Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exciting News

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That's right, seven whole days of Merlin geeki-ness. If you would kindly spread this about I would be most grateful :) I will put up the rules on the day before. It should be fun!

Also, I have good news and bad news. Good News; Sunday is EASTER people!! Lent is almost over, Deo Gratias! I am going back to BLACK COFFEE and CHOCOLATE. The Bad News; Unfortunately, two of my sisters and both my nieces have Strep Throat. So I've been rushing about spraying the house with Lysol, washing my hands, and rinsing my throat with Listerine and spraying everything with germ killer. So far? So good.

I finished Martin the Warrior.He is quite the heroic little mouse. The ending had me in tears - again - but Really? I've been missing out. I'll have to do a book report and fan-rave a bit. Mossflower, here I come!

I watched the 1st episode of Psych; Season 7. I won't give off any spoilers but I am going to say, Shawn if freakin' AWESOME when he is angry. I think I love him.

And, to my own surprise, I would really like to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special. 

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Its been over 5 weeks since I've watched a New Doctor Who. I'm just really Time-travel starved. I've resigned myself to the fact that Clara is not the Ponds and have decided to that if this new version of her is like Oswin, whom we met in The Asylum of the Daleks, I will like her. She won't be a POND, but I bet she'll be good. Maybe. I'll give her a chance. Afterall, maybe one of Clara's season will see the return of The Last Centurion and The Girl Who Waited *crosses fingers*

That's all for now. Have a good rest of the week. And don't forget about the Merlin Blog Party!

God Bless!

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    Yes, yes, yes, yes yes!! *does a jig*

    1. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!! MERLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, that's interesting. Is this your own Blog party? I love your button!

    And, I haz given thee a blog award. Aren't I NICE that way?

    1. you are nice, thank you :) it is my blog party! Will you join?

  3. If I watched more Merlin, I would do this. But having only seen the first series, I think not. :( You should have waited until this summer. I will watch them by summer, I think. lol. :D

    Have funnnnz


Oi, what are you.... Oh, you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.

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Pile of good things