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I never know Why. I only know Who.

I must apologize. My computer is having serious problems loading Google Chrome I haven't been able to even open Chrome for Days. At first it was just hiccups, it would freeze up and stuff, but now it won't even stay open, every time I open a new tab a little alert pops up "Google Chrome has stopped working" I'm a bit worried about this so I've been running scans. Because of this, I've resorted to using Internet Explorer which is a bit rusty :-/ At least it gets the work done, right? Explorer is my friend!

SPOILERS! f you haven't seen The Snowmen, tread carefully! (I will do a post on "the Bells of Saint John" tomorrow or the next day)
The Snowmen
Just so you know, I'm still a struggling with Pond Depression. This Clara and Doctor thing is going to take lot of getting used to.

Okay, so Clara Oswald is not a Pond. I'm sorry she just isn't. she is cute, she's clever, she's good. But she isn't a Pond. She's just not.

THAT ASIDE! Clara is pretty cool. Yes, I used the word cool. No need to make that much fuss about it. I'm not saying she's replacing Amy, No One could do that, but I surprised myself by really liking her. Victorian Clara is a bit weird though. I liked modern Clara better. I'm not sure what is was about her that annoyed me. She wasn't a Pond? She was a waitress pretending to be a governess? She was a bit obnoxious? She kissed the Doctor? I dunno. She was just weird. I'll give you a rough outline of the plot

It's Christmas. With the snow comes a sinister villain called "the Intelligence." Which is creating psychic link on earth, enabling it to mimic and whatever you are thinking. It has linked itself into almost every single human around the planet. But where is the Doctor in all this? He has locked himself away from the world, refusing to interfere with the affairs of earth or any other planet. Instead, he lives a life a solitude. 
Clara happens upon the Doctor one night after witnessing the mysterious appearance of a snowman in front of her eyes. Intrigued by his mystery she follows him. But can the Doctor be persuaded to help Earth once again?

 Okay, so I was really emotional when I watched this and it didn't help that the Doctor was acting all closed off and lonely, up in his cloud with no wish to help anyone. It was like Ten on a bad day.


 Poor Doctor :'( The thing that really struck me is that he now wears Amy's glasses whenever he is reading. It makes me feel really sad inside.

When the episode opens, you learn Clara is a governess of two children. After meeting the Doctor, she return home where one of the children tells her about 'nightmares.'

Its our old governess. The one that froze in the pond. She's coming out to get us, because she's cross. She breaking the ice and coming out.
 After discovering that the pond really is thawing,  Clara tries to find the Doctor' again. Vashta (lizard women) sees Clara searching and takes Clara aside for a little chat.
Why do you think he'd help you?
The Doctor is not kind. The Doctor does not help people.
Not anyone, not ever. He stands above this world and does not interfere with the affairs of its inhabitants. He is not your salvation, nor your protector.
He was different once, a long time ago. Kind, yes. a Hero even. A savior of worlds. But he suffered losses which hurt him, and now he prefers isolation to the possibility of pains return. 
Vashta then gives Clara a test. She tell Clara to explain to the Doctor about danger and why he must help them; but to do it in one word. One, simple word. Guess which word she uses?
After he hears this word the Doctor really has no choice and starts investigating and trying to save the world. Clara helps him and together they find out what is really going on; The intelligence is creating a new people from the DNA of the frozen governess and want to change all the snowmen into this 'new people.' The frozen governess is becoming human through the psychic link with the snow.
Doctor and Clara are being chased by the governess and rush up to the cloud where Clara finds herself running into the TARDIS. When she steps inside she has to be different and instead of saying "its bigger on the inside!" which is cool, she says;
 Ooooh Clever, clever Clara, you are just soooo special. *Coughs in annoyance* Actually it was pretty clever to make her different in that respect. But I didn't think of it like that when she said it. That's when the Doctor invites her to travel with him and gives her the TARDIS key.

This is me. Giving in.
This is where I started crying. Just as the Doctor was beginning to hope again,the frozen governess finds his hiding place and his newest friend was literally pulled away from him and then fell off a cloud in a very Pond-like Fashion. (that is the frozen governess there. She was the one who pulled Clara off)

Then the Doctor shouts her name, just like he shouted Amy's name and that was really upsetting. I mean, AGAIN?! Geesh! Moffat is just evil. Its really sweet though, because as she's 'dying' Clara talks to the Doctor. He promises to save the world, for her, if she promises to come away with him. She, of course, agrees.
After that there is the whole long convoluted ending and Clara ends up defeating the Intelligence and the snow by crying. Because of the psychic link between the human minds and the snow, her tears create rain and are able to destroy the snow and its master. When he tastes salt in the rain, The Doctor rushes back just in time to see Clara before she dies.
We saved the world, Clara.We really, really did.
are you going back.... to your cloud?
No. No more cloud. Not now.
Why not?
It rained.

