Monday, January 28, 2013

I am definitely a mad man with a blue box!

I am many things. Such as an Oddling - (one who is Odd) a Merkin, an eccentric actress, a Sherlockian, a homeschooler... the list just keeps going! But there is  one particular thing that I am very proud to be. And that is a Whovian.

  I became a Whovian over the summer when some friends lent my family the 1st season of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. From the moment he said "Run for your life!" He was my favorite. I didn't think much of the episodes - (Slitheen? Really?) But I really loved the Doctor and his companion.

I don't know how many people loved Rose right off, but I was one of them. She was super cute, really funny and rather bold. I thought she was a good character and just about cheered when she accepted the Doctor's offer - "Come with me."

   "Bad Wolf... I've heard that before."

Come on, how can you not like Rose Tyler? She is so cute and wonderful. She had this sass about her - she didn't take crap from anyone. one of her best lines was; "As for you Mr. Connolly... only an idiot hangs the Union Flag upside down. Shame on you!" So yeah, amazingly fantastic, Rose was a winner from the start. Plus, she has a great scarf :)

Nine's regeneration had me in tears - I wished he had had more time on Doctor Who. He was so fantastic!  MY Doctor. There were these moments in the last two where I kept thinking "Ooooooh my gosh he is the most amazing Doctor EVER!" I loved it when he got angry - especially when it was because Rose had been hurt. I loved how defensive and protective he was of her. He was The Best! The thing was, when he changed he was happy. He had Rose, he had his TARDIS, he was content. He seemed to accept himself and just 'let' himself change for the better. It was sad but not horrible. His last words were - "Rose Tyler, you were fantastic. Absolutely Fantastic. And you know what? So was I!" then he smiled.                 

       That smile made me feel sad inside. He looks so happy yet in seconds he wans't going to be him anymore. he was going to change and be different and I didn't want that. At all.  But for all my protests it happened anyway. Along came Ten.

 I actually had a hard time getting used to Ten for the first couple episodes... he was so not Nine! As Rose says "You are so different..." However by the end of the second season liked him and thought he was a very good Doctor.  

The Thing about Ten was that he always had sad endings. EVERYONE Died around Ten. He had three separate companions, Rose, Martha and Donna and he ended up losing each one in a terrible way. This made it difficult - every season ended with sobbing. I grew to love Ten but by the end of his run he was so heartbroken that I kept crying. Then he regenerated but he didn't want to regenerate, he didn't want to change. He was just miserable. So was every Whovian out there. (probably) It was upsetting and I hated it.

Donna Noble                                          Martha Jones

Whovian Confession! I thought I'd hate the next Doctor. *guiltily rubs hands* This was mostly because I'd heard a lot of bad reviews on Eleven. The people who didn't hate him said "He's good, but he isn't Nine or Ten." Some of them said "I like him but he isn't David Tennant." Most people just said he was a bad Doctor and they didn't care for him. So I went in thinking he was terrible.

Then this man popped out of the TARDIS

can I have an apple???

And I liked him instantly. He was just like Nine - crazy and wild and very, very strange. 

By the end of this scene I had decided Eleven was brilliant. I also liked his companion, Amelia Pond. She was so cute :-) He meets her when she is just a little girl and comes back for her when she grows up.... (Time-travel, sometimes bad things happen.) For the first couple of episodes its just Amy and The Doctor, but then Amy's fiance, Rory Williams, comes along. He is THE GREATEST! I don't know if I would like either Amy or Rory as much as I do if they didn't have the other - Rory completes Amy and she completes him. They are adorable together and I love them. They are tied with Rose for Best Companions. EVER!!!

Eleven is now my 2nd favorite Doctor. He is like Nine only younger and a bit crazier. I'll probably watch him the most because he has the best seasons, they have better plots and effects and better villains. With all that aside, Eleven is pretty wonderful.... I do not know why he gets as much hate as he does - I think people should stop saying he is bad just because he isn't Tennant or Eccleston. Matt Smith is doing a very good job and I love him. He is usually crazy and cheerful but he has 'sad' eyes - old eyes. Through them you can sometimes see his buried frustration and grief surfacing - especially in tense or frightening moments. He also gets angry the same way Nine did. Coldly, quietly, deadly. If he is angry with you, basically run. Run for your life. He is a brilliant friend but a terrible enemy.. This goes for any Doctor really. Be his friend and you will be safe. *Nod*

                                                 Cutie :-)                                      .    

Before I go I should mention one more brilliant companion. A girl who is wild and unpredictable  the same girl who brought Men in Black from 2064 to my door. The wonderful - RIVER SONG!

