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Merlin Blog Party Day 3 ~ the Knights

 The Knights 

The Knights of Camelot are one of the many reasons I watch Merlin. They are all so brilliant! Each one has his own special side, each one has his own place. 

Leon - The Immortal Knight

Leon started out as a small, one line character with no name or value. But I still remember thinking he was the only knight worth mentioning. He was always there at Arthur's side long before any of the others came to Camelot. When there was a battle he fought until he could no longer lift his sword. He was my knight for a very long time. I wanted more of him. Which is why it was exciting when Leon started getting more lines and, finally, a name. He went from being a nobody to being Sir Leon! The 'Immortal Knight'. Honor itself :) My first knight! Of All the knights I'd want to meet him the most.

Lancelot - The Bravest of all Arthur's knights
We first meet Lancelot in Season 1. He saved Merlin's life and from that point on Sir Lancelot was flawless. at the end of the episode Lancelot discovers that Merlin has magic, becoming the only friend (besides Guais) Who knows Merlin for who he really is. Lancelot always treats Merlin with kindness and respect, even before he knows the truth. He is one of the very few people who is always nice to Merlin. I really liked that about him. 
Lancelot does fall in love with Gwen but when he realizes she and Arthur are in love he quietly leaves Camelot. He has no wish to come between them and believes that if they are happy that is all that matters. *tears* Lancelot returns a few more times and is finally knighted by Arthur. When a deadly enemy attacks Camelot Lanelot valiantly sacrifices his life to save the people of Camelot. Whatever happens after that meant nothing. I adore Sir Lancelot.

If BBC had left his story at that, all would have been well. But No, Lancelot had to live up to Legend. So Morgana brings his body back from the dead and pours herself into it, sending the 'clone' Lancelot into Camelot to bring down Arthur and Gwen. Gwen becomes enchanted and well.... lets just say I was not pleased. Legend is stupid. And Lancelot was NOT like that.

Gwaine - The Green Knight

If you've read Legend you may not like Gwaine. I know he was the best knight, at least according to my sisters, but Gwaine wasn't like that in the show. He reminds me shockingly of this guy

Yes, the hair and everything. Gwaine can be very brave but the more I find out about his character in Legend the more upset I am with what they did to him. Especially in the last episode.
I mean "I failed??? WHAT???!!!
He is amazing and I really like him, but he isn't really GWAINE. I think they should have given him some higher standards. That being said, He is good and I would call him a hero.


This knight is so Dang COOL!!!!!!!!! He is basically everything you need to say "Amazing" He does things like pick up FOUR CHILDREN during a BATTLE and take them to safety. THAT IS SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!

How can you Not love this???

He is willing to lay down his life for his friends, he is brave and self-sacrificing, he cares about the values of the kingdom, he knows where his loyalty lies. Also, his friendship with Gwaine is really cool. Its subtle but its there. I like friendship stories :-D And, like all tough guys, Percival has this soft side that is brilliant. I could rave about this amazing man ALL NIGHT, but instead I'll put everything I wish to say about him into one word; EPICNESS!!!!!

"We share a bond. It's greater than friendship....
I can't explain it...." - Arthur
I really love the camaraderie, between these men. They share a bond that is deeper than brotherhood, deeper than just 'friends' they truly do care about each other and love each other as only best friends can. So many people think 'love' means romance. But you can love someone and not be in love. At All. And the bond that the knights have between each other is amazing and certainly very strong. I adore them.

Who are your favorite Knights? Which knight would you like to meet? Put your answers on your blog then link them back to me :-) (Apologies for the late night posts. SCHOOL.)



  1. Awesome post, Bella! Yes. Leon...*giggle* The immortal knight. Even when he's killed he lives! *grin* Lancelot! Eek! Excited to see what else you have planned! *wink*


  2. OH yeah.. Gwaine in the legends..... I had to read "Sir Gwaine and the Green Knight" in was......interesting.... O.o He was tested by some magician dude or something and it was just awkward....

    Sorta like how the legends are actually wrong about Lancelot and Gwen. *nod* at least, that's what I'm going with. *grin*

    ~Me, again


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