Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't you love that?

I love it when the air smells like sunlight and warm grass

I love it when you settle down at eight o'clock to have tea and cookies and watch Doctor Who

I love it when the next book of your favorite series comes in

Namely "The Lost Hero"

I love picking flowers and sticking them in my hair.

I love spending all day trying to be a kid again

I love looking forward to the next episode of Once Upon a Time

Cause that show is epic

I love it when my little niece rushes up to me in the morning, shouts my name and pounces on me.

What better way to start a morning?

I love it when there is just enough breeze to be pleasant but not so much that you can't go to the beach


 I love reading through classic Winnie the Pooh

I'd forgotten how much I love Christoper Robin :)

I love the fuzzy feeling I get as I re-watch the Merlin series

I love the smell of books fresh from the library

I love making cookies and having them puff up like cupcakes

I sort of sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

I love it when my best friend drops by after DAYS of not seeing her

Even if its only for fifteen minutes

I love it when I make a joke and my bestest sister gets it

And she's the only one

So we knuckle-bump

 I love laying awake in bed creating magical places in my head

I love running through the sprinklers in 85 degree weather

I love all you people who are taking enough time to read my blog right now. Thanks so much Darlings :)

You know what? God is good. And so is life. Well, except sometimes

....... ~ Oh My, What a Marvellous Tune, It was the best Night, never will forget how we moved
The whole place was dressed to the Nines and We Were Dancing, dancing.....
Like we're Made of Starlight, Starlight...~


  1. *Le me, prancing over here* "I like that blog post. That's a naaaaaiiice blog post." Lol. Nice one, m'dear

  2. *Le moi, prancing behind Treskie* "My favourite verse comes next. OOOoooh, OOOoooh, he's talking crazy / OOOoooh, OOOoooh, dancing with me / OOOoooh, OOOoooh, we could get married / have ten kids, and teach them how to dream.

  3. Winnie the Pooh. Everyone needs to read his books more often. There's nothing better.

    I second all your loves. Well, except Once Upon A Time because I've not started it yet, but I still second the love of getting to look forward to the episode of a TV show one likes.


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Pile of good things