Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Then I shall wish everyone a happy Winds-day..."

Obviously I've been watching too much Doctor Who. While hanging up clothes today I found these markings etched on my closet wall. THE SILENCE* WAS HERE!!!
I have no idea who did this or how long its been there, but its still eerie.

2) I watched the ending episode of Psych; season 6. CLIFF-HANGER! Seriously, what was that about anyway? At any rate, Season 7 is being awaited with baited breath and a good deal of excitement. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!
Today is Wednesday so here are a few weird things....
meanwhile in Canada......
Can you believe this?!
I actually learned how to write Fish fingers and custard in Gallifreyan! :)

You're welcome. It took me forever to verify that that really is fish fingers and custard. It is! Oh, having a bad day in math? this ought to cheer you up. 

And the poem "Demons Run"!!!!!!! omgosh this is so much fun :) 

anyway, I've obviously been having waaayy too much fun lately. upon researching the Gallifreyan language further I discovered a core of classic AND new Whovians who have banded together to study this fictional language. This sight was so interesting that I spent a bit too much time on it and ... *ehem* anyway, during my research I found an old letter written by the Doctor in one of the classic shows. It is written in Gallifreyan. See his signature at the bottom? 

literal translation: 
'To the Castellan of the Chancellery Guard
I have good reason to think that the life of his Supremacy the President is in grave Danger. Do not ignore this warning. 
~The Doctor'

Gallifreyan is quite an interesting language to say the least. It has 7 prime or 'base' numbers which are simply rearranged to create other numbers. Rather like English when you put together seven, eight, and four to make 784. They have prime symbols which can be shadowed or turned differently to make the sentence mean something else. Cool, right? maybe I'll do a post on Gallifreyan some day :) 

And then there's this picture. 

To finish off I here is a song that I find amusing. Please enjoy :)

God Bless!
*Silence are monsters in Doctor Who. The minute you look away, you forget everything about them. So in order to remember that they saw them, the characters mark themselves


  1. Hey! It's been a while since I've heard from you : )

    I'm glad you like my GIF icons; I think GIFs are now going to be part of my layout themes : )

    Yah! I'm glad you're a Narnia fan! Which is your favorite book? Mine is "The Magician's Nephew," followed by "The Voyage of The Dawn Treader."

    Oz was a fantastic movie! You strike me as the fantasy type of person and if you enjoy Merlin and Narnia, you will definitely love it.

    To answer your question, I'm doing well. School is almost over!! Only 6 more weeks!! What about you?


    1. By the way, do you have a Pinterest?

  2. RUN, BELLA, RUN!!!! The Silence is out to get you!
    "Haven't you ever heard of downloads?" "Said Winston Churchill."

    Who is the grinning man?

    Psych...cliff hanger...I KNOW, RIGHT!?!

  3. Psych was a nice way to do a show. It wasn't sad. Maybe because it wasn't from the England place.

    Yes! You should do a post about Martin! I like him!


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