Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm on Vacation

Guess where I am. I'm in Idaho :) I'm here for two weeks, I'm going to be visiting with cousins, watching hockey games, eating pizza - it should be fun! I'm so glad we're finally here. The trip down was... long. Really long. It was nice enough, a pleasant drive and all that, but we all know how it is to be stuck with ones little sisters for hours on end, don’t we?

And then there is that patch in Oregon where you feel like no matter how long you drive you never move.  All you see is the endless fields of flat, desert land that becomes flat, bush covered dessert land.
Pretty soon you start getting a little stir crazy. there is no one on the road but you. You are alone. where did everybody go? We can't be the only car out here. Right? Right?! Wrong. Oh look, there's that hill again.
Lets just say I was glad when we finally pulled up at Nona's house. It was a bit relief
We were able to go to mass this morning and the chapel here is beautiful!  I mean, seriously, I could get used to a view like this!! hang on.... Yep I'm used to it. Guys I want a chapel. A real chapel. And mass in the morning is very nice. Just so you know.
Well I have to go to a BBQ. The wifi here is a bit.... shaky so it may be a while before I can post again.  I'm going to be pretty busy having fun so *Grin* yeah. Anyway, you all have a nice Memorial Day weekend!!
Before I go one more thing. Who finished Doctor Who this weekend? How COOL was The Name of the Doctor?! HOW COOL?!! Omgosh I have shivers :) I really loved it!! Clara has finally won me over, she is a brilliant companion. And the Doctor was, as always, magnificent. The ending was so... AHHHHH!! I can't wait for the 50th !! What did all you think?

Now I'm done
God Bless!


  1. Idaho!! Which part of Idaho? I don't suppose anywhere near Coeur d'Alene? Because it would be super awesome if I got to meet y'all! :D

    1. omgosh I'm only 5 miles away!! We should meet!:) we could arrange a time - maybe at the library?

    2. I'd love that! Do you know where the Hayden library is? When would be a good day and time for you? This is so awesome!! :D

  2. have fun!! Ooh a chapel? Cool!! We have a little chapel in our house.

  3. I thought you were the littlest sister? Now I feel like the Queen of Narnia. "How many are you?"

    I hope you have a fun holiday, even though I'll miss you. Holidays are fun unless one isn't on them. *Smirk*

    Okay, I need to email you about Doctor Who but I'm still in a state of, "AWWWWWWW!!!!" That I can't get all my thoughts in order. So I'll just answer your comment for now.

    First, you should review it. I'd love to read your review.

    The Ponds were great. Their story felt so fairy tale ish. It was sweet and fun and I do miss them too. I loved how they became his family and I think they are some companions he's never going to get over. Like Rose and Donna and Sarah Jane. But Clara is so sweet and fun. She is almost as childish as he is and now he's the one having to act like the adult sometimes. It is so much fun to see.

    I almost cried when the Doctor told River goodbye. I was tearing up. It was so sweet and sad! I felt so bad for him, but I think it helped him to actually be able to say goodbye, which was even sweeter.

    Okay, John Hurt. I have mixed thoughts on him. When I found out he was the dragon in Merlin I snickered, because really, the Doctor would probably love to be a dragon. I am eager and nervous to see what it was all about though. What are your guesses?

    Anyways, I might be able to email you soon, so keep an eye out for it. *Smirk*



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