Friday, April 5, 2013

Merlin Blog Party Day 6 ~ Tests and Challenge!

Today we are going to do The Merlin Blog Party Challenge and A Merlin Quiz!!!!!! As always, please link back to Anna and I! Before we get started I'm going to say that Anna is doing a give-away so you'll want to check that out. it is pretty cool :-)

The Challenge!
Dress up as a BBC Merlin character. Either that, or adopt their style. You can do all sorts of things with this challenge; even make a modern twist on the costumes. See how many styles you can come up with with a single outfit! But try to keep the feel of Medieval Camelot. Go out and have a photo-shoot. Post pictures of this outfit on your blog! (no hurry, okay? You have till the 10th)

BBC Merlin Quiz  (there is also an Ultimate Merlin Test here. SO COOL! I scored 100) 

When Merlin first met Arthur, what was Arthur doing?

Merlin was dubbed Prince Arthur's manservant after he did what?

Who was the first person to call Merlin "Emerys"?

Morgause awakened the Knights of Medhir to attack Camelot. How many of these legendary knights were there?

Sir Percival was wounded with a crossbow during a quest which led to the discovery of what?

Merlin fell in love with a Druid girl who was cursed to change at midnight into what?

What was the first thing Merlin said when he reached Camelot?

Who was the first person, besides Guais, to discover Merlin had magic?

Merlin was once poisoned by a cruel enchantress. The only thing that would save him was...?

In season 3, Uther told Guais a secret about Morgana's father. What was the secret?

When did Morgana first realize she had magic?

In which episode did Arthur become a Simpleton?

Did anyone besides Arthur ever wield Excalibur?

The hapless king of Mercia was framed for whose attempted murder?

What object did Arthur have to recover from the devastated land of the Fisher King?

Who was the last person to discover Merlin had magic?

Who freed the Great Dragon from his 20-year imprisonment?

In season 2, Morgana was betrayed by which friend?

In season 4, Why was Gwen banished from Camelot?

What does the Mandrake Root do to its victims?

What was Arthur's Mother's name?

When did Morgause first appear?

In season 5, which knight died for Gwen?

That's all I can think of right now :-) I'm going to try and do a give-away also!!! And don't forget about the Merlin Bulletin Board which will be posted on the 10th! (The eighth is the official end of the Blog Party *sniffle*) See you all tomorrow :D

Arthur "Describe 'dollop. Head.'"
Merlin "In two words?
"Prince Arthur." 



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