Hello Sweetie....

River Song first appeared in an episode with Ten. I won't tell you what happens - spoilers- but lets just say it was sort of sad. Whovian Confession - I hated River Song at first. I dunno why, I just hated her. She was just another extra; a one-episode friend that Doctor Ten lost. She was rather... Eh. BUT THEN !!!!!!! *gasp* I saw "The Pandorica Opens." River is such a great character in that one - she even blows up a Dalek! She keeps getting better after that, each episode you like her more. She is a sort of ex-criminal with a dash of cool and well-she's River. I went back and watched her 'first' episode. SUDDENLY SAD! Poor River :'(  I wonder why I ever hated her.  As a bonus, she and the Doctor and really funny together 

Doctor-"She doesn't mind killing which should bother me...but I like it."

River _ "Thank you sweetie."

For anyone who hasn't watched Doctor Who I would definitely recommend it. Just start with the Ninth Doctor, give them a chance and you will probably love it! (no pressure or insult if you don't) that is what I did, and look how I turned out? *Smile* One day I may watch a few Classical's... but they look pretty silly so I dunno how soon that will be.

 Just remember this is Sci-fi, so they will have evolutionary references and anti-God plots every now and again. In Seasons 1-4 that doesn't happen often, but in Seasons 5 and 6 it happens a bit more. Just think "Oh whatever, its Sci-f, its a Stupid thing about Doctor Who" and you'll be fine
Now, for your pleasure with the courtesy of TARDIS Visual Records, I have a video to present

Now I must go, my planet needs me.Goodbye

God Bless

 Demons run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies, night will fall and the Dark will rise
When a Good Man goes. to. War.

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  1. I really like that quote at the end! I'd seen it on pinterest and then figured out it was from Dr Who (I haven't seen any Dr Who). It's a really cool quote! And nice post, even though I don't watch Dr was very interesting! :D

    1. You should try it out. It is amazing and I love it. It isn't just fun and games - it can also be very sad

  2. Eleven is MY Doctor. He is the first one I was introduced to, so his were the first series I watched. Those who say bad things about Eleven suffer my wrath. :)

    1. You are so right. Eleven. Is. COOL. People who say otherwise are not true Whovians - they are poop-heads. *Frowns*

  3. Wow. Nice post, Bella, dear. I LURVE Nine and Eleven... I really love Ten too, But yeah. His episodes do leave me feeling depressed a lot. :D

  4. You have a blog now, bella. And I do too. So now we can comment to each other.

    I like doctor Who too and I like all the Doctors. I liked Rose better when she was with Nine, but I liked her later too and all the other ones but I like Rory best because he is aboy companion and the Doctor needed a boy one. And Jack wasn't around much, Captain Jack, not my Jack. And 11 is funny and weird and I like funny and weird.
    Which is why I like my Jack

    1. Hello John

      I am glad you stopped by :D I love Rory too he is the best 'man' companion ever. I hated Captain Jack from the start, he is such a flirt and he's too 'fake' looking. I just Can't like him. I did try. Rose on the other hand, Rose was brilliant. Some people hate her so I think they are dumb.

      Has you and Jack seen a Show called "Once Upon a Time"? I heard from my sister that it is good and I want to see it, mostly for a man called Rumpelstiltskin.

      I wish I could meet your Jack. We are becoming quite the Blogger-pals. One day we should meet in a library - not a silent one though.

      Adios amigo!

  5. I do love doctor Eleven. There, I said it. *Grin.* I think the companions had a lot to do with that. :D Amy and Rory are awesome.
    There is something about Eleven that is very endearing. I'm the closest thing to being a whovian as I've ever been.
    I loved Nine, I REALLY liked Ten and Eleven has some of the best plots...


  6. The best part of Doctor Who is there is a Doctor for everyone to understand and relate to. I always related well to Nine. I am kind of like him, (The Sherlock type of personality.) Clueless to emotions, somewhat gloomy, quiet, withdrawn. Ten I think I had such a fondness for was because my sister fell in love with him and I love his friendship with Donna. (I adore friendship stories.)
    But 11, there is something about him. He is like this wonderful mix. Childish, almost cruel sometimes, brilliant, dim. As if he has been through so much pain and wishes to hid it under laughter and childlike wonder. Nine saw the dark side of the world. He was a soldier. Ten understood loss and grief. 11 sees the wonder in everything. He thinks with the mind of a child and can see what everyone else misses. Adn this is why I adore him. Nine will always have a special place in my heart, as will 10. But 11, he will be the one I dash to when I need a friend to cheer me up, one to remind me no matter how miserable things are at the moment, there is always something to smile over.

