Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Randoms sharings, Flying kites and Just One More Tag

I have decided that I quite enjoy Wanted; Dead or Alive. I've always liked the Wild West - who doesn't? - and I love Steve Mcqueen. He is so cool! There is a charm about him, you can't help but like him. I'm not a Wantedhard (Wanted fan) or anything, I just really like them.

Though I haven't seen it in a while, I want to say that Ramona and Beezus is really, really cute. It has the perfect amount of comedy with just a dash of romance and a bit of wild salt thrown in. The actress they got for Ramona is absolutely brilliant, showing Ramona, not as a naughty girl, but simply as a girl with a bit too much energy and a knack for getting in trouble. Beezus was wonderful too, Selena did a good job acting liked the slightly annoyed older sister. I thought their relationship was super sweet and wholesome. I also loved how simple and real the family was. Its a great family movie, one I'd recommend for everyone

Giving BBC and its Sorrows a rest, my sisters and I decided to watch the final of Leverage (which was brilliant!) and, before Lent, we had a Psych Marathon. You have to be a bit careful with this show, it is usually clean but every now and then you get a bad episode, which is never fun.

I forgot how much fun Shawn and Gus are. They are just so odd and uninhibited. Sean and Gus are me and my sister, Christina. I'm Shawn. He is so me  
should I worry about this? 

*Everyone I know* 

I don't think I should worry about it. I like Shawn a lot so being like him doesn't worry me much. I'll just be a little more mellow is all
I'm on my way with the Brian Jacques Challenge! Martin the Warrior is AWESOME and I already half-way through. I have read it before but this time I love it all the more. I have quite fallen for Martin - again - and I adore Rose. *Sigh*
I finished my first ever fan video. It is , very short, a test-run type, to the poem from Doctor Who "Demons Run when a good man Goes to War." Because it is Lent I shan't be able to work on the Real music video as much as I'd like, but I hope to have it finished in a couple weeks. If I am feeling brave and adventurous, and i if I get enough requests, I may even *giggles nervously* post it.

My family went out and had a lovely day in the meadow with kites and crispy ice. There is still snow everywhere so we had to stand on frozen snow. In the cold. With buckle shoes and sweaters and a terrible wind. But the kites did soar for us and it was grand fun anyway. We came home to meet pizza.

One last thing before I go. I had every intention on letting all tags collect dust. I still do. But I made and exception for this one.
This tag is from Kat over at World Crafter, so before I give the tag game a long rest I was going to do her interesting and surprisingly fun tag :-) I have to do SIX questions and four random facts about myself. 
Questions -

1) Which book would you describe yourself to be? (are you a fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian etc.)

Probably a fantasy. I'm a very fairy-tale like person.

2) What would you be likelier to do? Order a coffer in a British accent or pretend to be deaf when someone talks to you.

My British accent is a bit rubbish so probably I'd play deaf. That's new.

 3) A complete stranger walks up to you. Do you (a) react instantly and punch him in the face before he has a chance to introduce himself? (b) step back and wait to see if he's hostile before punching (c) go all coward and run away, screaming like a banchee?
I'd step back and wait to see if he's hostile before punching. 

4) would you prefer to be sick with the flu or a shockingly bad case of strep throat?

  What kind of question is that!!? The flu is terrible but strep throat? If it was a light flue then I'd take the flu. I have never had Strep but I've heard it is horrible. Plus you are ALWAYS swallowing which must be just miserable.

5) If YOU could be a superhero what type would you like to be?

The Doctor type. A sort of, partly crazy, thief like superhero with a lot of spunk, the ability to fly and the ability to create fire. Lots of fire. Like this -

"I say you're gonna die. You sing FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!"
 *My apologies if you got that*

Someone yells "OBEY!" What is the first thing you think of? 

Four Totally Random Facts

1) I laugh at inappropriate times. Someone will say something awful and I'll start laughing because of how they said it. Person "A man drown in his private pool" Me - "Hehehehe"

2) when I was little I tried to persuade my neighbors and friends that I was shy. I swore it up and down. I got over that. Now I'm more like - "Hello world! I'm Bella and I'm Bold."
3) I can list all 50 states of America without falter!

4) I have a bad habit of drifting off into acting day-dreams. I'll just suddenly start acting for no reason. I'm odd that way.

