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I'm the impossible girl. And this is why

Today I'm going to do a Doctor Who review on Season 7 part 2. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I hope you all enjoy it. Sorry it isn't very long :(

Season 7.5 opens up with The Bells of Saint John, and we see the Doctor and his new companion, Clara Oswald taking on the universe together. But there is something different about this girl. She's died twice in two seperate places and times. She's completely impossible.

Ok, I'm going to get right down to the review starting with Clara herself.
I have to admit that at first I didn't think much of Clara. I liked her enough, but something about her irritated me.  I think part of my problem was that I was so Pond-attached I just wasn't ready for a new companion. I missed Amy and  Rory and Clara simply didn't do it for me. Then I watched The Name of the Doctor and Clara Oswald finally stole my heart. So I watched the season over telling myself that Clara would NOT be a Pond, and tried to watch it just for her. I found her much more charming after that. She is funny and spunky, she got some stubbornness and fiest about her and just enough character to save her from being too pretty. She looks like a normal girl, someone you would meet on the road. 
Clara's presence on the TARDIS is thoroughly enjoyable and fun. She and the Doctor are quite cute together and their chemistry is amazing. I love how protective the Doctor is of Clara and how this relationship is more of a BestFriend/Father-Daughter kind, something we haven't had since the classic series. It is really nice seeing the Doctor care so much and take so much responsibility in seeing that Clara is safe. He just wants her to be happy. He wants to maker her smile, he wants to take her hand and show her the stars. She is just what we all needed after the heartbreak of The Angels Take Manhattan and she is what the Doctor needed too. I have heard that Moffat is hinting at a love story.
Moffat please don't do this. Don't mess this up. What about Rose? What about RIVER? the Doctor is in love with and married to her. GRRR!
As for the Doctor, I am very glad he is happy again and has found a way to cope with the loss of his mother and father in law. . I don't think he'll ever really heal from the trauma of New York, and even now he isn't quite what he was, but Clara's time on the TARDIS has helped him to let go a bit and move on. Its good to see him smiling again, though I do like it when he wears Amy's glasses. It adds a bittersweet undercurrent to the show.
We all know Clara is impossible. We knew it from the minute she appeared in The Snowmen. "Hey isn't that the dead girl from Asylum of the Daleks? What the heck is she doing here?" But as the episodes progress you tend not to think about her mystery. You just enjoy seeing her around. The Doctor likes her company and tries not to think about where she comes from because it bothers him. She's the women twice dead, a riddle wrapped in a mystery. *Cough*Rory*Cough* This was such a terrific carriwitchet and I was really worried Moffat would ruin a perfectly good plot. Boy was I wrong.
The Doctor's Name was pure genius. Not only do we go to Trensala and the Doctor's tomb, but we also get to see River Song again. In fact, before continuing I need to do a quick scan of the River/Doctor element of this episode.
LibraryRiver meets Clara right at the beginning and is able to set up a mental link so Clara can speak with as well as see her. But because the link is with Clara only the Doctor isn't able to see River, he doesn't even know she's there. Which is why the scene where he sees her is so very sad, it tore my heart into teeny tiny pieces. She tries to slap him, something he deserved as he was about to do something quite stupid. But the Doctor reaches out and stops her hand. 
 That whole scene was breathtaking, especially when the Doctor tells River 'she is always there to him. and he can always see her...' And then River asks him to say goodbye and he doesn't know how.... OMGOSH MY WHOVIAN HEART!! :'(
And then River fades and Moffat destroys his helpless fans for the hundredth time  and..... MOFFAT!! I really hope this isn't the end of River. I want to see her again, I adore her. MOFFAT!!
(I actually did a video to this scene. Go check it out on MY VIDEO'S Page :D)

I was a little disapointed with the whole "Name of the Doctor" part of this episode, and I hope Moffat builds on it a little more in the 50th. It seems unfinished, like it needed a part two. There was a good deal of build up and tension along with some terrifying villains and frightening prophecies but when the question was actually answered.... nothing happened. I get that River answered for him, but if his name is SO DANGEROUS, why didn't anything happen? that's just a nit-pic though, I liked everything else. The Whisperers were especially creepy and the tomb of the Doctor was sad and well done. I just hope we get more of the Trensala plot in the 50th.  And I absolutely love how Clara became the impossible girl!! Stepping into the Doctor's timeline and being split along it in a million pieces was pure genius and made complete sense. It was also very brave and stunning of Clara and it is the reason why I love her so much now. I have to say, that last scene when the Doctor goes in and saves her had me in buckets of tears.
How many times have you saved me Clara? Just this once,
 just for the hell of it, let me save you!
"My Clara..."
That scene was so incredibly sweet! The way he called her "My Clara" was so beautiful. It was like a big brother hugging his little sister. Totes Adorbs :') Then, just as we thought we were safe, Moffat gave us one of his killer Plot-Twist endings. Cliff-hanger!
Apparently John Hurt is the "New Ninth" the Doctor of the Timewar. He isn't technically "the Doctor" since he broke the promise but he is the Ninth regeneration of the man KNOWN as the Doctor. he's like an alternate ninth. BUT STILL! Do you know what this means?? Matt smith is on his 12th regeneration. We've got one Doctor left, then we're done. WHO DOES THAT?
That's a stupid waste of regeneration energy!
Oh and I also saw how you put Hurt in Eccleston's jacket for the 50th. Well played Moffat. Well played. But don't worry Eccleston. You will always be the Ninth to me. ALWAYS. *MOFFAT!!*
So, did I like Season 7.5. Yes. I think it was very well done and I would want to own it someday. I really love Clara and The Doctor together and think its sad that Clara gets 6 episodes with 11 and then he has to change. What's that about?? Which brings me to my last thought of this season. How do I feel about Matt Smith's regenerating
Now I'm done. Any of you seen 7.5? What did you think of it?
God Bless!


