Saturday, July 6, 2013

"I'll bring the dip If you bring the Dostoyevsky"

I have a story which I have been working on for a little more than a year. basically it is about a girl, Beth, who was born on the borderline of two worlds and therefore is able to live in both of them: Parallel worlds and parallel lives. You can't stay in either world for too long, other wise the other life will become dim and hazy like a dream and you'll start to forget. Beth has never had trouble alternating but now her two lives start colliding and she needs to make a choice.

     The first time I wrote it I got so discouraged that it ended up in a dusty closet and didn't resurface for a good three months. I started work on it again back in May, and, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who write, we all know what a struggle it is. We all know how it feels when you are merrily going along with your story and your own words suddenly turn on you and your whole plot changes drastically? The story you thought made perfect sense starts crumbling around you and its all you can do to not to scream. So you just kill all your characters, burn down your castles and kill your Griffin. Then press backspace. I had to do that yesterday and it was perhaps the worst thing I'd ever done. Lets be honest, backspace is terrifying. But it turned out to be a good thing. You see, I've been stuck on chapter 14 of my story for almost six months, but after pressing backspace, Inspiration struck! Out popped my notebook, down went my pen and out came my partner in crime, the EDITOR. I ripped down the beginning and took a different slant to my story. I was so excited that I had to jump up and down and listen to loud music. My book finally was making sense! I pulled out my mind castle and let the Sherlock take over.
I got my character out of the dungeon, erased a balloon from existence and created a fracture in the fabric of magic. All in all, a good writing period. Thank you Moffat, I learned from the best.

So that is why I haven't been blogging much lately. Well, that and the fact that all my favorite TV shows have ended with horrific cliffhangers and my mind has been too harassed to concentrate on blogging. Netflix will be haunted until the S2 of Once Upon a Time comes out. I'm waiting! 
So, how was your 4th? Ours was something EPIC, seriously. We played all sorts of ridiculous games, ate s'mores and dressed in red white and blue. Best of all was when we sat around the bonfire and started up a story. It was an pass-on story, which are the greatest when done right. What happens is, one person starts the story and sets a scene. The person on their right adds something to it and then the next person builds off that person and so on. Between my sister, the flames and the overall set of the night, we got one very exciting story with villains, heroes, magic, quests and all! In fact it was so good we recorded it for future reference.*sigh* I love my family. And summer. Summer is just awesome. I was so tired of cold, rainy days and having to curl up in bed with cold sheets. The sun if finally giving us proper 80 degree weather and that means a lot of walks, watermelon and catching butterfly's. I love summer :)

One more thing: I've decided that I really love Taylor Swift. I've always liked her enough but ever since I heard the Album "Speak Now" I just love her. Not only is her voice good, she seems super decent and really cute. This particular song makes me cry.
 (From the Album "Red") 
Bonus points if you can guess what my quote is from!!



  1. Don't worry about writing. Inspiration hits when you least expect it : ) I love writing, but all my original ideas are based in history from the Crusades to WWII! So that can be exhausting to think about when you want to be faithful and accurate to the time period. Interestingly enough, I just wrote a post about an original story of mine too.

    I use to be a big fan of Taylor Swift, but my opinion of her has declined in recent years. Mainly because I don't like her attitude of how everything that goes wrong in her life is always someone elses fault and that is brought out in her music.

    Also, the general idea that she'll date a guy, break up with him and then write a song that paints him as the victim. Sadly, I'm seeing that more and more in her music and that doesn't send a good message.

    Not to say all her music is bad! I love Mary's Song, The Best Day, 22, Love Story (inaccurate as it is), You Belong With Me and Change. And she does seem like a genuinely kind person. I just wish she would just focus more on the positives of her life and not always the negatives.

    But to each his own, as my mom says, regarding people's differing opinions.

    *I guarantee that quote is probably from a Dr. Who episode.

    1. *Sigh* writing is so hard!

      Lol, actually it isn't from Doctor Who, Shocking as that is. want to try again?

  2. I don't know what your quote is from 8-( I am a bad quoter I think.

    Your 4th sounds like more fun than mine. I think I need lots of Italian sisters like you have. Do you have extra that I can have?

    I like your story idea! I want to read it some day. 8-D

    I've missed you!!!! I am glad you are back and I am back because I have more fun when you're around.

    1. I'll give you a hint: Michael Crawford AKA the original Phantom.

      Italian sisters are fun, but unfortunately I can't spare any. I wouldn't mind sharing though, if only I was close enough to do so. we really need to go on an adventure sometime soon.

      Aw, I've missed you too :') I feel bad because I haven't haunted anyone in weeks... Not even Jack, and her blog is so much fun to haunt *tears* I must give her a cookie. Here, fresh out of the oven *passes cookie* Give this to her with my compliments. Cheers!

      thank you. I was so sad about my story but its ok now. Maybe I'll send you my first draft. if it is ever done

      OH MY! Here is a cookie for you too. *facepalm* I am tired aren't I?

  3. Way-hey, good for you! It's thrilling when you manage to squash the mean-nasty writers block! Good luck with your story and I hope the rest is smooth sailing. ;)


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