Now for my six questions

1) If a friend asked you to go with them to another country for six months to a year, would you?
2)Does the word "Saxon" feel you with fear and dread?
3)Which bedroom do you belong in? A) The Flowery type b) the Simple and interesting type C) or the White-walls-clean-dresser type.
4) Who is your favorite Avenger?
5) You are in Starbucks. A stranger offer to buy your coffee for you. Do you accept?
6) Who was the 21st President of the United States? 

I don't know how many people I'm suppose to tag. I'll tag Cait and Mime and Eowyn and, if she wants to do one Alexandra
Adios to all of youse. Probably no Weird Wednesday this week. I need to make some changes to that day anyway. Sorry of all you.

God Bless!
Bella ~

Oi, what are you.... oh you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.


  1. Yikes. What kind of questions is "strep throat or stomach flu"???!! I've had something similar to strep throat (couldn't speak or swallow for weeks) and it was awful. But I can already answer the Avenger question...Iron Man! :P Plus I wouldn't let a stranger buy me coffee. I don't even let my family buy me coffee. Some things you do yourself, eh? xD

    I've never seen Psych, but I LOVE Ramona And Beezus. It's such a good movie, I laughed the whole way through (except about Picky Picky *sniff*).

    1. I KNOW! I had such trouble answering that question. EEK!! Another Iron Man fan!! Isn't Tony awesome? I love Captain America too, he has a special place - but Iron Man is my Avenger. ( I love each avenger differently to be honest. I even like Hulk - he was cool and sweet) I might let a stranger buy me coffee. It depends on how strange this stranger was.

      Psych is good, just be careful with it!

      Adios amigo!

    2. Aw, Hulk is great! I really like his movie and I wished they'd got the same actor to play in The Avengers from The Incredible Hulk. He made a better Hulk (or so I think). Thor is better in The Avengers then in his movie. Argh, he was annoying to begin with! As for Capsicle...eep, not my favourite. o.O Don't throw things! :P AND GO BLACK WINDOW!!!!!!

      *random rant of fandomness finished* Thank you.

  2. You are not more mellow than Shawn, Bella. The only reason you're better behaved is because you know what we will do to you if you're not. :)

    But I like Ramona and Beezus. Cuuute moveh.

  3. SURPRISINGLY fun tag? SURPRISINGLY? Seriously? That surprised you?!? My tags are ALWAYS fun! ;)

    1. I was surprised by your ingenuity. :D Your questions were totally different

  4. Steve McQueen is pretty awesome. He's my absolute favorite in the Great Escape, (Which you really should watch, by the way,) and he's cool as a cowboy. :)

    I have to be honest, you don't really remind me of Shawn. At all, really. :D But that might just be me. You remind me so much more of Jane in the Penderwicks. *Nods*


  5. I had to sit and ponder for a while what actress you remind me of. You are so YOU that I couldn't...
    You're sort of a mic of Glenda in Wicked, combined with a dash of Kari from the Incredible s, stirred with a pinch of Parker from Leverage, and served on a platter of looks-a-bit-like Ellie Fanning!
    There you go. You're welcome. ;)

    1. I am scrambled eggs served with Pepper jack cheese, cocoa and carmel with whipped cream for dessert :D *I* remind me of Shawn. I could be a Shawn but I have sisters to calm me. I am also like Jane though. I actually took a "Which Harry Potter Character are you?" test. I got Luna, the girls with the glasses. On "Which Doctor Who character are you?" I got River Song. On others I've gotten Rose or Amy. I am also Pippin and test results on Psych showed Shawn :) I am odd. Who is Ellie Fanning and is this a compliment? Thanks for the other characters. "How do you like your sisters?" "Scrambled with a dash of cinnamon"

      Thank you for the lovely comments. A post so amazing you commented TWICE

  6. My family watched Ramona and Beezus. The little kid who played Ramona was awesome :D She was very Ramona-ish. It's nice when the movie character is exactly like the book character.

    Ah, PSYCH. My favorite.

    1. Hello Lydia. How do you enjoy my blog? Psych is so amazing :) "This is my partner, Control Alt Delete"
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see more of you :)

  7. There is no way to describe how much I giggled when Shawn and Gus started doing the Peanuts dance. Those were, are, some of my favourite cartoons.

    Stevie McQueen. Wasn't he the fellow in The Great Escape? The cool one on the motorcycle who almost got away in the end?

    And don't be so hard on yourself. Finishing a book at all is an amazing feat. A lot of people never even finish one.


Oi, what are you.... Oh, you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.

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Pile of good things