 Clara looks at the Doctor and smiles a little. And then she says,
Run, you clever boy. And remember.
By repeating the last words of Oswin, Clara again awakes the Doctor's suspicion that she and Oswin (Assylum of the Daleks) are the same girl. Later, when The Doctor visits her grave and it has the name CLARA OSWIN OSWALD on it, he realizes with a jolt that she really and truly is the one and the same Oswin!
It was her. It was souffle girl... it was souffle girl again! The same women, twice! and she died both times!......Something impossible is happening, something completely impossible.......
Doctor, what is it? Where are you going?
 I'm going to find her! I'm going to find Oswin!
As the TARDIS spins off we get a flash-forward into modern day history where two dark haired girls are walking through a grave yard. One of the girls says, "Lets get out. Doesn't it scare you?" at which point the other girl turns around and says;
No. I don't believe in ghosts.


All in all, I was quite pleased with this Christmas Special. It was really sweet and good and after watching "the Bells of Saint John" I like Clara a lot more than I thought I would. Modern Clara is really sweet. She'll never be Amy and Rory but I like her and I'm looking forward to more episodes of the New Season.

Right then, Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are.
Before I go, I'm going to share some truly exciting news for all you Whovians out there. BBC has confirmed that Billie Piper and David Tennant WILL BE RETURNING for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, as Rose Tyler and The Doctor. They will be starring alongside Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith.
So everyone knows that Rose is my special companion, (She is tied for favorite with the Ponds) so when I heard this, I totally freaked out and started running about the house getting all fangirly. The fact that Ten is also returning is exciting too! He was a good Doctor, even if he isn't my favorite. You've gotta love him. And maybe this means we'll be able to see how Rose/HumanDoctor are doing in their parallel world. Do they have a family? Do they still travel?On that note, do any of you have theories on how they could come back? Maybe they break through the parallel world? maybe a timey-wimey thing happens? What do you think? OH! Pete Tyler may also make an appearance, though this has not yet been confirmed, just hinted. STILL!!! *crosses fingers*
How many of you are looking forward to the 50th??! Raise your hand!! *RAISES BOTH OF MINE*
God Bless!



    Seriously, I am SO pumped. Now just as long as Moffat doesn't do anything stupid and like, kill one of them or split them up or something. NOOOOO. I want to see them happy together.

    Happy, happy sigh. So happy. (And I want them to have a cutesy baby. Because that would make me so happy). Either way, I want them to kiss at least once. We were way cheated, IMO, just having that one, and when I was so upset about Ten still being alone. Wasn't able to enjoy it. We need a good 'un. ;)

    1. I know what you mean. Rose and Ten were really great and I still miss them sometimes. I like 11 a bit more than 10 because 11 is more like 9 who is my favorite, and I LOVE Amy and Rory, but I am WAY THRILLED to see "the stuff of Legend" returning! I hope we get to see a baby too :) And we should hear all about their life!!

      MOFFAT DON'T YOU DARE!!! Amy and Rory were bad enough! DON'T YOU DARE!

    2. Alexandra I'm fairly certain that it's the Doctor and Rose from S2 we'll be seeing and not Rose and that Human Doctor from Journey's End. So they definitely wouldn't have a cutesy baby and they probably wouldn't kiss. But I'm absolutely fine with that because I want the real 10th Doctor back not some lame human wannabee : )

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  3. Hey! How are you? It's been forever since we talked, but I didn't want to interrupt your blog party. And how did that go??


    1. Oh I know, and I'm so sorry! It went really well :D I hope everything is going okay with you and I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I still look at your blog :)

  4. My computer is a geek. When chrome crashes on mine it says, "He's dead, Jim." Still, having your internet acting up isn't nice. I hope it behaves soon.

    I really like Clara. She isn't a Pond, as you said, but I think she is fun and sweet and will be a lot of fun with the Doctor. (And I want her Victorian dress.)
    But what is it with Moffat and shoving people off of tall heights to their deaths?! Something is wrong with that man.

    I am SOOOO excited to have Ten back. Rose, not as much....I was a Donna fan more then Rose - naughty, I know. I wish she could come back too, and get her memory back. After all the crazy holes they've fixed over the years you'd think they could fix her. And now she's married and Ten is 11 so she wouldn't want to travel with him so it would be fine to have her come back. And Nine! I'm still heart broken Nine turned down the 50th!!! WHY?! I love Nine, he was like...Kind of like Howl. He thought himself charming and amazing but without being annoying about it. Just like, "Oh, you think I'm cool? I already know that, so listen to me!" *Sigh* I was hoping to see all three of them together. (And Four, they should bring him back too. I've been watching some with him, he was wonderful!!)

    Anyways, there is my rant.


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