Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten things I've done While in Idaho

First off, I feel really bad because I haven't been commenting on anyones blogs. I can't access the internet for very long and then my connection is shaky. Plus I've been really busy - as you will soon see, what with cousins and games and picnics - You forgive, eh?

Let me tell you what I've been up to

1) I saw the Shakespeare play Othello.

Okay, so it was a highschool production. It was still amazing. Following my usual pattern of strangeness I immediately fell in love with the villain, Iago. This villain was bad. I mean really bad. He manipulated people, he lied and double crossed, he murdered, he played honest and then stabbed you in the back - he was a BAD MAN. Ah, but I loved him. He was soooooooooo cool!! He walked on stage and stole every scene. Not only was he a great actor, he had great presence and poise and said his lines very well (Plus, he was cute and that added a point *grin*) He had this mischievous smile that charmed you into liking him. Like Loki, he smiled and you fell. The rest of the cast was good too, especially Othello himself, but Iago was the best. So was his costume. he had sword!

2) Ice skated

My cousins have an amazing ice rink which my sisters boldly attacked. we do pretty well, I must say. By day three we were learning to jump. our cousins were impressed, they said we were crazy, no one tried jumping on the third day, let alone did it well. What can I say? We're DeLallos.

3) Watched the Incredible Hulk. The 1980's one.

I know, I know! *facepalm* In my defense!!! It wasn't of my own will. Dad sat down, turned it on and said "Hey girls, come over and watch The Incredible Hulk from the 1980's with the terrible effects and funny camera angels. You'll love it." *SHRIEK!*
Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. David B. Banner himself is pretty good
and the stories aren't bad. But you know.....
 Big green - what?? I don't mind watching it but the Hulk in the Avengers is so much better. Cooler than that. I also like Doctor Banner in The Avengers better.Way Better. But this one is pretty good. He looks a little bit like Hugh Jackman so that helps. 
He is cool he just isn't this guy;
 And I have a soft spot for this guy. *grin*
all in all, its OK, but I wouldn't own. The whole time I was watching it I felt like my brains were sort of gone. I kept looking at my dad and asking myself "Why was I doing this?"

4) I spent the night with my cousins
We had cake and coffee and watched Up. Then we talked till midnight about all the books we've ever read. We were getting pretty loud in there.
5) Walked through a lot of rain storms.
Actually the majority of our vacation has been overcast, rainy, windy and cold. Not ideal weather. Most of the time you look outside and this is what you see
We had the worst storm when we spent the night with our cousins. The wind actually tore the window off its hinges. that was exciting. all this water came in - Parent trap style. Despite the rain we actually went out a couple times and had a picnice. one of the days we got lucky. We had sun.
6) Saw my first ever hockey game.
Hockey is brilliant!! omgosh it is so intense and thrilling and all out exciting :) You should have heard us cheering and yelling and clapping like a bunch of fan girls. It was magnificent! AND THEN WE WON!!! You can't get more cool than that :-)
7) Rode four-wheelers.
That was so much fun! It was kind of like a motorcycle I think. Aunt Marge even let me drive it a bit. *Shhh don't tell anyone* We rode all the way down the street with hair flying - I felt like Clara Oswald! I actually got some picture but most of them are on my dad's cell phone. I got a couple on the camera - here they are;  
(this isn't me btw. Its my sister, Annie)
8) cooked s'mores over a proper bonfire. Rocks and all.
that was a fun night! We baked s'mores in the bonfire and passed around bars of chocolate, and though most of the marshmallows were burnt they were still scrumptious. We were up rather late. But hey, its vacation.
9) I saw the third largest grizzly bear in the world.
This bear was hit by a truck on the highway and because it was hit in Lincoln MT it was given to them. The third largest bear EVER and its here in Lincoln. You can't really see its size here, but it was about 11 ft. tall, standing and its claws were four inches long. He was a cool bear! Unfortunately we couldn't go up and touch him but to just look was good enough. Take my word, he was big.
10) Met some friends I've only known on the internet
And you know who you are *wink* we all got together at the library and just had a blast. We talked and laughed and exchanged nerdy fangirliness (mostly over Doctor Who) while putting together a buz lightyear puzzle which was missing the left eye. We just had a good time :)
I'll be back in Tahoe on Thursday *Smiles*
God Bless!


  1. Oh, I would sooo love to ice-skate. I have a feeling I'd be lousy at it. I even managed to fall off my chair and knock it over at the same time during lunch, without even doing anything particularly interesting.

    I would really not like to meet a bear that size in real life. Scaaary! :)

  2. Wow, I never thought about it before, but Bill Bixby does look A LOT like Hugh Jackman! Wow.

    Late nights with cousins are the BEST!!! Now I really miss my own cousins. :'(

    Yeah, Idaho weather this time of year is generally rainy. Today was beautiful, though! Our summers are absolutely the best - warm and sunny, but not too hot. Just right:)

    Four-wheeling is totes fun!

    As far as I'm concerned, burning your marshmallow is the only way to do it. If it doesn't catch on fire, then you didn't do it right. ;)

    Sounds like a huge bear, alright! Sure wouldn't want to meet him on my way to the barn! =O ;)

    Yep, we know who we are. *wink* That was SOOOOOO much FUN!! I'm so glad it worked out that we could meet!! Thanks for spending some of your vacation time with us:) That Buzz Lightyear puzzle was too funny. ;D

    1. I must right to you and geek out over all the fun we had. Rain check! :)

  3. I am soooo jealous of the rain. It went from a rainy 50 degrees to 75 degrees in about 4 days here, and I am having my usual reaction to that sort of weather. I am not ready for summer yet.

    I am also jealous of the hockey game. Hockey is very cool.

    1. lol, I'm glad to be in warm weather. Sorry you've been miserable :(


  4. i love rain, but that window coming off, SCaRY!!! Glad you all where okay.

  5. I've seen the original Hulk. They're fun, in the dorky 80's kind of way.

    Aw, looks like you're having SO much fun! I want to sneak over.

    Well, I think we must draw our love of shows at Once Upon A Time. If we ever meet and you want to watch it I would, but I don't know if I will ever be a fan. Drama and I don't mix well. But, we agree on everything else, so we're good there.

    YES! I need to write you too about Doctor Who! I need soeone to geek out with and sob with. Mostly sob right now. Lots of sobbing.

    1. Once Upon a time is more than just a drama. Is also got action and creepy twists and shocking BBC moments - I think you could like it. If anything you could watch it for Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold, he's amazing! And then we you get him AND Belle - EPICNESS! Have you even tried them?

      Yeah hulk is fun I guess, just not SUPER fun ;)


  6. I'm a little sad I wasn't there, but I had fun on my own. lol. We should get the cousins to come here. MERHEHEHEHEHEHEHHR

  7. Here I am, late to the party - but I loved your post! It was such a blast meeting up with you and your wonderful sisters. Have to send you the pictures too - they're totes adorbs:)
    Hope your'e having a wonderful day!


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