! I've really, really missed your posts. (John says he missed them more but I don't think that is possible.)

    1. skimming is fine :) did it get you interested?? On that note, how's Merlin???

  3. Hi, Bella!

    I am back too! So we can be back together!!! I am glad, I like talking to you.

    I think you would like Owl City lots. (We like the same things. We read each others minds and when someone does that they like Owl City. I know, because I already like Once Upon a Time and I haven't seen it yet. But we liked the Penderwicks, so that means lots.)

    I haven't seen the Voyage Narnia movie yet, but I am going to soon. If Reep is in it than I will like it a whole lot. He's my favourite.

    I'm looking for a Polly, because it is rainy here and I want to go to Narnia through a tunnel in the ceiling. Do you want to be Polly? Is it rainy there all summer? (I will be Digory, because I am a boy. And Jack will be the crazy man because she has a Jack name and she is crazy.) If you will be Polly all we have to do is find....there was a sister in the book. And a mum. I think there is more, but I haven't made it very far.

    Now I have to go. Good bye.

    1. I would love to be your Polly! Though it isn't so much FINDING the tunnel as making it work :-/

      Owl City seems fun, I will try it for a bit, see if I get hooked. Then I'm trying Grimm :D I hope you can get Jack to watch Once Upon a Time, I think she'd like it... I hope she'd like it. Yes, The Penderwicks are wonderful, I wish there was more of them.

      You really must see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, its fabulous!

  4. I was watching S2 of OUaT on TV but I've lost track of the episodes now. I went to France this summer and I missed a few episodes. I'm going to wait until the DVD comes out and then catch up on all I missed. I don't know how I'll manage waiting for it though! I did really enjoy S2 from what I saw (I got about halfway through. Here are a few of my thoughts:

    - Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairytale and I'm a huge Rumbelle shipper : )
    - I love Captain Hook. I feel I should hate him since he's working against Rumpel but he's so charming that I just can't help but love him. I really hope Colin O'Donoghue becomes a regular next season and that Hook and Rumpel resolve their differences : D
    - I think I might also a Captain Swan shipper. Actually I think I'm pretty much willing to ship Emma with anyone as long as it's not Neal. I don't like Adult Bae and I much prefer Graham (sob!), August, Jefferson and Hook. I think the writers are going to have Neal get back together with Emma though so they can have a happy family with Henry.
    - Mulan is one of my favourite Disney heroines so I was really excited when I found out that they were bringing her into S2 but I've been disappointed with her on the show so far. We haven't seen very much of her personality and I don't think her character has been very well-developed. She's boring : ( That's something I haven't liked about S2.
    - BUT overall I love the show so much. It's so much fun! How are you feeling about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland?

    1. That is the saddest story ever! S2 is on Hulu and tomorrow it will be on Netflix - at least for US it will be. You should try and watch it again :D

      Beauty and the Beast is definitely the best story, They are my favorite Ship in OUAT.

      Hook. Hook is really hard for me to pin down. I think I like him, but he keeps doing things that make me hate him, even though I like him. Like his stunt in the Queen of Hearts. That ticked me off. But, If someone were to ask "Do you like Captain Hook?" I'd say, "Yes."

      Oh. I pair Neal and Emma. I think Emma could have fallen in love with Graham but then he died so.... :'( I don't pair Hook and Emma. I just... don't.

      I think OUAT in Wonderland looks super cool but I'm waiting to watch it until I finish the season I'm on. *Smiles*

      Greetings from the Mountains!!

    2. S2 hasn't even finished showing on TV over here just yet so it won't be on Netflix for a while. And Hulu won't let me watch it because I'm not from the United States. Boo! But on the bright side I will be able to watch lots of episodes in one go once I get the DVD. And it is pretty satisfying to watch episodes in bulk.

      See with Neal, I understand why he left Emma. August told him that Emma was better off without him and that she wouldn't be able to break the curse and fulfil her destiny with him and all that. I think that's fair enough. But did he HAVE to let her go to prison?! That really bugs me! But then again I haven't seen the whole of S2 so it's possible that he could completely win me over eventually.

      Wow. I just googled some images of the Sierra Mountains. Is that the kind of scenery you see every day?!

    3. Oh, that IS sad. Well, I hope you are able to get it soon. I actually bought the second season and have started watching it again with my sisters, and I ADORE it. Where did you stop??

      Well, I have the benefit of seeing a bit more of the Neal/Emma story so I still like him. It was wrong of him to leave her but he did have good reasons.

      Yep, I see that every day. Cool isn't it?


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