    And the Ponds. I adore their story. It is one of the sweetest love stories of all time. I miss them, but I am not sad over their ending. I think it only made their story sweeter and more fairy tale-ish. And sometimes we all need reminded of a good fairy tale romance. And the things they do for each other! Waiting 2000 years. Fixing the crack in the universe. Yes, they are amazing.

    So...*Happy sigh* Anyhow, your comment.

    ACK! Hermione and the elves! That was painful. I saw no point to it at all and I want to throw her notebook at her.

    It was very sad when Fred died. How can one kill a twin?! That is a crime.
    I love the Weasley's too. Best book family ever. A house full of quirky gingers, what more could you ask for?

    I didn't like the aunt and uncle. If they had been more real. Acted...normal. Something, anything. The whole time I was going, "Yeah right."

    YES! She killed off all the best characters!! So cruel!! I liked Digory, well, I liked all the ones who died. It was very sad.
    Fred died saving George? That is even sadder.
    I think I know why they kept that part so short. It takes a lot of shots and replays to get one scene for a movie, so I read. And the brothers were real life brothers who played the twins. And when they filmed Fred's death the one who played George kept crying for real because he imagined it being his brother who had died. And they could only do five shots because it was so hard on him seeing his brother pretending to be dead. So, I think that is why it is short.

    1. I love that about Eleven too. a lot of people says he is too cheerful - How dare he laugh after losing so much? - but I think that is exactly what would've happened. I found this great quote;

      "When The Doctor regenerates he doesn't get a personality at random. He gets a personality that can best cope with his past sufferings and losses."

      So true. Eleven is exactly who he needs to be after all he went through. He needs that 'wonder' that childish glow that will help him through his trials. The Mad Man with a Blue Box. Crazy Improbable Eleven and his Impossible Ponds. The Power of Three *Grin* He is my 'go-to-to-get-happy Doctor. I love him. He's Nine without the bitterness and pain of the Timewar ... a main reason I love him. He's just like Nine.

      I am glad the Ponds get there happy ending. I now have a way that the Doctor can get his. It has something to do with Jenny coming back. I'm a bit annoyed with Moffat for not bringing Jenny back yet. She would be great - though he'd better not harm her in ANY WAY.

      I understand about Fred and George now, that would be hard to act out.
      basically, JK hit book 4 and was like "KILL ALL THE CHARACTERS!! MAKE DUMBLEDOOR EVIL!! Mahahaha!!"

      Tell me Jack, do you enjoy acting? What is your views on it?

      Cheerio!~ tell John hi

  7. Come visit. I need someone to watch COlumbo with!
    You're right, he is very much like Columbo in the Princess Bride. Now I wish I could have met him in real life. I bet he was great fun to be around!

    Oh yes! When he goes off on his, "I just can't get this little fact straight in my mind," I start giggling. I love it when he does that! And when he annoys the bad guys...that is just cool!

    He cooks?! I have to find that one. I didn't know he had a daughter. I was wondering if he had kids. He keeps talking about his wife and I thought he said kids once.

    Master of the House wasn't the best scene ever, but it was MUCH better then others I have seen. So much so I could watch it again, though when the DVD comes I will be skipping that scene. But it was SO much better, I was pleased.

    1. I'd actually love to 'come visit' you but seeing as I'm not even sure where you are... I can't. Plus I have school and no means of transport - aside from a stupid car. *Sigh* Maybe we can have a Chat Night instead.

      I'm going to start Columbo again WITHOUT Dad so I don't have to watch the 'special' group. Yes he has a daughter and yes he does cook. I can not remember what that one is called but it was amazing :D

      Les Miserables seems like it was good. I can hardly wait to see it.


  8. I adore Doctor Who and it's another one of my favourite TV shows. My love for it has grown and grown. I wasn't always as big a fan of it as I am now. In fact my relationship with it is kind of complicated!

    I watched the show right from the start of the Russell T Davies era but I was only a casual fan then. I was never a fan of the episodes RTD wrote for the show. The only episode that RTD wrote that I really, truly love is 'The Waters of Mars'. I couldn't stand 'Aliens of London', 'Love & Monsters', etc. And I didn't like how angsty Ten got about regenerating either. And - this will shock you! - I'm not a fan of Rose at all. I can admit that she had some good moments in the show, mostly in series one, but these were few and far between for me. I'll explain why. I hated the way she treated her mother and Mickey. I couldn't stand her bitchy, jealous comments to Sarah Jane and Martha. I hated it when she kissed the human Doctor in front of THE Doctor in 'Journey's End'. I could never believe that the Doctor - who has travelled all over the universe and met countless amounts of people - would fall in love with a girl as ordinary as her. And I hate how some Rose fans bitch about the companions who've come along since because they're not Rose. Please don't hate me for this! It's just you said that you didn't understand how anyone could dislike her so I thought I'd give you an answer.

