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Merlin Blog Party Day 5 ~ Tag

Anna is doing a tag! YAY!!! It looked so fun I couldn't resist.

1) Who is your favorite Character? (can't answer with Merlin, Arthur or Gwen)

I'm going to say...... MORDRED!

2) Who is your favorite Villain/Antagonist?

CENDRED! He was (in my opinion) the best bad guy ever. He was evil but he had a queer moral center - he knew when to back off. He was the kind of man who doesn't kill needlessly. The moment I decided I liked him was when Morgause and Cendred were losing a battle and he says "I'm pulling back."
Morgause; "You disappoint me Cendred."
Cenred "Better to disappoint you then sacrifice hundreds of lives ...." He was totally cool. He had SWORDS buddy! And he was bold too. Spirited! Full of fire! I really adored this guy. But then..... well those of you who have seen "The Coming of Arthur" know what happens to Cenred. 


3) What is your favorite Arthurian Creature?

The Griffin. And then the Dragons. They're cool.

Which is your favorite Episode from each Season?

Season 1 - The Poisoned Chalice. Season 2 - The Curse of Cornelius Sigan. Season 3 The Coming of Arthur: Part 1&2. Season 4..... The Darkest Hour: Pt. 1&2 tied with The Sword in the Stone; Pt. 1&2. (A servant of Two masters was really great too, btw) Season 5 - I really loved Arthur's Bane. It was SO COOL!!!! A one-parter? Another Sorrow.

Which is your favorite Season and Why? 
I was going to say Season 4, but really it was Season 5
Yes this season was horrific and sad and really really dark and intense and Merlin had become so tired..... BUT IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! 
"The Prophets Speak of Arthur's Bane. You would do well to fear it. For it stalks him, like a ghost in the night." *eep*
 Also, Mordred appears in this Season, grown-up Mordred I mean. I wasn't disappointed in a single episode..... just really sad. One of the best things was that Morgana started acting like a true villain and thought up some half descent plans. She was actually creepy in this season. She is a stronger character if slightly crazy. Okay really crazy.

 Did you cheat to watch any of the seasons before they came out on USA? (I'm talkin' about Youtube, not those strange sights I'd be afraid to go to because of Viruses *grin*) 

Every season except 1 was watched from Youtube. UNASHAMED!!!!!! 

Your thoughts on Uther?
He's an idiot. He was always shouting out "SORCERY" For every little thing and he was a PLAYER!!! The more I found out about him the less I liked him. As Arthur once said, "You are nothing but a HYPOCRITE  and a LIAR!" I hated Uther for the first three season. but then Morgana betrayed him and he lost his mind and seemed so completely broken that I no longer had the heart to feel hatred toward him. SPOILER I even cried when he died...... (though this could have been because Arthur was so distraught) END SPOILER. 
In the end, Its nice when he isn't around. Arthur is a much better king.

Your favorite Knight? 

Leon or Lancelot :D My boys. My Camelot boys :'-)

Least favorite knight?

*Cringe* Sorry Elyan. Your cool but your not awesome. you have to be cooler than that.

Which Death impacted you the most?\

Arthur's death. I know I know, LEGEND, but really, that was H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E It felt unreal. Faked. Stupid. DANG IT BBC! Just so you all know, I'm blaming Moffat. I don't care who wrote this episode, its Moffat's fault.

END SPOILER!!!!!!!!!

Describe the Diamond of the Day Part 1 and 2 in five words.

 NO!!!! Arthur! Merlin! *sob* ..... WHAT?!

When did you first discover Merlin.

My friend was watching it at his house in December of 2011. I thought, "OOooooo. Cool." Then my sister brought it over a couple weeks later and BAM I was a Merlinite. Instantly. Really. I saw Merlin's Figure and fell in love. 

If you're a big fan of Merlin what do you call yourself?

I should call myself a Merkin but that's dumb. Its a wig. No. So Merlinite works.

Your thoughts on Mordred?

Mordred is amazing. He never was even evil. At least I don't think of him as 'evil.' For 11 episodes Mordred was awesome,loyal, brave, kind, friendly and the most interesting  character in the whole world. I hated Drawings of the Dark. What was with Kara anyway??! What was her issue? She was dumb. Poor Mordred. I love him anyway. (even though he killed Arthur which made me super mad. HOW COULD HE?)
Do you like the soundtrack? If so, what's your favorite song? (if you have one)
All the music from Merlin is cool. I really like Arthur and Gwen's theme


How did you feel when you found out Merlin was ending?
I was NOT Amused. At all. "Merlin, Where are you going? Stay!!!!"

That was sooooooo much fun, thanks for doing the TAG Anna :) Don't forget about the Merlin Bulletin Board! :D

For the Love of Camelot!
I'm a sorcerer. I have magic.


  1. Ahh! I loved your answers! XD Oof, Elyan....*shakes head* Yeah...Morgana did get a tad....crazy..... *wink* Plus she did the "Dark Vader Choke" yeah. that just proves it. *grin*

    You're last two sentences of your post -- *sob* Merliiii-iiinnnnn!!!! *sniffle*

    Ooh Cendred.....yes. He was a cool bad-guy. *nod* RANDOM NERD FACT: did you know that his costume was so tight that he COULDN'T REACH THE SWORDS on his back, and they would have to stop the camera and have them pulled half-way-out so he could use them??? I laughed. Really hard. When I heard that. *grin* Easily amused, I am.

    Loved your answers!


  2. Okay, sorry I've been so horrible about participating.

    I did a post about days 2 and 3, though!

  3. Fun post, Bella. If I'd seen Merlin I might even participate in the party. But since I hazn't, that's sort of out of the question. :P


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