Friday, February 8, 2013

Do ALL The Tags!

It's Friday and I am back, as I promised I would be. I was going to do a long probably boring post on random stuff but  Teresa over at Occassional Randomness tagged and awarded me!

So instead of doing my original, probably boring post, I will do the Tag instead. I feel like I've been doing nothing but tags since I started blogging, lol :) I wonder why I am so popular.

*Acknowledge the Person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
*Include the award Logo on your blog
*Answer the ten questions posted below
*Make up your own ten questions for the next people
*Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you select is up to  you.
*Notify each individual that you have nominated them. 

So no random "I AM SO WEIRD" facts. Good. I'll start with the questions from Treski -

1) Do You like Waffles?

It really depends on my mood and the Day.
2) What does the word "DooooWEEEEOOOOO" mean to you?

DoctOR WHOOOO!!!DoDOOOOOOOooooo... It also makes me remember that I saw "Angels Take Manhattan"last night and I couldn't stop crying, especially near the end.

*Sniffle* I shall never forgive Moffat for this. Never in all of Time and Space. He is cruel and he is trying to destroy the hearts of Whovians :'(
Back to questions -

3) How tall are you?

Um last time I measured I was 5 foot nothing. But that was a while back. Still I'm pretty short.

4) On a scale of one to Ten with Ten being the greatest, how much do you need coffee?
I'll say TwoTwo is a good number. Can I have TWO? *cough*nine*Cough, cough*

5) Would you like a Hiddleston Hug?
Oh, Yes PLEASE. that'd be lovely!

6) On an average how many books a year do you read?

Some number over 100. I read Quite often actually.

7) Whose your favorite musical Artist?

I'm going to say Josh Groban. He is amazing. As is his new CD *eep*

8) How do you feel about black and white movies?

I think there was a lot of good in black and white's and sometimes they are THE movies to watch.  Its a Wonderful Life, Vivacious Lady, The Artist... I enjoy them.

9) Favorite Type of food?

My food types vary. I like Italian a lot - I'll say Italian but I need other styles mixed in. I can't have JUST ITALIAN all week.

10) Can you count to five..... in Swahili

Now for my questions!

1) can you fry an egg in a storm at sea while the vessel is under attack?

2) have you ever started a TV show thinking you'd hate it and fall in love with it?

3) Is there a death of a fictional character you still have not gotten over?

4) Do you know why you should never let go of your blanket in outer space?

5) Have you ever done school in your pajama's?

6) What is your view on worms?

7) Have you ever wanted to trade places with your friend for a day?

8) Would you really throw a dart on a map and travel to where it landed?

9) Do you like the TV show "Merlin"?

10) What did you do on 12/21/12, the day the Earth 'should have' ended?

I tag -

I swear, you patient readers, I will not have a tag next time. Next time things will be different. (Ugg I sound like someone in a movie trailer)

God Bless!

Oi, what are you....Oh you just want to comment? Then that's okay, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.


  1. Thanks for tagging me! I'm glad you enjoy my site, I just wish it was little more popular. Getting comments and feedback from people always make my day.

    Oh! You have only 9 questions up there!


  2. I love your answer to number 10. Exactly!! :D

    1. thx I didn't even know that language existed!

  3. Psych is good for drowning BBC sorrows, or any kind of sorrow for that matter. And there were a lot of BBC sorrows this year.
    I like Shawn best. Gus is fun, but Shawn is a very cool character. And I adore Jules. She is the first girl character I like everything about. She's amazing, I'm still in awe over how well done she is.
    Oh, and I LOVE the chief! I saw the one last night where she has her baby, and Lassie was acting like the dad. Talking to it and all, and she goes, "That's great. Can I hold my baby now?"
    Lassie is fun as well. I like him. (Because I didn't watch them in order until now, thanks to a friend of mine, I know all about his wife and feel bad for him. But it cracks me up when he gets into his depressed moods and sulks around snapping at everyone till he gets out of them.) And he is a lot of fun with Jules.

    My characters always surprise me. I don't know what I'd do if they stopped. I do wish they would stop dying when I don't want them to though.

    Oh my! I accadently bought Josh Groabn's new CD, long story, but I am glad. It was a nice kind of accadent. It is amazing!!! I didn't think I'd like it much, but it is one of my...okay, forget that. All his CD's are my favourites. He has a great voice, wonderful songs, and he's cool. (I mean, he watches Star Trek, the old ones - dead certain about this - and he watches Downton Abbey. Any chap who watches BBC is cool.) Also, he dresses up like the man from Blue's Clues. (Which always has made me wonder, how does he even know about Blue's Clues. He is like, 31, and has no little nephews or nieces. {Side note, I only know about them because I babysat. *Whistles*}) Okay, now I need to stop sounding like a stalker.

  4. Bella, you haz yet another blog award, if you wants it, precious. :)

    1. Okay but I'm going to wait a bit to do another tag :) thanks


Oi, what are you.... Oh, you just want to comment? Then that's fine, please do! I love comments! but, um, I sort of stalk them.

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Pile of good things