    BUT I still found the RTD years enjoyable. I mostly loved the episodes that were written by the other writers (Steven Moffat, Paul Cornell). I loved Eccleston and Tennant, especially Tennant. Eccleston was great but Tennant brought so much enthusiasm to the role and he's just an amazing actor. I loved Martha and Donna (especially Donna).

    And since Steven Moffat has taken over the show I have fallen in love so hard! I've loved the majority of the episodes. I love Eleven. I think it was incredibly unfair that fans were saying Matt Smith would be terrible even before 'The Eleventh Hour' was shown. He's a fantastic actor and has been an amazing Doctor. I love Amy, Rory and their relationship. I love River Song and the Doctor's relationship with her. I don't love Clara yet but I think that's because she's been underdeveloped. I think I will with more time.

    I've been discovering Classic Who too and I'd definitely recommend those to you. 'Talons of Weng Chiang', 'Genesis of the Daleks', 'The Pyramids of Mars' and especially 'The Caves of Androzani' are all brilliant : )

    1. Wow that is a nice long comment! I hardly ever get those *Grin*

      I can understand being annoyed with Rose, and I don't hate you for not liking her. I know plenty of people who can't stand her. but .... I'm not one of them. I'm totally in love with Rose Tyler.

      Martha was a really good companion, I just feel she didn't have room to breathe. her episodes weren't so good, everyone sort of shunned her because she 'wasn't rose' and she felt like an in-between companion, a person to fill in a gap. I think that was unfair. I'm a major Rose fan and I will admit at first I wasn't into Martha. But she grew on me and now I really like her.

      DONNA!!!!! Donna is one of those companions who shines like a star. She is so wonderful and brilliant and altogether fantastic. I think her ending was so sad, especially because she could have been so much more :'(

      Matt Smith's era is my favorite so far. I absolutely adore the Ponds and I have finally let Clara win me over - she is pretty cute :) I am going to cry when Matt regenerates in November. On that note; I mostly just felt sad that Ten was so upset about changing. It would be hard to become someone else, to feel differently, to not know who you will become. I cried so hard when he changed!!! He didn't want to go :"( But look at how cool he got! *Grin*

      Ach, I know. I've started classic Who. Geek-y Whovian 101 that's me *HUGE SMILE*

  9. Oh you like long comments?! Here's another one! : D

    Yeah I know lots of people love Rose and I don't judge people for loving her. I just think "Why?! Why do you love this character so much?! I don't understand!" Oh, and thanks for not getting angry about my Rose dislike BTW!

    I really love Martha and I think she gets a terrible rap. I admit that not all of the episodes she was in were great but Rose was in her share of bad episodes too. And Martha was in 'Human Nature/Family of Blood' and that's an amazing two-parter and my favourite DW story ever. Martha was a lot smarter than Rose and she was more capable. I think where they went wrong was in making her fall in love with the Doctor. I'm sure most women would fall in love with the Doctor if they were travelling with him but it made the Doctor look bad for not noticing. It's so, so obvious that Martha is in love with him and the Doctor is either being really insensitive or really dense for not picking up on it. That bothers me.

    I agree with everything you said about Donna. She was an amazing companion and David Tennant and Catherine Tate had amazing chemistry together. Donna's exit made me so angry! To see her go back to the annoying woman from 'The Runaway Bride', and to see her go back to her old unfulfilling life with her mother who thinks she's completely useless is heartbreaking. Donna should have died instead. She should have got a glorious, heroic death scene where she sacrificed her life to save the universe. It would have been the perfect way for her to go.

    I love the Moffat/Matt Smith era so much. The consistency of the show is so much better now. And I love Eleven. If it wasn't for David Tennant being the first Doctor I really fell in love with I think I'd prefer Matt Smith. Ten's regeneration really bothers me because it doesn't make any sense for him to be as upset about it as he is. And by making the Doctor unhappy about regenerating you instantly alienate your audience. I remember loads of fans being really angry with Matt Smith when he started because Ten didn't want to go.

    Tbh I think all New Who fans HAVE to watch Classic Who as well so that's great news that you've started : D

    1. Oh no! we mustn't kill Donna! Don't get all Moffat on me! think about it, with Donna ALIVE there is a chance of her coming back and getting her memories again. Much better :D


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