Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick, pick a number between 1 and 10! Eleven

A lot of people have been tagging me and I thank each of you. I've been doing TONS of school and I've been feeling very uninspired in the Blogniverse as of late so a tag is just what I need. I don't know how many of your tags I shall do but I'll try to do most of them.
First I'm doing a tag from Eowyn; The Liebster tag. Again. This tag takes soooo long. *Grin*
- If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.
- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.
- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.
- No tagging back.
My Eleven Facts:
I've never seen The Lion King all the way through
I get very defensive of characters I love
I get very defensive of shows I love
I get very defensive of books I love

I love leather jackets.

I have never ridden on a proper merry-go-around.

I think letters in math should be illegal 

I've gotten addicted to Taylor Swift's "haunted"

I hardley ever wear shoes.

I don't care for raisin cookies

I don't bite my nails

The Questions
1. What was the most recent movie you've seen and what did you think of it?

Does this mean 'new' movie? cause I haven't seen anything new for months. But last night I watched Iron Man 2 again and I liked it soooo much more the second time. TONY!!!
2. Would you rather live on the beach or in the mountains?

The Mountains

3. What's your favorite Disney Princess and why?

Rapunzel. Because she is really cute and brave, she is new and fresh, she isn't a sissy and her story was really original. (I really like Briar Rose too)

4. What's your favorite book? (Or, if you can't decide, what are your three top favorite books?)

The Last Crescendo
The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
A Leap of Faith
5. Would you rather live in Narnia, Middle-Earth, or 1860's England?

Probably Middle Earth. When Aragorn is king and Farimir and Eowyn are married.

6. Who is your favorite movie or book character?

Book Character: Paul "The Last Crescendo"

Movie character: I really love Tony Stark. I really really love Tony Stark.
7. Have you ever heard of Focus on the Family's Father Gilbert Mysteries? If so, what do you think of them?

I have never heard of these. What did I miss?

8. If you could pick anywhere in the world, where would you want to live when you get married?

I love Tahoe, but I'd like to see Prince Edward Island. that place is beautiful

9. What's your favorite musical?

10. Cake or ice cream?
11. How many times have you been to Disney World?
 I've never been to Disney World. but I have been to Disney Land with my music band. Twice. We went to Anaheim to compete in a country-wide band competition. We won gold. South Tahoe Middle School has one of the TOP TEN BANDS IN THE U.S.!

Okay 11 questions for those I tag

Do you wear penny-loafers?

Do you draw?

Do you own a sword?

What are your thoughts on Oz? (The land not the wizard)

Do you play any sports?

For you what is most important in a story? (a) a good Plot (b) the right feel (c) good characters

Matt Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch?

Was your dollhouse ever haunted?

Romping adventures or a quiet night with a cup of tea?

Have you ever written a twisted fairytale?

What does a crack in the wall mean to you?

I tag

And anyone else who feels like doing a tag :)
2nd Tag! This is from Rose M. thank you Rose!
Copy & paste the award to your blog.
Answer the questions given below (everyone answers the same questions every time).
Award 1-5 bloggers who are some of your favorites, give a quick description of why you chose them, and let them know you tagged them!
What are some of your tips for the background of blogs? Layout, colors, etc.?  Make your background essentially you. Do something simple yet fun. Don't be too loud or dull.
What are your favorite blog topics to write about? Book reviews, baking, everyday life, sewing, etc.? 
 I write about anything that amuses or interests me. I write about what I like.
What are some of your favorite blog topics to read? 
I like random blogs that are always funny but you never know what to expect. The 'set' blogs can get a bit boring at times
What is your biggest blogging tip for newbies? 
Don't be too wild. be funny and be yourself but don't be too wild. You don't need to pop jokes in every line or anything. Just relax ! (Says the newbie)
Why did you start blogging? 
All my sister have blogs and I really wanted one.

Thanks Rose! that was super fun! I won't be tagging anyone on this award. :-/ sorry y'all

Next tag; Getting To Know You/Just Because, from Melody!!!

Answer the questions.
If you wouldn't mind mentioning my blog, The Golden Road, and the person who tagged you, that would be lovely. This tag was created by Rose M. at The Golden Road, and I was tagged by Melody Muffin.
Tag 5 to 10 people and let them know you tagged them.

1. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee in the morning tea at night.

2. You win a thousand dollars! What would be something fun that you do with it?

I would take my family and go out to see The Phantom of the Opera live. Or Josh Groban.

3. You're given the opportunity for the lead part in a play. Would you take it?

YES!!!! That is exactly what I want! If a lead role fell in my lap I'd totally take it!