  1. I freakin' love The Name of the Doctor! The pre-credits scene with the old Doctors is the best pre-credits scene EVER! I actually started clapping at my laptop! I loved the Doctor and River's scene together. And it's really nice that you're someone who loves Rose AND River. So many Ten/Rose shippers seem to feel that they have to hate River.

    As for the rest of S7 I really enjoyed it for the most part but there were some problems. I've really missed the two-parters in S7 and I think they really need to bring these back for S8. I think some of the episodes in S7 have had rushed endings and I'm putting that down to the lack of two-parters. I didn't like The Rings of Akhaten either (although Matt Smith's speech in that episode was amazingly acted).

    My favourite episodes of S7 have been Hide, The Name of the Doctor, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Angels Take Manhattan and The Bells of Saint John. Oh, and I loved Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS as well but I think I'm in the minority there.

    I'm really pleased that John Hurt's character is technically the Doctor even though he doesn't have the name. It means they're closer to dealing with the Doctor's "final" regeneration. I don't think for one minute that it WILL be the Doctor's final regeneration but it will be interesting to see them try to get it around that. I have a feeling that 12 - whoever he is - is going to be a more serious Doctor but hopefully he won't be too serious.

    1. you LIKED the Angels Take Manhattan? :-O Where is your soul??

      I cried when Matt Smith did his speech in the Rings of Akhaten. It was so touching and dramatic. Beautiful :')

      People who hate River are ninnies. SHE'S AMY AND RORY'S DAUGHTER!! how can you hate her??

      The bit with all the classic Who's was really eciting! I haven't seen much classic yet so I was wondering - was all that footage real and was Clara one of those stand-ins that we never properly see? If so, AWESOME!!!

  2. I liked that 11 hid all his pain and saddness by acting very childish. He rarely got mad. He rarely acted like an adult. And then Clara came along, sweet and childish and innocent. I think she reminded him of his granddaughter. And he began to act more like an adult at times, wishing to protect her. Which is why I LOVED the scene with him and River SO much! For the first time, the Doctor stops running. He stops pretending he is always okay. He stops hiding behind silly jokes and a childish smile. And he tells his wife goodbye. And it crushed my heart into billions of pieces and turned be into a romantic pile of mush.

    JOHN HURT IS NINE?!?!?!?! NONONONONONO!!!!! They can't do that!!! Nine is, well, he was my 1.2 Doctor! They can't just change him. I shall sulk and sulk if they do.

    Wasn't it Eight who blew up Gallifry though?, wasn't it the one who traveled with Sarah Jane? Because he left her to go back and fight and he never came back for her.

    Anyways. I am VERY upset about Matt Smith leaving. I JUST grew to love him. I was DYING to see him and Clara together a full series. And he had to LEAVE! Yeah, that is a long sulk for me. I need to come watch the Christmas Special with you so we can have a grand sobbing party.

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  3. Omgosh we should totally plan on watching the Christmas special together! We really need to meet :)

    According to BBC news Hurt is the 'new nine' the Doctor of the Timewar. And I am so mad right now. Nine is my SPECIAL Doctor. You don't mess with NINE. You just don't do that *MOFFAT*

    I was really upset to hear Matt is going. He is so cute and wonderful and full of life. I agree with you on everything! I felt the same way about the River scene that you did. I was so distraught I had to make a video. Then I cried. A long time. When she said "Spoilers" I just about had an emotional break down. I guess I get to emotional in these things. "RIVER!...*Sob*"

    I think Clara reminds The Doctor of his grandaughter too :) He acts the same way around her as One acted around Susan, which is SO CUTE!!

    I KNOW! Jenna only got 1/2 a season with Matt. What's that about?! GRRRR!!

  4. I took a bit of time to really warm up to Clara. I loved her when we first meet her in The Asylum, when the Ponds were still there and I was happy. Then they were gone (I think The Angels Take Manhattan was an excellent episode, even though it hurt like bloody heck), and I wasn't so happy and I didn't like Clara so much in The Snowmen. Then she got awesome and it was all good.

    In general, though, I think season 7 isn't as good as previous ones. It seemed a bit more...scattered. Sort of. You know what I mean?
    But The Name of the Doctor was frabjous and a half. And River. I love River. I love her and the Doctor together. People should get it through their numpty skulls that just because the Doctor and Rose were great, doesn't mean he and River can't be great, too. I mean, he's never gonna Rose again, he can move on. He can love somebody else.


  5. With your personality and love of acting, I wouldn't be surprised if you came out as Lady Marguerite St. Just Blakney : )

    I'm doing really well. Summer has been really boring, except with the occasional visit to Busch Gardens. Either than that, really boring!

    How have you been?


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