Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've made some adjustments

It is Weird Wednesday! Tra-la-la-la. Before I start, I need to say that I have tweaked this particular day.

1) It is not just going to be about WEIRD ME. I can see that could get very out-of-hand and boring. Instead I will post on facts that I found strange as well as odd pictures or movies.

2) This doesn't mean I won't EVER post about my weirdness. I will, but only when I think it is truly worth mentioning - Only when I think it will be entertaining *grin*

3) It won't be annual. Sorry. I just am not going to do a weird post every week. I'm odd but not THAT odd.

I found it interesting......

As Treski once stated, Carriwitchet is a word. It means puzzling. "That was quite a Carriwitchet of a problem." Feel clever?

The majority of the public doesn't know what "Quavered" means.

No word in the English language rhymes with silver.

Giraffes  are unable to cough - (Stone me if I'm wrong. My friend told me this. I looked it up and it seems legit.)

Cursive writing is no longer taught in the vast majority public schools. Kids now days our only taught to write their name- their signature - in cursive. nothing else.

In my opinion, the hardest thing about acting is the Getting-into-character- part. After that it is pretty easy.

I am going to learn to say (or write) "Fish fingers and Custard" in Gallifreyan..... if I can.

I'm writing a play AND a book.

I've made another music video. I'll post it next time. I might do that periodically. 

This is for Treski. I hope she likes it. *SMILES HUGELY*

You're welcome. 


Oi, what are you....oh you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! But, um, I sort of stalk them.


  1. Beep beep. Beep beep. His horn went beep, beep, beep!

    And yes, I did remember the lyrics, and I AM so proud! (That's for Treskie, who will be by later with a snarky comment, I'm sure.)

  2. Is that for me because I'm learning how to drive? HEY, BUUUUDDYY, HOW CAN I GET THIS CAR.... OOOUUUUT OOOOOFFFF SSEEEEEECCOOOOOOOONDD GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR!!!? Which is how I feel sometimes. ;)

    As for you, Kat, I am not *always* snarky.

    Your music videos are actually pretty good. So there. :)

  3. Your video...or my wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!! It was beautiful and that song was perfect! You really need to see Downton Abbey, I mean it's not Merlin, Dr. Who, or Sherlock, but if you love history, especially Edwardian/WWI history, I think you would enjoy it.

    Can I put this video on my site? I'll give you credit, of course.


    1. yes of course you can :) Its your video - and I am soooo glad you liked it.

      I want to see Downtown Abbey - maybe after Lent


Oi, what are you.... Oh, you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.

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Pile of good things