4. Would you rather sing, play an instrument or listen?


5. Are you more of a chit-chat person? Or sporty?

I'm very chatty.

6. Did you ever have an unrealistic dream as a child? If so, what was it?

I wanted to travelle through time in a tree-house, collecting and saving books from all era's of the world.

7. Have you fulfilled any of the dreams you had as a child? If so, what were they?

when I was little I wanted to become and actress. I guess my dream is coming true!

8. What's the one place in the world that you've always wanted to visit?

London. I really wanted to go to London. I also want to see Scotland and Canada.

9. What book character do you always find yourself imitating?

I don't imitate book characters usually, just movie.

10. What's your favorite season? Why?

I love summer. The days are long and sunny, you can do things like hike, ride bikes, run about barefoot, and, best of all, swim. Swimming in Tahoe water is the best thing ever!

11. What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

Jack's,, all my sisters, Ivy's, Rose's,  John's Natasha's. and of course, yours, Melody Muffin! :)

12. How long have you been blogging?

5 Months
 Again, I won't be tagging anyone.

I hope you all had fun with that! Btw, if you want to check out my video page I have two new video's up, and soon I will have a third one! Here is one I just made.
(Beware! Some small spoilers!)

And now you all know how much of a Oncer I've become. Seriously guys, this show is brilliant. WHERE IS SEASON TWO??!

God Bless


  1. I love Iron Man! And Tony Stark! <3 I can't wait to see Iron Man 3 but I have to wait until it's out of theatres! :P

    1. I want to see iron man 3 also, but, like you I'm waiting until it comes to dvd

  2. Aw, good choice for a favourite movie character! He is so good. I love ALL the Iron Man movies, including his role in The Avengers. :)

    Heeheeheee... glad you liked Once Upon A Time so much. ;) Hook is in season 2, and so far him, Rumplestiltskin, and Belle are my faves. There hasn't been much of Jefferson yet. :)

    1. ONCE UPON A TIME!!!!!!!

      Rumplestiltskin and Belle are so awesome I can't wait to see more of their story. Hook looks cool :)

  3. Stopping by from Treskie's blog and decided to check out your blog. I like it! I too do not like to watch The Lion King all the way through. Too sad!

    1. I'm glad you like it, thanks for coming by!

      I didn't wath the end because it was to sad I just had to leave before it was done - I saw it at a friends house :)

    2. oh my gosh, I do that too! I pass the channel if it's on TV or stop the DVD. Cool!

      And you are very welcome! :D

  4. "Between one and ten, how much danger are we in? 11."

    You've never seen The Lion King all the way through?! I must help you fix this. One of the best plots EVER!

    I had to listen to Haunted because you mentioned it. It has a catchy tune.

    GUESS WHAT I GET TO SEE TONIGHT?! Iron Man 3. Yes, I think I might faint from excitment. I even painted my nails yellow and red - ish. And I have a red dress all picked out.

    Also, if I get time tonight I plan to watch The Name of The Doctor. I have a long review coming for series seven part two, but for now I will sum up. I love Clara!!! And 11, he is really really growing on me. I am going to cry when he dies. A lot. As much as I did with Ten. Okay, now I depressed myself.
    BUt really, he's amazing. I didn't like him as much in series six, but I plan to rewatch it to find out why. (You know how you had trouble with Clara because she wasn't a Pond? I think I had trouble with 11 because he wasn't 10 or 9. But now I love all three. And 4. I need to watch more of the original.)

    Now I'm ranting. But...HE'S JUST SOOO COOL!!!!

    1. finally, someone who speaks english!

      I know! all tthose driving violins 'can't go back I'm HAUNTED!!!!"

      the name of the doctor! okay that episode needs a review. Yikes! I'm glad you like clara. So do I, in fact this last episode has sold me on her. I just hope there is no love between her and 11. Why can't they just be friends like 10 and Donna? that would be good. she is pretty cute isn't she?

      ach, 11 *Swoons* I may be slightly infatuated with him. I think he might be my favorite Doctor now. He is so cool!!! Nine was fantastic and 11 is exactly like nine only younger and kinder. It's like I've gotten my old Doctor back and have completely fallen for him. Now I would eat fish fingers and custard :)

      I will cry so hard when Eleven dies! It will be like.... horrible.

      *Giggle* I've started watching the Classics too. geeky me.


  5. I did your tag! Thanks for tagging me, I had fun!

    Oh, and we finished Doctor Who last night. I liked it a whole lot and I like Clara the best. And Jack almost cried. She's going to send you a long email I think. All sad and stuff. I don't write sad emails so I'm leaving a happy comment.

    I miss you! I hope you can come back soon.

    1. I will look at your tag :) I look forward to the email. I'll have to write her too


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